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1 Symmetry

2 What Is Symmetry? Symmetry = Same If something has symmetry it is the SAME on both sides

3 For Example: A butterfly has symmetry.
If you draw a line down the center of a butterfly, both sides are the same!

4 Some More Examples: Many kinds of food have symmetry!
Many living things have symmetry! Even people have symmetry – most of the time!

5 Sometimes, even very complicated things have symmetry:
Like this building! It is called Aston Hall

6 The 2 sides are the same! The 2 sides are symmetrical!

7 When the line of symmetry goes up and down, It is called VERTICAL symmetry

8 VERTICAL up and down

9 Another kind of symmetry is HORIZONTAL symmetry
Horizontal means across, or side to side

10 For Example: Many common objects have horizontal symmetry!
This bow and arrow has horizontal symmetry.! This ladybug has horizontal symmetry

11 HORIZONTAL side to side

12 Sometimes, objects have both vertical and horizontal symmetry:

13 Can you see the symmetry in this pattern?
This object has two lines of symmetry

14 Which of these patterns is symmetrical?
Nope! Yes! (one line of symmetry) Nope!

15 Which of these patterns is NOT symmetrical?
This pattern is not symmetrical!

16 Does this object have vertical symmetry or horizontal symmetry?
Both! In fact, you could argue that this object has 4 lines of symmetry! (although not exactly)

17 Can you find symmetry in the world around you?
Resources End Show Created by Sooz Williams - ©2005

18 References Houghton, John and Rod Birch. "Aston Hall History." Aston History Homepage Apr 2005 <>. All other graphics courtesy of Microsoft Office Clip Art Online End Show

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