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Ms. Kennedy 386-259-8066

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2 Ms. Kennedy 386-259-8066

3 Students are responsible for: 1. Regular Attendance and Timely Arrival to class (you can’t answer questions if you aren’t here to get the information in the first place) (Restroom) 2. Attention and Participation in daily class activities. 3. Respect and consideration for ALL others in the class as well as their belongings. 4. Maintenance of their Social Studies binder

4 HINT HINT HINT Left side Email subscriptions Attendance Grades details Assignments When grades drop below …. Profile – you can add extra emails

5 HOMEWORK: Will accept up to THREE days past due date for partial credit EX: Given on Monday, due Tuesday – full credit (if correct) Turn in Wednesday – 80% credit (if correct) Turn in Thursday – 60% credit Turn in Friday – 40% credit (if correct) Thereafter – 0% Absences – one day for each absence (students are to check with teacher and in folder upon return)

6 Grading Diagnostic – 0% Formative – 40% Summative – 60% RETAKES (all summative grades under 70%) Student must complete review work, complete remediation with teacher (before school, after school, during lunch) Retake must be completed within 7 school days

7 Spirit night!! Eat at the Texas Roadhouse WEDNESDAY night between 4-8PM and tell your server you are with Galaxy Middle School and WE will receive 10% back for the school!

8 Yearbooks are for Sale! $30 until December 19; then price will be $35 Payment Plan! Pay just $5 a month!


10 Check out some of these great books! Saving Zasha Rebel Spies Jump Into the Sky 42 WWII the Right Fight Sunrise over Fallujah Somebody Please Tell Me Who I Am Write a short report on any of these books and receive extra credit!

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