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Welcome! Mrs. Bauza Mrs. Toledo Second Grade EFL Open House.

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1 Welcome! Mrs. Bauza Mrs. Toledo Second Grade EFL Open House

2 Attendance Tardies Students must be in their seats by 8:35 AM or they will be considered tardy. Line up # 8 and 14. After 3 tardies in a grading period, a letter goes home. After 5 tardies in a grading period, a SCAM goes to counselor & you receive a detention. Absences Students should be in school everyday. If they are absent, they have 3 school days to submit a note to excuse their absence. After 10 total absences, a doctor’s note is required. Early dismissal Please refrain from excessive use of early dismissal.

3 Things to remember…  Students should not be dropped off before 7:30 AM.  Please keep your child home if he or she is not well…it will help them recover quicker and prevent others from getting sick.  No students should be on campus, unsupervised, after 3:30 PM.

4 Classroom Rules 1. Raise my hand to speak. 2. Stay in my seat. 3. Work quietly. 4. Follow directions the first time given. 5. Use good manners. 6. Walk quietly in line. 7. Be prepared for class.

5 Rewards  Verbal Praise  Team Points (winning teams receive a weekly reward)  Trips to the Treasure Box and Sticker Box  Positive Notes Home  Special Class Activities

6 Discipline Plan How does your child earn their conduct grade? Warning………....A Behavior Chart 0-2…………A Behavior Chart 3 & Parent Phone Call………..B Behavior Chart 4 & Parent Conference……….C Behavior Chart 5 & Referral to Counselor……..D Behavior Chart 6 or more Referral to Administrator…………F

7 Home Learning Home Learning Policy (found in blue HL folder) Agendas Copy home learning daily Due Mondays Grade earned at end of each grading period for completion on time

8 Mrs. Toledo Reading / Language Arts & Social Studies Mrs. Bauza Spanish Language Arts, Science & Math

9 Common Core Standards The CCSSI is a joint effort led by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers to develop a common core of K-12 standards in English language arts and Mathematics. The goal- to develop internationally-benchmarked standards that ensure all students are held to consistent expectations that will prepare them for college and career. To date, over 45 states have adopted the standards, in addition to the District of Columbia, Guam, American Samoan Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands and the Anchorage, AK School District.

10 Assessments FAIR Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading SAT Stanford Achievement Test (Reading and Math) Strategies: Daily Reading, Increase Listening Skills & Problem Solving

11 Class Website Resources Click on tabs for go to links for support per subject area. Make this a weekly habit!!!!! Our website has a wealth of information! If you sign up for updates, you will be notified of updates as they occur on your cellular phone or address.

12 How reading gets reinforced... Success in any subject relates to a student's reading skills. In math, students must be able to read and comprehend word problems before answering them. They must be able to distinguish between pertinent information, and have a strong math vocabulary base. In science, students should be able to read and follow procedures in the scientific method during science labs. They should also be able to write down their observations, and draw conclusions from their observations. In social studies, students should be able to read and comprehend articles on current events or other topics. They should also be able to answer questions relating to what was read, as well as make comparisons. Our new reading textbook includes a Social Studies component to tie in with Common Core. In spanish, we correlate and reinforce reading skills taught in English with Spanish text. Studies show that language and reading skills taught in one language transfer to other languages.

13 Together We Will Have a Wonderful Year! You can always contact us with questions or concerns

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