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Creating an Essay Organizer: The Process with An Example.

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1 Creating an Essay Organizer: The Process with An Example

2 First come up with a topic or idea: romanticism in Frankenstein and its connection to suspense Second, develop a thesis from your topic Thesis: The use of many devices typical of writing of the romantic era increases suspense in Frankenstein. (NOTICE that just saying Frankenstein is a romantic book isn’t sufficient, since we’ve said that since we began the unit--you need to put something new of your own thoughts in it.)

3 NOTE: If you are having difficulty coming up with a thesis, you might want to try the next step of brainstorming before writing down the thesis

4 Third, brainstorm a list of points to do with your topic (romanticism) that could further proof of your thesis:  Co-incidental meetings (involve surprise happenings, and therefore create suspense)  Obscure settings (by definition remote, lonely and therefore suspenseful)  Anti-social hero (by being anti-social, he is unconnected, depressed, unpredictable and therefore suspenseful)

5  Involves a journey (journey implies some kind of searching and therefore involves uncertainty)  Rejects rational thought in favor of intuitive, imaginative (intuitive implies unpredictable)  Interest in exotic or weird topics (topic of creating and then not controlling life is clearly suspenseful in this book)  Appreciation of nature (nature can be awe- inspiring or also scary, both of which can lead to suspense)

6 Fourth, organize your brainstormed list into three controls (categories of evidence).  Control 1: Aspects of Victor’s personality typical of romantic literature creature suspense in the novel  Control 2: Various settings significant in romantic literature create suspense in Frankenstein  Control 3: Central objective of romantic writers to show the superiority of the intuitive and emotional over rationality and science also augments the suspense

7 Finally, organize your evidence under each control and think how you’ll connect each to your thesis and the control. Note: on the organizer you turn in, you’ll need to have FIVE direct quote support points.

8 Control 1: Aspects of the protagonist’s personality add to suspense in this novel.  Victor is anti-social: at school, when grieving William and Justine’s death, when conflicted about creating mate on journey with Henry; these behaviors separate him from normal life creating tension and uncertainty about him and his actions  Victor’s interest in weird, eerie topics (creating and animating a being) and his secretiveness in not revealing monster’s creation to anyone (an obvious flaw in his thinking that makes the reader stressed about the horrible surprise for other characters)  Many co-incidental meetings with other characters create suspense (Victor & Henry in Ingostadt; Victor & creature at William death; Victor & Walton)

9 Control 2: Settings typical of romantic literature facilitate creation of suspense  Obscure, remote settings (glacier, Orkney Islands), showdown in Arctic)  Lots of nature (imply loneliness which increases suspense)--on waters of lake after William’s death; creature’s life in the woods for his first few months  Journeys--constant change of setting keeps the reader guessing and implies the characters are seeking something, which creates suspense

10 Control 3: Author’s mission to show superiority of imagination and intuition over science is suspenseful  Because novel can be viewed as long drawn out contest--product of science and rationality (creature) vs the true and nobler nature of Victor (intuitive)--the reader is drawn into wondering how the contest will ultimately end.  Science involved with the creation of life is very sketchily described; the reader is left in a quandary  Weird, exotic topics capture reader’s attention, provide uncertainty by their very mysterious nature (ie creating life from nothing)

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