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Name of College Your Name.

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1 Name of College Your Name

2 Why I Want to Go This School
4 to 6 sentences

3 What Do I want to study? What do you want to study? If you don’t know tell me why? Think about your career project to help you write your response. 3 to 5 sentences

4 Campus size Do you want to go to a big school or small school? Explain. 2 to 3 sentences

5 Location Do you want to stay close to home or do you want to go out of state to attend college?

6 What kind of campus resources Am I Interested
List and explain all the campus resources you would be interested in? 3 to 5 sentences

7 Extracurricular Activities
Explain what kind of activities you would like to get involved with? 3 to 5 sentences

8 How much Does My school Cost?
Tell me how much your school costs for one year. Include books and living expenses as well. Lastly, tell me the total amount of how much it would cost for 4 years. How do you plan to pay for it? (Loans,Grants, Scholarships)? Explain in 2 to 4 sentences

9 What kind of Sports do I plan on watching or playing?
What kind of sports are you interested in playing or watching? Explain 3 to 5 sentences

10 List of References Make sure you place all the websites you went to obtain you information

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