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2 WHAT IS DUAL CREDIT? A process by which a high school junior or senior enrolls in a college course and receives simultaneous credit for the course from both the college and the high school. Grades are posted to two different transcripts, at the same time! Advantages: Saves money because tuition is free! Head start on college credits! No travel time to a college campus! You are a college student and, with an ID, can use LSC’s library and wellness center.

3 GUIDELINES FOR STUDENTS: Must request course with high school and also apply to Lone Star College–Tomball. Must qualify for college level with test scores. Have passed all grade level EOC exams Be aware that different courses may have different requirements State regulates D.C. is for Maximum of two enrollments per semester Juniors and Seniors Exceptions must be approved by LSC Dean of Instruction. Requires a teacher letter of recommendation and review of grades (transcript).

4 GUIDELINES High school and college deadlines must be met. DC semester average of “C” or better is required to continue in the D.C. program; otherwise the student is removed from DC classes for the remainder of high school. DC semester average of “B” or better is required for one advanced measure toward Distinguished Plan. All DC courses must be taken at the high school campus. A “drop” requires signatures on both campuses & meeting the college deadline.

5 GUIDELINES A notarized FERPA form is required to be on file with Lone Star. Students are responsible for the purchase of their textbooks It is the student’s responsibility to be aware whether the college course will transfer to his/her college of choice and for the major. Be aware of Texas public university rules regarding taking excessive college hours toward a degree. (150 Hour Rule)

6 COURSES THAT EARN COLLEGE CREDIT EACH SEMESTER FALL College Credit ENGLISH 1301 Jr. or Sr. English ENGLISH 2332 Sr. English only U.S. HISTORY 1301 MATH 2413 (Calculus I) BIOLOGY 1406 ----------------- GOVT 2305 (fall only) SPRING College Credit ENGLISH 1302 Jr. or Sr. English ENGLISH 2333 Sr. English only U.S. HISTORY 1302 MATH 2414 (Calculus II) BIOLOGY 1407

7 YEAR-LONG COURSES EARNING COLLEGE CREDIT ONLY ONE SEMESTER: SPRING SEMESTER: FALL SEMESTER: (BOTH HIGH SCHOOL (HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT ONLY)AND COLLEGE CREDIT ) College Algebra -no college credit- College Algebra DC MATH 1314 Statistics -no college credit- Statistics DC MATH 1342 Calculus I -no college credit- Calculus I DC MATH 2413 Anatomy & Physiology -no college credit- Anatomy DC BIOL 2401 General Chem -no college credit- Chemistry DC CHEM 1411

8 STEPS TO BECOME AN EXCEPTIONAL ADMIT STUDENT Four Steps: 1.Apply online to LSC-Tomball 2.Qualify through testing 3.Register with the college after completing required forms and getting high school approval 4.Pay fees to the college

9 STEP ONE: ONLINE COLLEGE APPLICATION Application—Instructions are online at teacherweb/ THS Guidance Need your Social Security # Keep a record of User name Password College ID # Problems with application? Call LSC Tech Services or See college advisor on THS campus March 4, March 5, March 25, or Go to the college, Enrollment Services


11 SECOND RECOMMENDATION View the Pre-Assessment Video This is a short video May have to log out and re-enter your MyLoneStar account, using your username and password You will not be able to move to the testing step without completing the application and viewing the video!

12 STEP TWO: QUALIFY MEET TEXAS SUCCESS INITIATIVE Be at college level in both Reading and Writing for all courses Math and/or science courses have specific math requirements, not all at college level, but some are above college level. Depends on the course!

13 ALREADY AT COLLEGE LEVEL?  Are you exempt from testing? Have you previously taken: SAT: 1070 total for both Critical Reading & Math with at least a 500 on reading and 500 on math. ACT: 23 composite/19+ on reading and math PSAT—for current sophomores only 107 total on Critical Reading & Math/50+ each section (reading, math, and writing)

14 IF EXEMPT, Must provide copy of your test scores: See the LSC Advisor Enrollment Services on LSC Campus Tomball High Qualification Days: March 5 March 25 Bring your college ID# and any test scores that might exempt you or qualify you for DC

15 NOT EXEMPT? NEED TO TEST Texas Success Initiative Exam Determines if you are college ready Three parts: Math Reading Writing, includes an essay Test in a computer lab at Lone Star campus, 2 nd floor of library. Developed by Collegeboard for Texas

16 TESTING STEPS: 1.See LSC Advisor On THS campus: March 5 March 25 or go directly to the college and meet with an advisor 2. Receive a Testing Ticket 3. Make a testing appointment online : Saturday dates reserved for TISD: March 8, March 22, March 29 April 5 4. Go to LSC Library, 2 nd floor, to test

17 QUALIFICATION & TESTING TICKET DAYS: MARCH 5 AND MARCH 25 LSC Advisors are on THS campus to: Verify your application is complete. Verify you have viewed the pre- assessment video. Qualify if you have test scores Distribute testing tickets to students who have completed application and viewed pre-assessment video.

18 HOW DO I MEET WITH A LSC ADVISOR AT THS ON MARCH 5? Make an appointment March 3 and March 4 Counselors will be at lunches both days to give out passes for Wednesday, March 5 Bring your college ID # Choose a non-core class or lunch period to meet with the college advisor Appointments will be first-come, first-serve and limited After school--no appointment required.

19 TESTING AT LONE STAR ASSESSMENT CENTER After you have your ticket, reserve your test date and time online Work with test prep examples Report to the college, Assessment Center, 2 nd floor of LSC Library on reserved date, 15 minutes prior to testing time. Present your “testing ticket” & photo ID Take your time. Don’t rush. Have arranged for a ride home. Can be lengthy….up to 5 hours

20 LSC-TOMBALL ASSESSMENT CENTER CLOSED WEEK OF SPRING BREAK ! Monday - Thursdays: Start by 3:45 or 4:00 Closes at 8:00 Saturday Testing: Open at 10:00 Closes at 4:00

21 NEED TO RETEST? Section of TSI can be retaken at $10 each. Accuplacer and Compass (for upper level math only) are also $10 per section Meet with LSC College Advisor either at the college campus or during second Qualification Day/Testing Ticket Day, March 25.

22 TIMELINE RECOMMENDATION TEST EARLY Tomball High is not the only high school testing at LSC. Allow time in case retesting is required. Do not procrastinate!

23 “COLLEGE READY?” Must be qualified for all DC courses and registered for fall DC courses by May 1, 2014 – No Exceptions! Know your requirements and read your testing results. Qualifying placement scores must meet college course prerequisites. Math score requirements vary Don’t assume If unsure, ask questions—THS, room 1102 or any counseling office. Do not procrastinate!!!!!!!

24 STEP THREE REGISTRATION Student can pickup registration packets beginning April 1, from THS Counseling offices 3 forms Required: Top of blue form, college ID and signatures THS Guidelines page with signatures. FERPA form Student attaches: Qualifying test scores Unofficial transcript + letter of rec for Calculus students and for those requesting more than 2 courses in the fall. Student turns in to counselors at lunches beginning April 7.

25 Student picks up approved registration form from counselors in lunch room and registers for the courses with an LSC Advisor. College will register THS students April 17 and 25 on THS campus Students have the option of registering at the college campus beginning April 9. May 1, is final deadline for college registration. STEP THREE COLLEGE REGISTRATION

26 REGISTRATION FOR SPRING-ONLY COURSES Majority of THS dual credit courses follow the college semesters. Others are for a full year of high school and will register at the college in the spring only. Registration for these courses will take place in November through the classrooms. HOWEVER, Qualifying for these spring courses is the same deadline—May 1.

27 STEP FOUR PAYMENT Students can pay fees online two days after registration or students can pay in person at the college.

28 DUAL CREDIT CHECKLIST Application online Meet with LSC Advisor Qualify Complete forms and provide appropriate documentation for THS approval beginning April 7 (lunches). Register LSC-Tomball by May 1. Pay fees.

29 QUESTIONS? If I need to go to Lone Star campus to see an advisor, where would I go and do I need an appointment? Advisors are located in Enrollment Services, south of the LSC Commons. Students sign in upon arrival and will be seen by an advisor on first-come basis. Map is included in your instructions.

30 DEADLINE May 1, 2014


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