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Wars of Religion Jeopardy Mr. Howard Mayo and Miss Devin Tilley Mount Airy High School.

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1 Wars of Religion Jeopardy Mr. Howard Mayo and Miss Devin Tilley Mount Airy High School

2 PeopleReligionsCountriesLeadersConflictsSociety and Art Random 100 200 300 400 500 Final Jeopardy

3 After Charles V, who tried to re-impose Catholicism in Spain? 100

4 Philip II Peopl e

5 Fought to maintain Catholicism in France 200

6 Catherine de Medici Peopl e

7 Believed in Predestination 300

8 John Calvin BONUS People

9 What Roman painter is the first important painter of the Baroque era?

10 Carvaggio People

11 Unitarian humanist who was burned at the stake for denying the Trinity 400

12 Michael Servetus Peopl e

13 A humanist who translated the English Bible, which later led to the basis for the King James version 500

14 William Tyndale Peopl e

15 Created by John Calvin 100

16 Calvinism Religions

17 Rejected church authority 200

18 Quakers Religions

19 This group governed the church and became the dominant religion in Scotland 300

20 Presbyterianism BONUS Religions

21 Complete the analogy Services emphasized sermon: Services emphasized Eucharist as ___ : ____

22 Protestants:Catholics Religions

23 Pope Paul III challenged this group during the Counter Reformation 400

24 Protestants Religions

25 “ What is Moriscos ?” 500

26 Christian Moors Religions

27 Mary Tudor ruled what country? 100

28 England Countries

29 What country experienced a “Golden Age” during the 17th century? 200

30 Spain Countries

31 In what country was the second phase of the Thirty Years’ War? 300

32 Holy Roman Empire Countries

33 Due to the Pilgrimmage of Grace, a huge rebellion broke out in what country? 400

34 England Countries

35 The Dutch closing of the Scheldt River resulted in the rise of what country? 500

36 Amsterdam BONUS Countries

37 Angela Mercini’s ‘Ursuline Order of Nuns’ resulted in Ursulines spreading to what European country?

38 France Countries

39 Who was the leader of the Roundheads? 100

40 Oliver Cromwell Leaders

41 Leader of the Swiss Reformation 200

42 Ulrich Zwingly Leaders

43 Supported Catholicism and was awarded the title as “Defender of the Faith” by the Pope 300

44 Henry VIII Leaders

45 What pope refused to grant Henry VIII papal dispensation? 400

46 Pope Clement VII Leaders

47 Who produced the book Spiritual Exercises? 500

48 Ignatius Loyala BONUS Leaders

49 What pope issued a papal bull accusing Jews of killing Christ and ordered them to be placed in ghettos?

50 Pope Paul IV Leaders

51 What war consisted of four phases (Bohemian, Danish, Swedish, and French)? 100

52 Thirty Years’ War Conflicts

53 William of Orange (the Netherlands) led during which revolt against the Spanish Inquisition? 200

54 Dutch Conflicts

55 After Henry VIII created the Anglican Church, which conflicted with the Catholic Church, what made the King the official head of the Church? 300

56 The Act of Supremacy Conflicts

57 What was was political, not religious? 400

58 Hapsburg-Valois Wars Conflicts

59 Between 1560 and 1648, Spain sought to squash what religion in the Mediterranean? 500

60 Islam BONUS Conflicts

61 What triggered war in Bohemia?

62 Defenestration of Prague Conflicts

63 What painting style developed during in the late 16th century, early 17th century? 100

64 Baroque Society and Art

65 Painted the canopy over the high alter of St. Peter’s Cathedral 200

66 Bernini Society and Art

67 Began in Catholic Reformation countries to teach in a concrete and emotional way 300

68 Baroque painting BONUS Society and Art

69 What was Bernini’s greatest architectural achievement?

70 Colonnade Society and Art

71 During this period, the Index of Forbidden Books was strongly enforced 400

72 Roman Inquisition Society and Art

73 Germany could not move toward unification because of what? 500

74 Spreading of Lutheranism in Germany by France Society and Art

75 Was known as “Bloody Mary” 100

76 Mary Tudor Random

77 What two royal families were pitted against each other after the death of Henry II 200

78 Bourbons and Valois Random

79 What treaty ended the Catholic Reformation in Germany? 300

80 Treaty of Westphalia Random

81 A republic that abolished the monarchy and the House of Lords 400

82 The Commonwealth Random

83 “rule without king” 500

84 The Interregnum BONUS Random

85 When Zwingli officially split with Luther over the issue of Eucharist

86 Colloquy of Marburg Random

87 Calvin’s foundational work for Calvinism

88 Institutes of the Christian Religion

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