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Explorer, Governor, Conquistador

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1 Explorer, Governor, Conquistador
Vasco de Balboa Explorer, Governor, Conquistador

2 Vasco de Balboa Born in Jerez de los Caballeros, Spain.
Son of the lord of the castle Balboa. He had three brothers. Served as a page to Don Pedro, lord of Moquer, as a child.

3 Vasco de Balboa 1500 – After hearing the news of Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the new world, he set sail on his first voyage. He sailed with Rodrigo de Bastidas who had a license to bring back treasure for the king and queen. 1501-He crossed the Caribbean coast, east of Panama, through the gulf of Uraba. They wanted to explore South America until they realized they didn’t have enough men.

4 Vasco de Balboa He sailed to Hispaniola at the end of this journey and made a home there with the money he made from helping with the expedition. 1509- After failing at farming and having money problems, Balboa set sail as a stowaway hiding with his dog in a barrel. Once found, the crew wanted to drop him off at the next location. But because he had knowledge of where the expedition was to explore they kept him aboard and gained respect for his knowledge and charisma.

5 Vasco de Balboa 1510 – He landed in San Sebastion. After many battles with the local natives, who eventually fled to the jungles, he claimed this territory. It was the first permanent settlement on American soil and called it Santa Maria la Antigua de Darien. Because of his popularity and being a spokesman for the people he was later named mayor of Santa Maria.

6 Vasco de Balboa 1511- Balboa became governor of Veragua, another colony he and his explorers fought for. The present governor fled on a ship which never came back. This is actually how he won this honor. 1512- as governor he continued defeating local territories gaining riches in gold. He and his conquistadors were feared gaining weapons and more power in the region. He made a life for his new explorers planting corn in these new territories with help from Spain.

7 Vasco de Balboa 1513 – Balboa entered a region dominated by the Careta, a local tribe. He easily defeated them but also became friends. That’s when he heard of the “other sea” where people ate food off of plates made of gold! Since Balboa had a hunger for the riches, he set off to explore this new region.

8 Vasco de Balboa 1513 – With the information he got from his new friends, he started his journey through the Isthmus of Panama (now called the Panama Canal). Along the way renaming many rivers and canals in the name of Spain, Balboa captured lots of gold, cotton goods, and pearls. He conquered and had possession of the “other sea”, which he renamed “The South Sea” (today called the Pacific Ocean renamed by Magellan).

9 Vasco de Balboa Legacy Explored from 1500 to 1520.
He explored around the modern day area of the Panama Canal, on the tip of South America. He was the first European to see the Eastern part of the Pacific Ocean along with his dog. He explored these regions because of the potential of capturing more gold and riches. He had many obstacles including fighting natives, overcoming rough terrain, local governments and still having to pay the King & Queen of Spain most of his earnings. In 1519 he was arrested for treason against Spain and found guilty even though he was framed by his best friend. Soon after he was beheaded in public.

10 Vasco de Balboa Today, you can find “Balboa Park” in San Diego, California and many streets named after him in San Francisco. He even has a moon crater named after him!

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