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Sales and Marketing Club St. Petersburg. Aims To improve sales performance through a better understanding of its relationship to strategy Provide the.

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1 Sales and Marketing Club St. Petersburg

2 Aims To improve sales performance through a better understanding of its relationship to strategy Provide the opportunity to think about business and exchange ideas with colleagues

3 Sales Performance Targeting Innovation Information People Management Positioning Client Needs Promotional Vision/ Mission Product /service Processes Business Strategy Sales Performance

4 Strategic Context

5 How do we create value? How do we make money? Key Issues

6 Stakeholders Clients Shareholders Fellow Employees External Partners

7 We create value for all stakeholders by solving problems for them now & in the future Creating Value

8 Strategic Direction Vision A car for every purse and purpose Alfred P. Sloan GM Mission To improve the quality life by enabling people To do more, feel better, live longer Glaxo Smith Kline

9 Focus & Guidance for everyone

10 ADAPT Macro P E L T S E INFLUENCE Operating Competitive position Markets & Clients Value networks Offering, Capability & Performance CONTROL Internal Current position & Future developments Business Environments Dont forget the key players Political Economic Social Technological Legislative Environmental

11 The Business Environment Creates opportunities Changes current clients needs Those who count know, those who dont know, dont count

12 Competing for the Future To succeed we must see product and market opportunities not seen by others What forces are already at work that will change this industry? Macro Operational Internal

13 Case Study – Dells Dilemma

14 Key Issues for Future Growth Segmenting & targeting Customer identity & value Creating value for clients - differentiation Beating the competition Positioning/Branding Engaging the client All based on effective information and analysis

15 Segmentation and Targeting

16 We exploit target markets to achieve our sales objectives Key Questions What are your target markets ? Why are they attractive? What strengths do you need to exploit them? Target Markets/Clients

17 Why Segment? Identify sales opportunities (those able and willing to buy) Define products and services Allocate sales & marketing effort effectively. Tailor the offering and sales approach to client needs Focus

18 What markets/segments are there? All pc buyers Size160 million units pa, av. growth 15% All pc buyers in the UK Size 6.0 m units pa Growth 10% All pc buyers For home use Size 2.5 m. units pa Growth 12% All pc buyers For workplace use Size 3.5 units pa Growth 7% Games Size 1.5m pa Growth 15% Home working Size1.0m pa Growth 7% Financial Services 2.0m pa Growth 8% Distribution 1.5m pa Growth 5% Recruitment 0.5m pa Growth 4% Global Market

19 Organisational size& sector Customer base Use of technology Public/private sector Geographic/location Benefit sought Price sensitivity Why do they vary?

20 Typical Segment Profiles Large Medium Small Shipping Telecoms DistributionManufacturing IBM - Industry Solution Units based on major industrial sectors Sector Size RecruitmentEntertainment

21 Health care administrators Physicians Cost conscious Medical thought leaders Each segment requires a distinctive marketing programme Astra/Merck

22 Typical Attractiveness Criteria Size Growth Profitability Stability Competition Which ones do we target?

23 Can we compete? Typical Company Strengths Brand Service levels Price competitiveness Product/service mix Ability to innovate Quality

24 Market Attractiveness High Low Company Strength LowHigh ExploitInvest IgnoreHarvest Conclusions

25 Product/ Service 1 Product/ Service 2 Product/ Service 3 Product/ Service 4 Target Market 1 Target Market 2 Target Market 3 Target Market 4 t/o10.0 np 0.2 t/o 3.0 np 0.3 t/o 8.0 np 0.5 t/o 7.0 np 0.8 t/o 2.0 np 0.2 t/o 10.0 np 0.2 t/o 11.0 np 0.8 t/o 9.0 np 1.0 t/o 17.0 np 1.0 t /o 3.0 np 0.3 t/o 10.0 np 0.7 t/o 30.0 np 2.0 What shall we sell to who? Product contribution to target Market contribution to target

26 Client Value Creation

27 Clients dont buy products and services they buy solutions In the factory we make cosmetics,in the store we sell hope Charles Revson People dont buy drills they buy holes Creating Value for Clients

28 Understand clients value chain Make it work better Use partners if necessary Creating Value for Clients

29 Procurement Stock Supplier search Work in progress Finished goods Sales Order processing Billing Debtor management Credit check Finance & insurance Operating Systems Credit control service ID/factoring Operating systems Credit insurance Payment systems For example

30 Change clients perception of value e.g. solution quality, delivery, customer contact, Boost level of value expected & put it beyond reach of competitors Create barriers to entry for potential competitors Competitive Advantage!!!! Outcomes?

31 What problems are you solving for them? What problems could you solve for them? What benefits are you providing for them? What benefits could you provide for them? What will delight them? Key Questions

32 Client Engagement Positioning and Branding

33 Objective Create a position in the perception of target market buyer that is aligned with their needs but different & more highly valued than that of competitors. How do you want to be perceived by the target buyers? Client Engagement - Positioning

34 Conservative Sporty Upscale, Classy Practical, Affordable Positioning Map Audi TT VW Passat Seat Leon Skoda Octavia Audi A8

35 Virgin Mobile Target Market Young people with active social lives Positioning A lifestyle necessity, not a business tool

36 Position Advertising strategy Product/service set Channel Employee behaviour Sales approach Pricing strategy Making it Work

37 A unique & enduring set of feelings associated with a particular product or service. Brands are a critical corporate asset Brands can be dropped, sold, built, acquired & stretched Brands

38 Increased client loyalty & profitability - Microsoft Business focus – Ecomagination GE Greater influence in the channel - Tesco Easier access to new markets - McDonalds Support for the sales force – IB = Competitive Advantage Branding Benefits

39 A good product/service – it works A distinctive identity which adds value - BMW Challenges the status quo, setting trends - Amazon Best known in class - Intel Associations Loyalty Basis of Brand Strength (Equity)

40 Personal Effectiveness

41 Aim To ask each of you to consider some of the elements that make it possible for you to continue to succeed as individuals & take some action based on your conclusions.

42 Three Types of People Type1. Are doing what they should be doing Type 2. Are asking what they should be doing Type 3. Have trained themselves not to ask

43 External Elements You Beliefs Perceptions Feelings Capability Behaviour Company Family Business environment Friends Colleagues Your Position

44 I can do what I believe I can do I can find the evidence to support my beliefs one way or the other Beliefs

45 Winner tapes Im ok but I can be better I made a mistake but I'll fix it There must be a better way Loser tapes Im not as bad as a lot of people Its not my fault its the system Weve always done things this way Perception

46 Feeling ok makes it easier to: Achieve results Inspire those around you Live life to the full Challenge the status quo Feeling bad makes you more likely to Not achieve results Depress those around you Avoid life Stay the same Feelings

47 Personal Capability Skills Knowledge Experience Personal Qualities

48 Diagnosis Where are you now? How did you get here? Prognosis Where are you going as things stand? Personal Situation Appraisal

49 Goals work!!!! FACT People with goals get better results than people without goals What do you want out of your life? Where do you want to go in your career? State your personal and professional goals for five years from now Objectives

50 What do I believe will influence the future for me over the next five years? Big picture? Local picture? Personal circumstances & capability? State the key influences on your future The Influences

51 Identify two things that may prevent you from succeeding and prepare a plan to overcome these obstacles. Identify two things that will help you to succeed and prepare a plan that will enable you to take advantage of them What must I do tomorrow?

52 You get what you measure, so be careful what you measure Monitor your personal outputs/performance Measure your inputs Learn the relationship between them for you Control

53 Maintain your sense of humour Burn the past daily, live in this moment Don't be guilty - either don't do it or enjoy it Plan your future instead of worrying about it Commit to high performance & its consequences Remember

54 The greatest qualities of all......... Enthusiasm & Pride

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