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Día de la Raza.

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1 Día de la Raza

2 el 12 de octubre Known as: Columbus Day-- United States
Día de la Raza-- many countries of L.A. Discovery Day--the Bahamas Día de la Hispanidad (Fiesta Nacional)-- Spain Día de las Américas-- Uruguay Día de las Culturas--Costa Rica Día de la Resistencia Indígena--Venezuela

3 The History Celebrated since late 1800s, officially since early 1900.
The Irish established St Pat’s Day Italians want to celebrate 400th anniversary of discovery

4 Why celebrate Columbus Day?
Courage and navigational skills First to bring real contact between the new & old worlds Provide way of escape from European tyranny Transformed & enlarged world Shaped world history

5 Why celebrate Día de la Raza?
• Celebrates the many races present in Latino heritage • Gives recognition to all ethnic groups & cultural heritage • Fusion of cultures seen as positive • Praise the uniqueness of the mestizo race

6 How to celebrate? Government offices & some businesses close.
Military parades in Spain. Cultural festivals, fairs, performances Events to highlight Hispanic contributions to world NYC has largest Columbus Day parade in U.S.

7 Names tell us something
Columbus Day (U.S.) Día de la Raza (Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Honduras…) Día de las Culturas (C.R.) Discovery Day (Bahamas) Día de la Resistencia Indígena (Venezuela)

8 The Controversy When natives befriend, Europeans conquer
Goal to gain wealth and impose culture Violence, subjugation, slavery “Most villainous day there could ever be in America.” (Mexican historian)

9 Results of Controversy
More attention paid to plight of indigenous people Improved working and living conditions Recognition of contributions of indigenous groups Official recognition of various languages Some places no longer recognize the holiday.

10 What do you think?

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