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2 Do Now: Hand in your homework from last night.
What do you know about D-Day? Dates? Place? People involved? HOMEWORK: D-DAY MAP WORKSHEET

3 America & Britain wanted to invade.

4 Plans… America & Britain built up forces to go against Axis power through the English Channel. Eisenhower wanted to take the Normandy Peninsula.

5 Crippling Germany Allies wanted to cut off supplies for Germany. By cutting off supplies it would help to cripple Germany.

6 D-Day D-Day was the day of invasion. June 6th 1944



9 D-Day Continues… Three divisions landed on German lines: Canadian, American and Britain. German retaliation was strong especially at Omaha Beach.

10 Omaha Beach

11 The First Month Allies landed millions of troops. 567,000 tons of supplies. 170,000 vehicles in France

12 Do Now: Describe what happens to the first few waves of soldiers that land on Normandy- Omaha Beach. HOMEWORK: WORK ON PROJECT

13 July 25th On July 25th General Bradley gave orders for massive air and land attacks. Bradley gave General Patton and his third army the advance.

14 August 23rd They reached the Seine River and later captured Paris.
This was the first time that the capital was released from German control.


16 Results: By September 1944, Allies had freed France, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. What do I mean by “Freed”? (above)

17 Roosevelt Wins a 4th Term
Americans had all the faith in Roosevelt. Roosevelt was elected to a 4th term as president, along with running mate Harry S. Truman.


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