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WomenPeoplePlacesEventsLeadersEnds and odds Miscella neous 100 200 300 400 500 By Dylan Wright Final Jeopardy-Country Revolution.

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1 WomenPeoplePlacesEventsLeadersEnds and odds Miscella neous 100 200 300 400 500 By Dylan Wright Final Jeopardy-Country Revolution

2 The Industrial Revolution associated women with _______ ______. Women

3 Domestic Duties (housekeeping, food preparation, child rearing and nurturing, and household management, or with poorly paid, largely unskilled cottage industries.) 100

4 Men came to be associated almost exclusively with __________ ____ _______. Women

5 Supporting the Family 200

6 With the new generation of machines in the _____s unmarried women rapidly became employed in the factories, where they often constituted the majority of workers. Women

7 1820 300

8 The largest group of employed women in France worked _______, while England they worked as________. Women

9 The land, domestic servants 400

10 Marriage was less an _________ partnership, because when women became married they were only allowed to do domestic duties. Women

11 Economic 500

12 He believed that food supply could not keep up with population growth(population growth exponential; food production increased geometrically) People

13 Thomas Malthus 100

14 _______ _______ invented the flying shuttle. (1733) People

15 John Kay 200

16 _______ ____________ invented the spinning jenny. (1764) People

17 James Hargreaves 300

18 He was the father of the factory system in the U.S., Germany, Austria, and Italy mid-19 th century. People

19 Samuel Slater 400

20 This man invented the and patented the first efficient steam engine. People

21 James Watt 500

22 Bonus Question: John McAdam invented the use of ________ ________ ______ that we still use today, every day. BONUS

23 Hard Surfaced Roads 1000

24 The Industrial revolution began in the United Kingdom in _________. Places

25 Great Britain 100

26 During the 19 th century Industrial Revolution, Prussia, Austria and Russia all did what? Places

27 Emancipated Serfs 200

28 From Germany eastward, industrialization was much slower because? Places

29 There was an absence of a fluid market for free labor moving to the cities 300

30 The First Railway called the Stockton and Darlington Line was opened in _______ in 1825. Places

31 England 400

32 In North America, ________ and ________ both demanded British goods. Places

33 Canada and The United States 500

34 In Ireland, the ________ ________ caused the population to either die or emigrate. Events

35 Potato Famine 100

36 In 1834, all the major German states, except Austria, formed the ___________, or free trading union. Events

37 Zollverein 200

38 During the February days of the French Revolution of 1848, crowds burned the throne of ________ ________. Events

39 Louis Philippe 300

40 The Events of the February Revolution in Paris immediately reverberated throughout the _________ domains. Events

41 Hapsburg 400

42 The brief war between __________ and _______ on 1848 marked the first stage of the Italian Revolution. Events

43 Piedmont, Austria 500

44 Bonus: The Hungarian diet passed the _______ _____, which mandated equality of religion, jury trials, the election of the lower chamber of the diet, a relatively low free press, and payment of taxes by the nobility. Bonus

45 March Laws 1000

46 This country was the most industrialized throughout the entire Industrial Revolution. What is this country? Leaders

47 Great Britain 100

48 This country was the first of many to rebel? What is this country? Leaders

49 France 200

50 This man was the leading economist for an economy based on laissez-faire? Who is he? Lol dos equis commercial Leaders

51 Adam Smith 300

52 ________ ________ was the lead person or first person for Socialist thought. Leaders

53 Saint Simon 400

54 Who became the first country in the world to have police, we now have them in every city across the world? Leaders

55 France 500

56 In many prisons, the only source of exercise was __________. Ends and Odds

57 Treadmills 100

58 In his _______ ___ _______ _________(1817) David Ricardo transformed the concepts of Malthus into the “iron law of wages.” Ends and Odds

59 Principles of Political Economy 200

60 By the late 1830s, many British workers linked the solution of their economic plight to a program of political reform known as _________. Ends and Odds

61 Chartism 300

62 During the 19 th century, artisans as well as factory workers eventually came to participate in a wage-labor force in which labor became a commodity of the labor marketplace. This is known as what? Ends and Odds

63 Proletarianization 400

64 Governments sent prisoners to prison ships, also known as??? Ends and Odds

65 Hulks 500

66 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote what? Bonus

67 Communist Manifesto 1000

68 After the French Revolution and the wars of Napoleon had finally destroyed the French Atlantic trade and thus disrupted continental economic life for _____decades. Miscellaneous

69 Two 100

70 In Western Europe, continental manufacturing took place in the ___________. Miscellaneous

71 Countryside 200

72 The Population in Britain rose from 16.3 to 20.8 million, the population of Germany rose from 26.5 to 33.5 million, and in France the population grew from 32.5 million to _______ million. (1831-1851) Miscellaneous

73 35.8 300

74 The Enclosures of the late 18 th century, the land redistribution of the French Revolution, and the emancipation of the serfs in Austria and Prussia ____________ landholding. Miscellaneous

75 Commercialized 400

76 Britain was home of most of the major ___________ economists. Miscellaneous

77 Classical 500

78 In mid-march 1848, with Vienna and Budapest in revolt, Czech nationalists demanded that the Czech provinces of _________ and __________ be permitted to constitute an autonomous Slavic state within the empire similar to that just enacted in Hungary. Final Jeopardy Czech Revolution

79 Bohemia and Moravia Your wager here

80 The END!!!! Gamer Over

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