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Exploring Pennsylvania

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1 Exploring Pennsylvania
Chapter 1 Exploring Pennsylvania

2 Vocabulary Hemisphere – half of the Earth
Continent – largest land areas on Earth Landform – a natural feature on Earth’s surface Natural Resource – a material found in nature that people can use Tributary - small river or stream that flows into a larger river Pollution – anything that makes the environment dirty

3 Vocabulary Climate – the pattern of weather in a place over a long period of time Elevation – the height of land Habitat – a place where plants and animals live

4 Pennsylvania’s Location
Pennsylvania is located: On the continent of North America In the country of United States In the northeastern part of the United States In the northern and western hemispheres

5 Pennsylvania’s Neighbors
States that border Pennsylvania: New York to the NORTH New Jersey to the EAST Delaware to the SOUTHEAST Maryland to the SOUTH West Virginia to the SOUTHWEST Ohio to the WEST

6 Find Pennsylvania’s Bordering States

7 Pennsylvania’s Nickname
Pennsylvania is called the “Keystone State” It is called this because when the original 13 colonies resembled an arch, Pennsylvania was located in the middle, like a keystone

8 Mountains, Lakes, and Rivers
All of Pennsylvania’s mountains are part of the Appalachian Mountain range The Allegheny Mountains stretch across the middle of the state Rivers and Lakes: The Delaware River forms on Pennsylvania’s eastern border and is a major shipping route The Susquehanna River flows through the central part of the state The Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers are tributaries of the Ohio River Lake Erie, a Great Lake, borders the northwest corner of Pennsylvania

9 Taking Care of Pennsylvania
Natural Resources are materials found in nature that people can use Examples are: soil, water, trees, and minerals Two minerals found in Pennsylvania are sandstone and limestone Sandstone is used to make glass Limestone is used to make cement Fossil Fuels are fuels that are found in nature that were made from plants and animals that lived millions of years ago Examples are: coal, oil, natural gas

10 Natural Resources A renewable resource CAN be replaced
Examples: plants, water, crops A nonrenewable resource CANNOT be replaced Examples: fossil fuels, sandstone, limestone, oil, natural gas

11 Climate, Plants, and Animals
Pennsylvania has a temperate climate This means the temperature does not reach extreme highs or lows Pennsylvania’s climate is affected by location and elevation There are a variety of plants and animals living in Pennsylvania Ex of trees. Oak, elm, hemlock Ex of animals: Trout, foxes, geese

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