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Chapter 3 – Exploration and Colonization

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1 Chapter 3 – Exploration and Colonization
S.S. Jeopardy Chapter 3 – Exploration and Colonization

2 Vocab New Spain Jamestown Pilgrims Mixed Review 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500

3 Who was a person of mixed Spanish and Indian background – a mestizo, or a viceroy?

4 Mestizo

5 What was the name for a fort that housed Spanish soldiers in its high brick walls?

6 Presidio

7 Besides being called “runners of the woods,” French trappers and traders were called what?

8 Coureurs de bois

9 What did encomiendas do for Spanish settlers?

10 Encomiendas gave Spanish settlers the right to demand taxes or labor from Native Americans living on the land.

11 What were pueblos, and in what colony could they be found?

12 Pueblos were where townspeople and farmers gathered in New Spain.

13 Who was put in charge of the empire in America by the Spanish King – a viceroy or a Creole?

14 A Viceroy

15 Why did Spanish settlers create New Spain?

16 To gain new territory, gold, and for exploration

17 What are the 3 kinds of settlements in New Spain?

18 Pueblos (meeting places) 2. Presidios (soldier’s forts) 3
Pueblos (meeting places) 2. Presidios (soldier’s forts) 3. Missions (where Spanish tried to convert the Indians to Christianity)

19 List the order of society in New Spain from top (most important) to bottom (least important).

20 Peninsulares Creoles Mestizos Indians

21 What helped the Spanish conquistadors conquer, or defeat, the Aztecs?

22 Many Aztecs died from European diseases.

23 Who did the landowners in Virginia elect to meet and make laws for their colony?

24 Burgesses

25 Why was the colony of Jamestown different from Roanoke?

26 Jamestown was the 1st PERMANENT colony that was set up.

27 What helped the settlement of Virginia in the early 1600’s
What helped the settlement of Virginia in the early 1600’s? Name at least 2

28 A representative government 2. tobacco growing 3. the arrival of women

29 What problems did the early settlers of Jamestown face? Name 3

30 Colonists refused to work 2. Disease 3. Impure drinking water

31 Who was the man that helped save Jamestown?

32 John Smith

33 Where did the Pilgrims land, and where were they supposed to land?

34 Plymouth, MA instead of Virginia

35 Why did the Pilgrims come to America from England?

36 To find religious freedom

37 What was the Mayflower Compact?

38 Pilgrims created it at the bottom of the boat on the way over to America; created to establish laws

39 What document did the Pilgrims need to get from the king in order to set up a colony?

40 A charter

41 Why did the Pilgrims refuse to give up, even after they caught diseases and some starved?

42 They thought it was God’s will for them to survive.

43 Who was Bartolome de Las Casas?

44 A priest who asked the king of Spain to stop allowing Native Americans to be enslaved

45 What did the Europeans introduce to the Americas? Name at least 2

46 Horses cows diseases wheat bananas

47 What did the Native Americans introduce to Europeans? Name at least 3

48 Maize (corn) Pumpkins Potatoes Tomatoes Peppers Cocoa Squash Peanuts

49 What are some reasons the Native American population declined?

50 Slave labor dangerous work diseases caught from Europeans

51 What was Parliament?

52 England’s representative authority

53 Final Jeopardy Please make your wager!

54 Final Jeopardy Question!!
Choose 3 of the following colonies and list their reasons for founding each: New France New Spain Jamestown Plymouth New Netherland

55 Answer: Plymouth New Netherland New France New Spain Jamestown
Fur trade, exploration, acquire new territory, spread Catholic religion New Spain - gold, God, exploration, acquire new territory, Jamestown - profit, gold Plymouth Religious freedom New Netherland -profit from trade

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