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Present for Year 8 Clues for the Quiz.

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1 Present for Year 8 Clues for the Quiz

2 Types of Social groups 16th century
Gentlemen Yeomen Labourers Citizens Page 2-3

3 Types of poor people Rogues Upright man Abraham man Counterfeit crank
Doxy Clapper dudgeon Bawdy Basket Page 6-7

4 What did the government do about the poor?
Events that affected the poor Who were Edward Hext and William Lambarde? Who did the government treat as the real poor? What laws were passed to take of the poor? How did matters improve in the 17th and 18th centuries? Pages 8-11

5 Types of rich in the 16th and 17th centuries.
What types of rooms did the rich have in their homes? Which rooms do we have in common with people in those days? According to the sources which pieces of equipment do we share with people in those days? Pages 12-15

6 Private lives? At what age did Charles I’s daughter, Mary marry her 15 year old husband? What was the relationship like between husbands and wives in those days? Do you agree with the historian Lawrence Stone’s view that important changes took place in peoples’ private lives? Which class of people married at the youngest age? What was the purpose of the scold’s bridle? How many babies died before their first birthday in the 16th century? Why? What advice written by Dr. Cadogan in 1748, about the treatment of babies might seem cruel today? Pages 18-21

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