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Am Government Review: Legislative Branch / Congress HouseSenatePowersCommitteesBills/Laws 10 20 30 40 50.

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1 Am Government Review: Legislative Branch / Congress HouseSenatePowersCommitteesBills/Laws

2 How many years is the term for someone in the House of Representatives?

3 2 years

4 Who is one of our Wisconsin Representatives? *Bonus* How many Reps does WI have?

5 We have 8 Representatives in Wisconsin Paul Ryan (Republican) - 1 Jim Sensenbrenner (Republican) - 5 Tom Petri (Republican) - 6 Sean Duffy (Republican) - 7 Reid Ribble (Republican) - 8 Tammy Baldwin (Democrat) - 2 Ron Kind (Democrat) - 3 Gwen Moore (Democrat) - 4

6 How many people are in the House of Representatives & how did the founding fathers come to the decision to have that many?

7 435 Representation based on population (compromise between the big & small states) Representation varies depending on Census (every 10 years)

8 What is the hierarchy in the House? Ex: Who are the leaders & what are their titles? List 5 in order

9 1.Speaker of the House 2.Majority Floor Leader 3.Majority Whip 4.Minority Floor Leader 5.Minority Whip

10 Ariana wants to run to be a U.S. Representative for Wisconsin in the House of Representatives. What qualifications must she meet in order to run? If elected, what are the different points of view she can consider when she votes? *Hint* There are three…

11 25 years old Citizen of WI for at least Resident of WI Trustee – consider personal opinion only Politico – consider party & personal opinion Partisan – vote along party lines

12 How many years is the term for someone in the Senate?

13 6 years

14 What are the qualifications to be in the Senate (name at least 3)?

15 30 years old 9 year Citizen of U.S. Resident of State they represent

16 How many people are in the Senate? Name our 2 Wisconsin Senators.

17 100 Herb Kohl Ron Johnson

18 List the hierarchy in the Senate (6 titles in order)

19 Vice President Senate Pro Tempore Majority Floor Leader Majority Whip Minority Floor Leader Minority Whip

20 If Senator Ron Johnson is voting for the Health Insurance Bill along party lines he is voting _________

21 partisan

22 What are the three kinds of powers Legislators in Congress have?

23 Expressed, Implied, and Non-legislative

24 Define Expressed power & give an example of an expressed power of Congress

25 Expressed Power – power granted to Congress clearly written in the Constitution Ex: tax, Coin $, regulate Commerce, declare war, bankruptcy, patent, copyright, naturalization, etc.

26 Define Implied power & give 2 examples of implied powers of Congress

27 An Implied Power is a power that is not clearly stated in the Constitution & is assumed based on the expressed powers Ex: Military Schools, punish tax evaders, create banks, regulate immigration, draft for military, minimum wage, prohibit mail fraud

28 Define Non-Legislative Powers & give 2 examples of Non- Legislative powers

29 Non-Legislative Powers are powers of Congress that don’t have to do with writing Laws Ex: impeach, electoral, confirm presidential appointments, power to investigate, Senators must approve treaties

30 Describe the difference between a liberal & strict Constructionist

31 Liberal Constructionist – the Constitution is open for interpretation & change Strict Constructionist – the Constitution should be interpreted literally and based on what the founding fathers wrote with little/no change

32 What is the purpose of Committees in Congress?

33 The purpose of Committees are to organize specific topics (such as foreign affairs) for discussion & legislation purposes. Representatives in the House serve on 1-2 Committees & Senators serve on 3-4 Committees

34 Name 4 different kinds of Committees

35 Standing Subcommittee Joint Select Conference

36 Which Committee works on settling differences between bills in the House & Senate?

37 Conference Committee

38 Which Committee is made up of both members of the House & Senate and can be temporary or permanent?

39 Joint Committee

40 Give an example of a Standing Committee & one of its Subcommittees. Are these temporary or permament?


42 What is a resolution?

43 Resolution – manage rules w/ in one house of Congress. Don’t have power of law Joint resolution – has same power as law usually temporary Concurrent Resolution – Senate & House act together, not as strong as law & explains govt position on something (ex: foreign affairs)

44 What is something added to the bill that is unrelated which helps the bill pass?

45 A rider (aka pork)

46 A bill that is set aside and no longer considered is…

47 Pigeonholed

48 List three differences between the House & the Senate?

49 House of Representatives Smaller personal staff Fewer committee assignments More formal, less flexible Committee work more important than debate Debate strictly limited 5 Calendars Senate Larger personal staff More committee assignments Fewer, more flexible rules Floor debate more important than committee work in shaping legislation Floor debate unlimited Power to fillibuster

50 List the order in which a bill becomes a law

51 1.Bill introduced to House 2.Bill given title & # 3.Bill sent to Standing Committee for study, hearings, revisions & Approval 4.Bill sent to Rules Committee who sets rules & conditions for debate 5.Debate & Vote 6.Bill introduced into the Senate 7.Bill sent to Standing Committee for study, hearings, revisions & Approval 8.Debate & Vote 9.Conference Committee (House & Senate resolve differences in bill) 10.House & Senate vote on final passage 11.President signs bill

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