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Impromptu Speeches Guidelines

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1 Impromptu Speeches Guidelines
Impromptu means “spur of the moment.” You give an impromptu speech when you are called on without any notice. Most of your everyday speaking—at home, school, and on the job—is impromptu.

2 Tips Know the subject: Ask yourself, “What do I already know about the topic?” Think about the best way to approach the subject. Series of events (chronological order)? Description of a place or thing? Prioritize facts or ideas according to level of importance?

3 “Think on your feet.” Open with a statement that gives your main opinion or main idea. Back up your opinion with supporting ideas. Stay on the subject. Be brief. End with a summary of your opinion

4 No apologies! No one expects an impromptu speech to be perfect, planned, or well-prepared. Do not apologize or feel timid about your lack of preparation. Think confident, and you will be confident.

5 The Challenge: Impromptu #1
Time: 1 minute Goal: Speak well, think fast, organize quickly, make your point. How: You will draw a topic randomly. Grading: length, focus, and effort

6 Details about Impromptu #1
Receive topic. Pick a number 1-87. Brainstorm ideas: 1 minute to jot down notes with help from class. Think of overall opinion/main idea. Conclude formally: don’t just stop. Relax & be imaginative. Breathe!

7 What does a speech need? A topic

8 5 things every speech needs
An Introduction

9 5 things every speech needs
First point

10 5 things every speech needs
Second point

11 5 things every speech needs
Third Point

12 5 things every speech needs

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