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Absolutism in Western Europe Abby Bledsoe. RulersWarsFranceSpainArtMusic Hodgepodge 100 200 300 400 500 Final Jeopardy: Mercantilism.

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1 Absolutism in Western Europe Abby Bledsoe

2 RulersWarsFranceSpainArtMusic Hodgepodge 100 200 300 400 500 Final Jeopardy: Mercantilism

3 Rulers 100 He was the quintessential absolute monarch.

4 Rulers 100 Louis XIV of France

5 Rulers 200 This king actively encouraged French colonization in the New World by stimulating the Atlantic trade.

6 Rulers 200 Henry IV (Henry of Navarre)

7 Rulers 300 Louis XIV said, “L’ état, c’est moi.” Which means?

8 Rulers 300 “I am the state.” BONUS

9 Rulers 400 He used the Intendant system to weaken the nobility in France.

10 Rulers 400 Cardinal Richelieu

11 Rulers 500 This king of France was convinced by the nobles to assume power at an early age and exile his mother.

12 Rulers 500 Louis XIII

13 Wars 100 This war took place because the will of Charles II gave all Spanish territories to the grandson of Louis XIV. The European powers thought that this would result in consolidation of the French and Spanish thrones.

14 Wars 100 War of Spanish Succession

15 Wars 200 In this war, also known as the First Dutch War, Louis XIV invaded the Spanish Netherlands without declaring war.

16 Wars 200 War of Devolution

17 Wars 300 In this war Louis XIV invaded the southern Netherlands as revenge for Dutch opposition in the previous war.

18 Wars 300 Second Dutch War

19 Wars 400 This war lasted from 1688 to 1697 and in it William of Orange brought England against France.

20 Wars 400 War of the League of Augsburg BONUS

21 Wars 500 This was the turning point in the War of Spanish Succession (1704).

22 Wars 500 Battle of Blenheim

23 France 100 By 1683, France was Europe’s leading ____________ country.

24 France 100 industrial BONUS

25 France 200 Louis XIV was very religious but did not allow _________ to exercise political power in the French Church.

26 France 200 the pope

27 France 300 This edict revoked the Edict of Nantes in 1685.

28 France 300 Edict of Fontainebleau

29 France 400 This is the policy of a nation accumulating as much precious metal as possible while preventing its outward flow to other countries.

30 France 400 Bullionism

31 France 500 French mercantilism reached its height under Louis’ finance minister _______________.

32 France 500 Jean Baptiste Colbert

33 Spain 100 The 16 th century is known as the “________ Age” of Spain.

34 Spain 100 Golden

35 Spain 200 Spain’s power reached it’s zenith under this king who ruled from 1556 to 1598.

36 Spain 200 Phillip II

37 Spain 300 Spanish trade with its colonies fell ___% between 1610 and 1660.

38 Spain 300 60 BONUS

39 Spain 400 England defeated the powerful _____________ in 1558, marking the beginning of the decline of the Spanish empire.

40 Spain 400 Spanish Armada

41 Spain 500 The Treaty of __________ in 1659 officially marked the end of Spain as a Great Power.

42 Spain 500 the Pyrenees

43 Art 100 This style of art reflected the age of absolutism and began in Catholic Reformation countries to teach in a concrete and emotional way and demonstrate the glory and power of the Catholic Church.

44 Art 100 Baroque

45 Art 200 Nearly half of this painter’s works dealt with Christian subjects and he was known for his sensual nudes as Roman goddesses, water nymphs, and saints and angels.

46 Art 200 Peter Paul Ruebens

47 Art 300 This female artist was famous for her vivid depictions of dramatic scenes as well as her “Judith” paintings.

48 Art 300 Artemisia Gentileschi

49 Art 400 He was perhaps the greatest court painter of the era. He painted numerous portraits of the Spanish court and their surroundings.

50 Art 400 Diego Velásquez

51 Art 500 This Italian painter was criticized for using ordinary people as models for his depictions of Biblical scenes.

52 Art 500 Carvaggio BONUS

53 Music 100 ____________ composers developed the modern system of major-minor tonalities.

54 Music 100 Baroque

55 Music 200 Claudio Monteverdi (1547-1643) developed the _______ and the modern orchestra.

56 Music 200 Opera BONUS

57 Music 300 He was the greatest of the baroque composers.

58 Music 300 J.S. Bach

59 Music 400 Like Bach, he wrote in a variety of genres. His masterpiece is “The Messiah.”

60 Music 400 George Frideric Handel

61 Music 500 Baroque musicians believed that the _____ should dominate the music.

62 Music 500 Text

63 Hodgepodge 100 He was a dramatist whose plays often focused on social struggles. He made fun of the aristocracy, upper bourgeoisie, and high church officials.

64 Hodgepodge 100 Jean-Baptiste Moliere

65 Hodgepodge 200 He sculpted the canopy over the high altar of St. Peter’s Cathedral.

66 Hodgepodge 200 Gianlorenzo Bernini

67 Hodgepodge 300 Phillip II built the ____________ to demonstrate his power in Spain.

68 Hodgepodge 300 Escorial Palace

69 Hodgepodge 400 Due to the Edict of Fontainebleau, this group lost their rights to practice Calvinism.

70 Hodgepodge 400 Huguenots BONUS

71 Hodgepodge 500 The palace at Versailles was originally used as this by Louis XIII.

72 Hodgepodge 500 a hunting lodge

73 Rulers 300 BONUS This man controlled France while Louis XIV was a child.

74 Rulers 300 BONUS Cardinal Mazarin

75 Wars 400 BONUS This represented the furthest limit to the expansion of Louis XIV.

76 Wars 400 BONUS Peace of Nijmegan

77 France 100 BONUS Louis XIV opted to create a massive army instead of a formidable _______.

78 France 100 BONUS navy

79 Spain 300 BONUS The decrease in Spanish colonial trade was largely due to?

80 Spain 300 BONUS English and Dutch competition

81 Art 500 BONUS Austrian emperor Leopold I built __________ in Austria in response to the Versailles Palace.

82 Art 500 BONUS Schönbrunn

83 Music 200 BONUS Claudio Monteverdi’s masterpiece is his _______.

84 Music 200 BONUS Orfeo

85 Hodgepodge 400 BONUS This style of painting did not fit the Baroque style of trying to overwhelm the viewer.

86 Hodgepodge 400 BONUS The Dutch Style

87 Final Jeopardy Colbert organized French trading companies for international trade. They were called?

88 Final Jeopardy East India Company and West India Company

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