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Vitamins and Minerals.

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1 Vitamins and Minerals

2 Objective Identify and describe vitamins, minerals, and feed additives and how they relate to the nutritional requirements or ruminant and non- ruminant animals.

3 What is a nutrient? A chemical element or compound that aids in the support of life. Proteins Vitamins Minerals Water Energy

4 Why do animals need vitamins?
Vitamins perform essential roles in body. Metabolism Repair Function. Vitamins are considered micro-nutrients and are consumed in relatively small amounts. A balanced ration should supply all of the major vitamins needed; however, some supplementation of trace nutrients is generally considered desirable.

5 2 Types of Vitamins Water soluble
B-complex vitamins and vitamin C are water- soluble vitamins that are not stored in the body and must be replaced each day. Ex: Hay and Pasture Grazing Ex: Citrus fruits and Vegetables (Vitamin C)

6 2 Types of Vitamins Fat Soluble
Stored in the liver and fatty tissues, and are eliminated much more slowly than water-soluble vitamins. Only replenished in small amounts. Ex: Commercial feeds and Grains Ex: Sunshine (Vitamin D)

7 Why do animals need Minerals?
Minerals directly create deficiencies and effect Animal growth and development. Structural and skeletal development Oxygen transport Activation of many enzyme systems

8 2 Types of Minerals Macro Micro
Normally present at greater levels in the body or needed in relatively large amounts in the diet. Ex: Ca, P, Na, Cl, Mg, K, S Micro Present at low levels in the body or needed in small amounts in the diet Ex: Co, Cu, F, I, Fe, Mn, Mo, Se, Zn

9 Feed Additives Feed additives and hormones are not necessary nutrients for livestock. However, if used in the correct manner, they can increase growth and efficiency as well as improve the animal’s health. Label requirements: Residues Mixing procedure Good records Health and public concerns

10 Feed Additive Examples
Oxy-Gen All natural Product for increasing the strength of the respiratory system and also increases appetites, promotes hair growth and improves muscle development. Feed 3 oz. a day for calves, sheep, pigs. For younger animals to help development

11 Feed Additives Examples
Champion Oxy Improves feed conversion, adds muscle mass, promotes hair growth and helps animals handle stressful situations better. ½ oz. per day Feed this closer to show but remember to check withdrawal periods.

12 Your animal wont drink water??
Refill Used for cattle, feed 1-2 pounds per day. Will make the animal want to drink water. Provides electrolytes and other nutrients. Use when arriving at a show, will help with water weight or soundness lost by traveling.

13 How does this help my show animal?
Octane Vitamin and mineral supplement that promotes overall healthy appearance Similar effects as show bloom but stronger 1-1/2 oz. per for sheep and goats 4 oz. per day for cattle

14 Feed Additives Goat Gold Plus For goats 80 pounds and larger
4 oz. daily Contains digestive enzymes for better feed conversion, fortified with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and probiotics, to keep rumen functioning normally.

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