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Centennial College Libraries Infection Control Fall 2012.

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1 Centennial College Libraries Infection Control Fall 2012

2 E- Resources Over 100 Databases in all subject areas – including Health Sciences Mostly full text periodical databases

3 Periodicals Periodicals are publications that are issued on a regular basis and are useful for providing current and focused information on a variety of topics Newspapers, magazines and journals are examples of types of periodicals Periodicals are available in both print and electronic format (in the Library databases)

4 Journal Articles: > Intended for a scholarly/professional audience > Usually written by an expert in the field > Often report on original research > Require specialized knowledge or vocabulary > Documented – include in - text citations and references of previous research > Are peer reviewed

5 Peer reviewed Also called refereed or academic or scholarly A committee of scholars/professionals approve the quality of the article before it is published in the journal Peer review helps to establish a journal as an authoritative, trusted source of information

6 Journal Article Cunha, B. A., Thekkel, V., Schoch, P., & Cosgrove, L. (2011). Clinical and cost ineffectiveness of preoperative screening for methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus and intranasal mupirocin in preventing methicillin- resistant S aureus infections in cardiothoracic surgery. American Journal of Infection Control, 39(3), 243- 246. doi: 10.1016/j.ajic.2010.07.008 (click on the picture to access the article, if you are outside the College network you will need to logon with your student number and PIN)

7 For more information on how to recognize scholarly journal articles go to: Scholarly vs. Popular Publications Scholarly vs. Popular Publications library website > Research >Find articles & journals

8 Online Databases Many of the Librarys databases are full text periodical collections although others provide access to electronic books and reference books Most can be searched from home. You will need to logon with your student number and your PIN if you are searching outside the College network

9 Online Databases Many databases have citation tools to help you cite your information sources in the correct format including APA format.

10 Database Search (See Infection Prevention and Control: Searching the Library Databases Library website Research Library Classes Library Class Handouts Blog Infection Prevention & Control prevention-control

11 Documentation As well as citation tools found in the databases, there are many print and online guides to help you cite your sources using standard methodsonline guides Library website > Research > Research Tips & Writing Help > APA style Always give credit when you use someone elses ideas whether you use a direct quote or summarize their work

12 RefWorks RefWorks is a web based tool that allows you to organize your research, import your references from Library databases and create a bibliography in a variety of formats including APA

13 RefWorks You must create an individual account to use RefWorks. The RefWorks site has online tutorials to show you the different ways you can use it.

14 Ref Works Library Home Page E-Resources & E-books R RefWorks /research/refworks

15 Library Help Science and Technology Centre Library: (416) 289-5000 ext. 8000 (links to AskON Online Chat Research service and AsktheLibrary email) Gail Alexander, Librarian (416) 299-5000 ext 8107 (STC) ext 8607 (CCC)

16 Thank you

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