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If Logisticians Can Cook Logistics Assist Visit Concepts Edlouie S. Ortega, MSM, CDFM, CPFM Equipment and Technology Management Medical Equipment and Logistics.

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1 If Logisticians Can Cook Logistics Assist Visit Concepts Edlouie S. Ortega, MSM, CDFM, CPFM Equipment and Technology Management Medical Equipment and Logistics Solutions Naval Medical Logistics Command

2 Do you believe in key performance indicators (KPI)? How do you know which KPI to track? Should all KPI measureable? How do you measure success?

3 Tell me how you measure me, and I'll tell you how I will behave. - Eli Goldratt Who do you agree with? " Tell me how youll measure me, and Ill tell what damn fool things Ill do to make the measurement look good." - Tony Rizzo

4 Cash flow. Restaurants are very cash-intensive, forking over money for fresh inventory and tipping out servers and other staff on a daily basis. Percentage of repeat customers. The National Restaurant Association estimates that three-quarters of most restaurants' sales come from repeat customers. Staff turnover. On average, management turnover rates run around 20% annually for table-service restaurants, while hourly workers turn over at roughly a 150% clip Restaurant Industry…What we measure

5 Table-turn over rate. How many times table is filled with customer. How fast tables empty and fill during a shift. Order-throughput time. How long before a meal goes out to the customer. Drinks – appetizer – main course – dessert. Table-turn time. How long did the table remain empty and how long did it stayed filled. Other KPIs we measure

6 Contracts Outlays Budget Regulations Overall Strategy Competition Staff Development Restaurants Does Logistics Too and More… Procure materials Move materials Produce materials Monitor Assess Control

7 Its all about the… o food o presentation o timing o customer service o dish washer o work flow And sometimes its not all about measurable KPI… What we can learn from a Cook

8 Front of the House – Back of the House - Expedite!!! o Assurance: The act of giving confidence, the state of being certain or the act of making certain. o Control: An evaluation to indicate needed corrective responses; the act of guiding a process in which variability is attributable to a constant system of chance causes. What we can learn from a Cook

9 o Quality Assurance: The planned and systematic activities implemented in a quality system so that quality requirements for a product or service will be fulfilled. o Quality Control: The observation techniques and activities used to fulfill requirements for quality. Standard processes/quality products… not to make measurements look good. What we can learn from a Cook

10 o Outputs Defined as the goods or services produced (e.g., patient admissions, bed days, work orders, receipts). o Outcomes Defined as the impacts on indicators arising from the delivery of outputs (e.g., fill rate, turn-over ratio, SOS Due-in rate, maintenance completions rate, unable to locate). More focused on Effectiveness than Efficiency What we can learn from a Cook

11 Define Logistics o Logistics The planning, implementation, and coordination of the details of a business or other material operations. o Medical Logistics Is the logistic of pharmaceuticals, medical and surgical supplies, medical devices and equipment, and other products needed to support doctors, nurses, and other health and dental care providers. Because its final customers are responsible for the lives and health of their patients, medical logistics is unique in that it seeks to optimize effectiveness rather than efficiency.

12 Logistics Assist Visit Purpose: Assist Logisticians to achieve Total Asset Management (TAM) and improve internal management control of accountable equipment. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Equipment, Technology Material Management (ETM) processes from materiel procurement planning to eventual property disposal Evaluate the effectiveness of the Purchasing Management, Acquisition Planning and Requirements Development, and Contracting Officers Representative (COR) Programs The Logistics Assist Visit is NOT an inspection, this is strictly an assist visit to help your staff identify strengths and weaknesses and to provide them with the tools that they need to successfully carry out their mission.

13 Logistics Assist Visit Focus: Assessment of continued suitability as it applies to aging technology. Assessment of effective use of the logistics information system as a tool for improving materials management operations. Collect information to develop technical criteria for use as basis for acquisition actions across BSO-18. Assessment of accountable equipment records with an acquisition cost of $25,000 and greater. Assessment of Material Management Assessment of Acquisition Management

14 Logistics Assist Visit Assessment Methodology 1.Use of existing data and focus on establishing the baseline between the site and the "Best Practices" in BSO-18 claimancy and in the industry. 2.Incorporate training, database management, material management, technology management and acquisition management site visits. 3.Provide feedback to the site regarding LAV findings and recommendations that will help the site focus on its strengths and immediate improvement.

15 Assessment Elements 1. Evaluate synchronization of the Navy business practices, policies, and logistics and acquisition information systems. 2. Validation Processes (Management Assertion) 3. Evaluate training requirements and provide just-in-time training as needed. Logistics Assist Visit

16 Assessment Elements 1.Evaluate synchronization of business practices, policies and systems. Review current policies. Analyze data; focus on trends. Evaluate sites business practice. Evaluate sites appropriate use of business systems. Identify processes requiring BUMED-wide standardization. Identify change requirements to the logistics information systems. Identify change requirements to the policies. Logistics Assist Visit

17 Assessment Elements Logistics Assist Visit 2. Validation Process (Management Assertion): Valuation. Test all contributing factors (device code, life expectancy, useful life, acceptance date, acquisition cost, etc). Completeness. Test to ensure that maintenance significant equipment and personal properties are entered in DMLSS. Accountability. Test if the equipment found on site belongs to the entity. Replacement Plan. Test for proper equipment selection and requisition process. Due-in Receipt. Test to ensure that due-in materials are properly receipted and properly recorded.

18 Assessment Elements 3. Evaluate training requirements and provide just-in-time training as needed. Identify functionality gaps. Identify execution gaps. Identify process gaps. Identify current workload and productivity. Identify additional training requirements. Logistics Assist Visit

19 Equipment Receipt Inventory Management/UID Five Year Equipment Replacement Plan Device Code Assignment Property/Item Decrease/Loss Document Control Maintenance Plan and Procedures Repair Parts Request and Issue Service Contracts Material Due-ins Emergency Management Plan/CBRNE/IPP COR Appointment, Training and Management ECAT Orders Assessment Candidates

20 SWO Workload/Metrics June 2010 (Before LAV) July 2010 August 2010 YTD as of JUNE 2010 Mean Beginning Work Order Balance Qty New Work Order Qty Reopened WO Qty Completed Work Order Qty Cancelled Work Order Qty Ending Work Order Balance Qty Carryover Completion Rate79.96%93.72%95.6%79.20% Relative Inventory Accuracy90.57%81.18% 70% 83.68% Performance Metrics Analysis

21 Imaging Equipment Portfolio Total Items: 181 Total Acq Cost: $42M Total Items: 729 Total Acq Cost: $114M Total Items: 124 Total Acq Cost: $15M Total Items: 550 Total Acq Cost: $96M

22 Modality Qty Total Procedures Actual Throughput Potential Throughput Procedures /Day CUR Bone Densitometer Radiographic System, Mammography 24,9162,4584, % Radiographic System, Mobile32, Radiographic System, Urologic , % Radiographic Unit326,1548,71815, % Radiographic/Fluoroscopic31, , % Radiographic/Fluoroscopic, Mobile, C-Arm Scanning System, Computed Tomography 17,330 8, % Scanning System, Gamma Camera, (SPECT) , % Scanning System, Magnetic Resonance Imaging 13,341 4, % Scanning System, Ultrasound49,5772, Capacity Utility Rate

23 Projected Cost Avoidance ModalitySectionFY 11FY 12FY 133YR Total Radiographic/Fluoroscopic System $700$0 $700 RF Service Contract Cost4.2.3.$42 $126 Radiographic Unit4.2.4.$240$0 $240 RU Service Contract Cost4.2.4.$6$14 $34 Radiographic/Fluoroscopic System, Urologic $210$0 $210 RFU Service Contract Cost4.3.5.$13 $38 Imaging System, Computed Radiography $160$80$0$160 Total PCA $1,371$149$69 $1,508 In Thousands

24 RegionUICUnit NameBWONWORWOCWOXWOEWORisk 1 UTL Risk 2-4 UTL UTL %PMCR NMEN32185NHC New England %100.00% NMEN39163USNH Sigonella %100.00% NMWN68095NH Bremerton %100.00% NMEN66094NHC Cherry Point %100.00% NMEN00232NH Jacksonville %99.88% NMEN68084NHC Charleston %98.66% NMWN66097NH Oak Harbor %97.96% NMEN00211NHC Great Lakes %97.44% NMWN68292USNH Yokosuka %97.22% NMWN66095NH Lemoore %96.90% NMEN66096USNH Naples %96.49% NMEN00183NMC Portsmouth %95.84% NMEN68093NH Camp Lejeune %95.83% NCAN00168Walter Reed NMMC %92.17% NMWN68096USNH Guam %91.40% NMEN00285NHC Corpus Christi %90.91% NMWN00259NMC San Diego %88.82% NMEN66101USNH Rota %88.31% NMWN68470USNH Okinawa %85.27% NMEN00203NH Pensacola %84.29% NMEN61337NH Beaufort %84.16% NMWN68098NHC Hawaii %81.76% NMWN68094NH Camp Pendleton %80.81% NMWN35949NH Twentynine Palms %70.52% NCAN00162NHC Annapolis %VALIDATE NCAN00231NHC Quantico %VALIDATE NCAN66098NHC PAX River %VALIDATE TOTALBUMED-WIDE %91.96%

25 M4 M42 Logistics Policy Chief, MedLog M46 Logistics Execution -Lead Contracting Executive -Fleet Hospital Program Office (PML-500) -Property Management Office -Medical Logistics Business Systems/Metrics -FOA Vaccine Management CO, NAVMEDLOGCOM Execute Current Mission NEMSCOM NOSTRA Echelon 2 Echelon 3 Echelon 4 Navy Medicine Support Command Support Functions MOU Dual Hatted Position

26 Related Sessions LO-T-3-B Equipment Management Self Assessment - Conduct Your Own LAV LO-T-3-C Material Management Self Assessment - Conduct Your Own LAV LO-T-3-D Maintenance Management Self Assessment - Conduct Your Own LAV LO-W-3-C Automatic Identification Technologies (AIT) /IUID and RTLS LO-W-3-D Equipment Management Process LO-W-3-E Annual Inventory Process and Requirements 26

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