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Top 10 Questions about Math Class Teacher: Ken Miller School: Bamberg Middle/High School

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1 Top 10 Questions about Math Class Teacher: Ken Miller School: Bamberg Middle/High School E-mail: Website: hSchool/Miller/apt1.aspx

2 Question 1 What are students graded based on? Student grades are based upon: 30% unit tests/projects 15% homework 25% quizzes 30% Classwork Please note that most classwork and homework are graded according to student effort. If a student sincerely attempts assignments, they will receive at least a 70%. While quizzes, tests, and projects are graded based on achievement.

3 Question 2 What can students do to get a better grade? There are several things that students can do to improve their grades. First, and possibly most important, students should be in class each day. Attendance is a prime factor in grades. Secondly, students should make sure that all work is completed and turned in. Students should retake any quizzes or tests that they do poorly on. Students should be on time to class.

4 Question 3 When can a student come in to see you about their grades? Parents and students can access grades through GradeSpeed. Access grades, attendance, and upcoming assignments online 24/7. Students are also welcome to come in before or after school each day. During passing periods and class time, math teachers will be very busy setting up lessons for the period. This is not a good time to check with him about grades. Students may also e-mail Mr. Miller anytime.

5 Question 4 My student told me that he/she had turned work into you but the grade has not been posted on GradeSpeed. How does he/she find out about the work that was turned in? When papers are turned in late, they are usually graded by the end of each week. Parents are always welcome to e-mail and I will verify if the assignment had been turned in. If the grade is not posted by the end of the week, then it probably means: 1. There was not a name on the paper, 2. The paper is still in the make up basket and has not been graded, or 3. The teachers missed the paper when he was scoring grades. If a student sees that a grade has not been posted for work that they have turned in, they should see their math teacher when he is going over grades on Friday and look in their folder of work that has been turned in to see if the paper is there.

6 Question 5 How often is homework required? Students will be given a homework assignment almost daily. This assignment is a review of material covered in class. The assignment will be due the next class period. Homework assignments will also be given out on days that students are not able to complete assignments in class. Homework is worth 15% of students’ math grades. Work started in class is worth 30% of the students overall grade.

7 Question 6 How do students make up work that they missed or did not turn in? If a student misses class, they should ask members of the class what work they missed. They may also see their math teacher before or after school to discuss the assignment(s) that they missed. If the assignment has already been turned in, they should put their work in their folder. If students want to redo or complete an assignment they may do so and turn it into their folder. Work may be turned in up to a week before the end of the quarter. This deadline is posted for students and they are reminded several times when the deadline is approaching. When a student misses a class they must either e-mail Mr. Miller, check GradeSpeed or go to Mr. Miller’s website to see what was missed.

8 Question 7 How do students make up or retake quizzes or tests? Students must complete an error analysis and meet with Mr. Miller prior to retaking any tests/quizzes. Quizzes or tests may be made up or retaken any day that Mr. Miller is available before or after school. I am available on most days after school on days that meetings are not held.

9 Question 8 Do you offer extra credit for students to help them improve their grades? Since students can redo homework, quizzes, and tests. Extra credit will not be offered.

10 Question 9 What can students do at home to help them understand math better? Tutoring is probably the most important support that you might offer at home. The tutor might be a member of the immediate or extended family, a friend in the neighborhood, or someone that has been hired to tutor your student. Also, check out There is also a wealth of help on the internet. For example, if you do a search for “quadrilaterals”, you will find videos, powerpoints, and written descriptions of how to work with quadrilaterals. Each student has a math book at home that will provide an immediate resource to help answer questions. Free Online Tutor available courtesy of CYS and US Army. ( rogramGuid=7CDA18D 8-31AB-44C6-B0E0- 83784E621C8A Passcode: BAM944

11 Question 10 Where can students get extra help with math? At school, teachers are available before and after school almost every day of the week. If we do not have meetings, we will be there to support students. If Mr. Miller is not in his classroom, any other math teacher would be very willing to help out. Students may also attend homework club offered two times a week after school.

12 If you have other questions… Feel free to email Mr. Miller at Or visit Mr. Miller’s class by checking in the main office. Also, please check out Mr. Miller’s webpage at:

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