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Famous Pennsylvanians Grade 4 2008-2009 Andrew Carnegie Born in Scotland on November 25, 1835. He moved to Pittsburgh with his family in 1848. Andrew.

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2 Famous Pennsylvanians Grade 4 2008-2009

3 Andrew Carnegie Born in Scotland on November 25, 1835. He moved to Pittsburgh with his family in 1848. Andrew Carnegie died on August 11, 1919. Andrew Carnegie introduced Bessemer Steel making to America. He opened the largest steel plant in Braddock, Pennsylvania. He made a lot of money in the steel industry and decided to share his money to help people. He gave much of his money away before he was 35 years old to libraries, museums and universities. Before he died, he set up the Carnegie Foundation, so his money would continue to help people in the future.

4 Gene Kelly Born August 23, 1912 Pittsburgh, PA. Death was on February 2, 1996 at age 83. He was best known as dancing star of Singin’ in the Rain. Also star in other musicals such as… Hello Dolly & It’s Always Fair Weather. He got his start in Broadway in the late 1930’s.

5 Jerry Spinelli Born February 1, 1941 Norristown,PA. Jerry Spinelli went to Gettysburg for College. His first job was as a store clerk but he loved writing and soon became an author. His first book was Knots in My Yo-Yo string. He also wrote Eggs, Maniac Magee. He is married to Eileen Spinelli.

6 Michael Keaton Born: September 1951 Michael Keaton, an actor born in Coraopolis PA, first became popular in1988 when he played “the goul” in Beetlejuice. In 1989 he played “Batman”. Later he had more serious roles in dramas like Clean and Sober and Pacific Heights. Michael Keaton, who was known as Michael Douglass, went to St. Malachy School.

7 Frankie Avalon Francis De Avalone started his career when he was twelve. At this time he joined the singing group, Rocco and the Saints. His first hits were “Cupid” and “Teachers Pet” which were aimed at teens. The next three singles “You Excite Me”, “Gingerbread”, and “I’ll Wait For You” were aimed at teenage girls. Later he appeared in the movie Grease and currently is a millionare selling records and Frankie Avalon products. Born: September 18, 1940

8 Taylor Swift Born December 13, 1989 She was a singer with huge hit song Tim McGraw. She recorded it when she was 16. Taylor began to sing at local events when she was a kid. She even sang the national anthem for the 76ers Basketball game when she was 11. Her family moved near Nashville, Tennessee when she was 13. Taylor was nominated in 2007 by the Academy of Country Music as new female vocalist before she was 18.

9 Will Smith Born September 14, 1968 Popular star in the movie Men in Black. In 1990 his enthusiasm lead him lead in T.V. show The Fresh Prince of Bell Air. He continued his music career releasing song Big Willie Style in 1997 and Willenium and eventually took a backseat to his a list Hollywood movie career. He also released movies like the Pursuit of Happiness and Enemy of the State, I, Robot, and I am a Legend.

10 Guion Bluford Born November 22, 1942 in Philadelphia. He was the first African American to fly in space. He was an astronaut for NASA. After he retired from NASA and The Air Force he became a businessman.

11 John Kasich Born May 13, 1952 in McKees Rocks. He was the first elected Congressman from Ohio. He ran for President in 1999. He hosts in a show called The Heartland with John Kasich on Fox News.

12 Fred Rogers Fred was famous because he was the host of the TV show Mister Rogers Neighborhood. He was also famous because kids took him as a role model. The show started in 1967. Later PBS picked the show to be on PBS. It became a popular show around the U.S. The show stopped running in 2001. But the older shows of Mister Rogers Neighborhood were still on TV. Then he got sick with stomach cancer. He died at the age of 74. Birth March 20, 1928 Died February 27, 2003

13 Joseph Biden Birth March 20, 1928 Birth place Latrobe, P.A Joseph, at the age 10, moved to Delaware with his family. When he was in college he got a undergraduate Degree from the University of Delaware in 1965. He also got a Law Degree from Syracuse University and served on the New Castle County Council. He was famous because he was the youngest person to be elected into the U.S. senate. As he got older he came to Pennsylvania. Now he is the Vice President of the U.S.

14 Born on June, 11 1956. He is still alive. He was nicknamed Joe Cool or Comeback Joe. Joe Montana He lived in New Eagle, Pennsylvania. Joe played in five Super Bowls and won all of them. He was on the 49ers team. He was a football player.

15 Kevin Bacon Kevin is an actor. Kevin started his acting on a New York stage. His first movie was Footloose. Footloose made him a star. Another one of his movies was The River Wild. Born July,8,1958. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

16 Milton Hershey Born on September 13, 1857 Lived in Dauphin County. Died October 13, 1945 In 1876 he tried to make his own company that made caramel but sold it in 1882. His father wanted him to be a printer. He created Hershey Chocolate Company in 1894. They called him the Chocolate King.

17 Tara Lipinski Tara Lipinski won the gold medal for woman's figure skating at Nagano. She was the first woman at the age of 15 to win a gold medal. Michelle Kwan and Tara Lipinski gave the U.S. its first 1 st and 2 nd place finish. In April 1998 she turned pro. » She was Born in Philadelphia on June 10, 1982

18 Dan Marino He was born in Sept 15, 1961 In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dan Marino went to Central Catholic High School. Then he went to The University Of Pittsburgh. Dan Marino led the Panthers beating West Virginia 24-17 in the Backyard Brawl. Dan Marino Played for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL. Dan Marino was selected to the Pro Hall of Fame In 2005. Now Dan Marino is a commentator for CBS NFL Today show.

19 Ben Franklin Ben Franklin was born Jan.17,1706 Died April17,1790. Ben Franklin was a leading founding father of U.S.A. Ben Franklin also invented the lightning rod, bifocals, Ben Franklin stove, public library, and the fire department. Ben Franklin is on the 100 dollar bill.

20 Pink Pink was famous for all her records,her real name is Alecia Moore. One of her songs are Get This Party Started. Pinks outrageous fashion sense helped her make music videos. Birth September 8, 1979 Doylestown, PA

21 Steve Burns Steve Burns is famous for the children’s TV show Blue’s Clues, from 1996 until 2002. He stopped the show in 2002 he was replaced by Donovan Patton. He stopped the show because he started a music career and started a band named the Struggle. Born October 9, 1973 Boyertown, PA

22 Bill Cosby Born July 12, 1937 in Philadelphia, PA. He is an actor for prime time television. He began as a stand up comic and ended up as America’s most beloved television star. From 1984 – 92 he dominated prime time television with The Cosby show.

23 Jimmy Stewart He was born May 20, 1908 in Indiana, PA and died July 2, 1997. He was an actor for a movie called A Wonderful Life. He returned from the war with a incredible record. He appeared in dozens of westerns. He was an actor since the 1930s.

24 Daniel Boone Born November 2, 1734 He lived in Berks county. Death in September 26, 1820 He is important person because he was an explorer and hunter. He explored Kentucky in 1760’s and the1770’s. He was a frontiersman who settled the Kentucky territory.

25 Joe Namath Born May 31, 1943 He lived in Beaverfalls. He is a famous football player. He was a quarterback for the New York Jets. He played American football from1965 to1977. He won a Super Bowl lll in 1965. He always wore number 12.His nickname is Broadway Joe.

26 Rachel Carson Born May 27, 1907. Birthplace Springdale, PA Died April 14,1964 of cancer when she was 56. Rachel Carson wrote a book called Silent Spring. The book explained how pesticides, especially DDT, was helping farmers crops but killing people and animals. It also led to scientific and public concern over the general use of pesticides and other chemicals and the danger people pose to themselves and to the environment. These bans are the direct reason why birds such as the bald eagle, peregrine, and the falcon are now able to come off the endangered species list.

27 Betsy Ross Betsy Ross was the woman who sewed the first American Flag by the request of George Washington. Betsy Ross was a seamstress and upholster in Philadelphia at the time of the Continental Congress. Born Jan1,1752 Died Jan 30, 1836 at the age 84. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Best known as the creator of the flag.

28 James Buchanan He was the 15 president. Elected president in 1856. He was professor at Virginia Tech. He was the only president from Pennsylvania. Birth: April 23, 1791 in Mercerburg, PA Death: June 1,1868 at the age of 77

29 Reggie Jackson Born: May 18,1946 563 Home Runs in his career Struck out a record of 2,597 people He lives in Wyncote, PA MVP in 1973 He is sharing 4 Home Runs titles. He became known as ‘’Mr. October.” He hit five home runs in three deciding World Series Games.

30 Acknowledgements Gene Kelly – CJ Jerry Spinelli – CJ Michael Keaton-Brody Frankie Avalon-Brody Taylor Swift-Dallas Will Smith-Dallas Guion Bluford-Dom D. John Kasich-Dom D. Fred Rogers-Chris Joseph Biden-Chris Joe Montana-Dylan Kevin Bacon-Dylan Milton Hershey-Nick Tara Lipinski-Nick Dan Marino-Frankie Ben Franklin-Frankie Pink-Lexi Steve Burns-Lexi Bill Cosby-Matthew Jimmy Stewart-Matthew Daniel Boone-Dom S. Joe Namath-Dom S. Rachel Carson-Alexis Betsy Ross-Alexis James Buchanan-Austin Reggie Jackson-Austin

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