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Welcome to Back-to-School Night!

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1 Welcome to Back-to-School Night!
Mrs. Colleen Woehlcke Grade 2A

2 Contact Information The key to a successful school year is communication from home to school. Feel free to me or write me a note if you ever have any questions or concerns. I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can!

3 Name of Student/Parent’s names
Index Card Name of Student/Parent’s names Home Address Home Phone # Cell Phone # address

4 Parents Are Partners At your convenience, over the next few weeks, please take the time to tell me about your child by filling out the “Parents Are Partners” paper. I ask that you please send the paper in a sealed envelope. This information is CONFIDENTIAL and will remain in your child’s file throughout the school year!

5 Notes to School Please send a note if your child: is going to CARES
is absent has an appointment is leaving early has a transportation change When picking up your child early from school, you must sign them out from the office.

6 Food/Treats Pretzels are sold every morning for fifty cents if your child would like to purchase one for a snack. You may send in a birthday treat for your child’s birthday if you wish. NPSD Lunch-Just a reminder that tickets will be sold on Mondays ONLY. ($3.30 per ticket) Special Food Days on first and last Fridays of the month. Order forms found on Mater Dei website.

You can find the A,B,C,D, E  days (appear as Schedule A, Schedule B, etc..) on the monthly activities calendar on our website or on my teacher’s web page. (The A,B,C,D, E  schedule will not pertain to Spanish classes.) “A” Day “B” Day “C” Day “D” Day “E” Day Technology Art Music Library Spanish & Physical Education

8 2A’S Class Website Once you visit my site, save it to your favorites!
Once you visit my site, save it to your favorites! You can also go to Mater Dei’s website…Click on Faculty & Staff…then scroll down to my name and find the link to our class website. Daily Homework/Breaking News/Study Guides/Links Add your cell phone or address for instant breaking news. You will be notified whenever the site is updated.

9 Folders/Daily Work Red- Stays at school Green- Goes home every night
Yellow- Test folder (once a week) The Green folder will come home every night. This folder needs to be checked by parents each night and papers should be removed. Any notes/money should be sent to school in this folder. Please check the pencil case periodically to make sure your child has all the needed supplies.

10 Homework Homework for the entire week will be sent home on Monday and will be posted on my TeacherWeb page. Homework is a reinforcement of the skills taught in the classroom and a review for tests. Homework is due the next day unless otherwise noted. Please check and sign your child’s homework every night.

11 Religion Our Textbook:
We Believe with Project Disciple by William H. Sadlier, Inc. Visit for Chapter Study Guides and Review Games Students will receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in their home parishes. Be sure to check Mater Dei’s school website for all of the important dates to keep saved.

12 Mathematics Our Textbook:
GO MATH! By Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Follows the Common Core State Standards for 2nd grade) Practicing facts at home is very important! Addition & Subtraction facts to 20 should be mastered by June. Math Log will be sent home in child’s home folder every day. Please make sure they practice for at least 5 minutes every night and initial log. Students will receive a lottery ticket for their completed Math Logs. Other skills covered: Adding/Subtracting 2-digit and 3-digit numbers with and without regrouping, Counting money, Telling Time in five minute intervals, measurement, collecting data, geometry and fractions, and problem solving.

13 English Language Arts Our Text: Storytown, by Harcourt Publishers
Materials available online. We use an integrated approach to reading which follows the Common Core State Standards for 2nd Grade. The program includes: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, Science, and Social Studies. A Reading Test follows each selection in the anthology. This Test will be taken on Fridays. Spelling Tests will be taken on Fridays unless otherwise noted.

14 Mrs. Woehlcke’s Reading Challenge
Beginning in October, the students will be required to read 10 books a month. For ONE of those books, your child will be asked to complete a simple, written book report and present the book to the class. After completing each book log and report, the students will receive a LOTTERY TICKET and a “NO HOMEWORK” Coupon (good for 1 night) from Mrs. Woehlcke. For students reading chapter books: 4 chapters=1 book This will be a great opportunity to practice our Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening skills.

15 Innovative Fridays Beginning in October, Innovative Fridays will take place during the afternoons on the 2nd and 3rd Fridays of every month. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) Lessons will shift students away from learning isolated facts, to experience-based inquiry with major opportunities for independent learning. These lessons will help students with career exploration and development, allow students to use cross-disciplinary tools for discovery and to develop solutions to problems that are open-ended. Students will work together to design, model, and test solutions. They will also analyze data and report findings to one another.

16 Mrs. Woehlcke’s Lottery
Helps to promote good behavior and to always do your best!! Every Friday, the students who have earned tickets have a chance to win a prize from the prize jar. (5 picks a week) Ways to earn tickets: Random acts of kindness, finding robust vocabulary words in books they are reading, perfect test scores, answering a challenging question etc.

17 Thanks so much for coming this evening
Thanks so much for coming this evening. I look forward to a wonderful year with you and your children!

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