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Transitioning to Middle School.  Math and Language Arts are 60 minute periods  Social Studies/Science are 50 minute periods  Elective/PE are 50 minute.

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1 Transitioning to Middle School


3  Math and Language Arts are 60 minute periods  Social Studies/Science are 50 minute periods  Elective/PE are 50 minute periods  XTime is a 40 minute period  Teachers ◦ Two core (Math & Science/Language Arts& S.Studies) ◦ PE ◦ Elective (Various) ◦ XTime

4 Period 1(HR)7:45-8:45 Period 2(SW)8:45-9:35 3 rd :PE/Elective9:35-10:25 Period 4(SW)110:25-11:25 Xtime11:25-12:05 Lunch12:05-12:35 5 th : PE/Elective12:35-1:25 Period 6(HR)1:25-2:15

5 School begins at 7:45 and ends at 12:45 Only have a minimum day about once a month

6  Study Skills ◦ All 6 th graders (except band) will participate during first 6 weeks of school.  Other Electives: ◦ Band (year-long) ◦ All other electives will be 6 weeks:  Art  Keyboarding  Life Skills (Cooking, Sewing)  Foreign Language  Math/ Language Support

7  Students will come to class prepared.  Students will respect others and their property.  Students will follow directions the first time they are given.  Students will complete all assignments.  Students will accept the consequences of chosen behaviors. *Teachers may have additional specific rules.

8  Verbal Praise  Mini-Society Pay  Positive Note/Call Home  Great self-esteem for doing their best! *Varies by teacher

9  Warning  Mini-Society Fine  Action Plan (BIF, Focus Statement)  Lunch detention  Phone call home  Office Referral  After-school Detention

10  Classwork ◦ Very important to complete- makes up a large percentage of students’ grades.  Homework ◦ May consist of unfinished classwork ◦ Reinforces concepts taught in class ◦ 10% of grade, but still very important, due to pacing!  Kids need to practice!  Math students NEED to show work! *Please note that many teacher do not accept late work!

11  It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to obtain and turn in all absent work.  Teachers all have a system for absent work. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to be aware of this system.

12  Teacher Web/Newsflash  Wednesday Folders (some teachers) ◦ Sign and return  Academic Success Review ◦ Review/sign any behavior notices. ◦ Log on to ESPRI with your student. ◦ Review Grades ◦ Remind student to correct any tests and/or quizzes that the student scored less than 70%.  BIF/Action Plans/Focus Plan ◦ Review appropriate behavior with your student. ◦ Sign and return form.

13 To sign-up for an Aeries account for grade book viewing:  Go to  Click Parents on the left sidebar  Click on Student Information, then Create ESPRI / Parent Account.  Follow the steps to create your account, then print the confirmation page and take it to your student’s school office. At that time, the secretary will confirm your identity and enable your account.  A short video tutorial on accessing and viewing different parts of the grade book is available through the district website. You can find the tutorial by accessing the district website, click on Parents, then click on Student Information, then click on Viewing Assignments.  The direct link is: To sign up for Newsflash on Teacher Web: *Note, not all teachers utilize this function on Teacher Web yet.  Go to your teacher’s web page. (  Click on the Newsflash icon.  Click on “Subscribe to this Newsflash.”  Enter your name.  Choose “Send email to my computer” or “Send email to my mobile device” and enter contact information. (Feel free to sign up for both, but if you only choose one, it is preferable that you choose the computer option, as it will email you a direct link to the newsflash. The mobile device will only receive a text reminding you to check Teacher Web.)  Click “Subscribe.”

14 *Most teachers use some form of this. It is typically sent every other week to help parents and students stay on top of grades and behavior.  We ask that students and parents sit down together to complete this. ◦ Log on to ESPRI- check grades in all subjects ◦ Check for missing assignments. Complete immediately if applicable. Have a conversation about how missing work adversely affects grades. ◦ Check for tests/quizzes with a score of less than 70%. These need to be corrected (according to teacher’s procedures) and returned ASAP. ◦ Check for any behavior notices. Remind student of appropriate behavior, if necessary. ◦ Sign and return sheet to teacher.

15  EMAIL- best way to contact teachers!  Please do not wait until the end of the grading period to ask a question. The teachers are more than willing to help, but it is very difficult to do this at the last minute!

16  Check Teacher Web Daily ◦ Have student show you completed work. (If he or she cannot show you, it has not been done. Students are not allowed to turn in early.)  Check ESPRI weekly, at minimum ◦ AERIES tutorial video ◦ s.swf s.swf  Set up place for student to work at home  Email teacher with questions/concerns

17  Students are expected to fill out PRIDE Planners with daily homework.  School provides first planner, after that students will need to replace.

18  Please minimize absences and tardies. ◦ Absences and tardies adversely affect student performance. ◦ Remember, students are responsible for all absent work

19 Mini society is designed to create a harmonious classroom environment.  There are positive rewards for students who do what is expected of them. ◦ (weekly paydays, individual pay for random acts, bonus pay for whole group and spending the money on items they desire)  This is also designed to create camaraderie between teacher and students; unity fostered by teamwork, pride; develop responsibility; promote self-esteem and have students active in classroom jobs.

20  Teacher is the head of the classroom society.  Each student has the opportunity to apply for various jobs ◦ Each job has specific pay attached to the responsibility.  We will have one form of grade level currency ◦ Denominations of $5, $10 & $20 will be created and distributed.  Students will open their own businesses, during Business Day at the end of each trimester.

21 Fines : Bathroom - $20-1 st trimester $50-2 nd trimester $100 3 rd trimester Drinks - - $20 1 st trimester $50 2 nd trimester $100 3 rd trimester **Wednesday Folder not returned by Friday (typically Friday) NO PAY** Pink slip - $10 Warning - $10 BIF - $20 Bonus Pay - $20 – whole class 100% homework turned in (no pink slips) $20 – no BIF entire class – week $20 – perfect attendance – week *Jobs and pay vary by classroom.

22  Sample Businesses – all need teacher approval Stickers Toys Drawings/raffles Glow in the dark items Bead bracelets Carnival games Rent guitar Buddy pictures Homemade items School supplies Video game time (rated E for everyone)

23 Specific guidelines for businesses… *No more than 3 to a group *No food items *No soda OR water *No candy *No donuts *Permission slip must be signed and returned by parent to participate *Please note that each teacher may have additional guidelines.

24   Student responsibilities:  Complete and turn in all classwork and homework on a daily basis.  Pay attention and ask questions!  Complete and turn in any absent work (all classes).  Correct any tests that he/she scored less than 70%, according to procedures.  Show corrected work/office handouts to parents/guardians.

25 Parent/Guardian responsibilities:  Ask student for graded work/office paperwork weekly.  Check Teacher Web daily to ensure that all work has been completed. (Actually have student show completed work and check off in planner.)  Review Newsflash updates daily  Sign up for ESPRI/check student’s progress  Help student organize work/papers.

26 An example of Math/Science Weekly routines:  HW is due next day, unless otherwise directed.  Math homework is bundled and stapled together with a colored cover sheet and is turned in on Fridays. Even though it is all turned in on Friday, it is checked daily.  Countdown to Mastery is completed daily and turned in on Mondays. This is part of our daily warm-up and reviewed together. *Important to find out specific routines for each teacher. 

27 An example of LA/SS Weekly routines:  HW is due next day, unless otherwise directed.  Reading logs are done weekly  Grammar quizzes are given every Friday  Poetry corners are done weekly  Students will go to the library and check out books with the LA teacher every other week (be sure to return these on time or a library fine will occur) *Important to find out specific routines for each teacher.

28  Grade reports and/or missing work reports are available for viewing via ESPRI.  Grade reports will only be sent home at mid- trimester and end of trimester, from the office. Students and parents are to monitor student’s progress via ESPRI/Aeries Gradebook. Grade reports will only be printed upon request from parent.  *PLEASE attend Back-To-School-Night, as specific information from each teacher will be addressed. This will make your transition MUCH easier!

29  Pencils  Red Pens  Paper  Consumables  Ruler  Pencil Sharpener  Highlighter  Mini-Stapler  Any other teacher-specific materials

30  Summit Website: diate/SchoolHomePage  Etiwanda School District:

31  Teacher Web (varies by teacher-can be accessed from the summit website under faculty)  ESPRI:  Online Text Resources (can be accessed from Summit website, and many teachers have these on their Teacher Web as well)

32  Please fill out and return by second day of school! This is very helpful to office!

33  We look forward to seeing you at Back to School Night on Wednesday August 14 th !  Thank you for coming!

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