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THIS IS With Host... Your 100 200 300 400 500 Reconstruction Amendments& Acts New Southerners Progressive Movement Civil RightsHodge Podge.

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4 With Host... Your

5 100 200 300 400 500 Reconstruction Amendments& Acts New Southerners Progressive Movement Civil RightsHodge Podge

6 This bureau was established To help freed slaves with life Post slavery Reconstruction 100

7 What is the Freedman’s Bureau Reconstruction 100

8 Lincoln had only two requirements for confederate states to reenter the union. What were they? Reconstruction 200

9 1.All southerners had to take an oath of allegiance to the US 2.When 10% of the state had taken the oath they could form a legal government Reconstruction 200

10 Northerners who came to the south after the civil war were known as these. Reconstruction 300

11 What were Carpet baggers Reconstruction 300

12 These were southern republicans Reconstruction 400

13 What is A Scalawag Reconstruction 400

14 These were laws that were passed during reconstruction which were designed to limit the freedom of African Americans Reconstruction 500

15 What were Black Codes Reconstruction 500

16 This amendment gave African American males the right to vote Amendments & Acts 100

17 What is 15th Amendments & Acts 100

18 This act, passed in 1869, returned Georgia to military control for the third time. Amendments & Acts 200

19 What is The Georgia Act Amendments & Acts 200

20 This amendment made slavery illegal. Amendments & Acts 300

21 What is The 13th Amendments & Acts 300

22 Black members of Congress were expelled in 1868 on the grounds that they had been given the right to vote but not the right to do this. Amendments & Acts 400

23 What is The right to hold political office Amendments & Acts 400

24 This amendment granted citizenship to all freed slaves and gave them equal protection under the law. Amendments & Acts 500

25 What was The 14th Amendments & Acts 500

26 Joseph E. Brown, Alfred H. Colquitt, & John B. Gordon made up this ruling body of three New Southerners 100

27 What is The Bourbon Triumvirate New Southerners 100

28 This couple were social activists who helped end the convict-lease system, and bring about prohibition New Southerners 200

29 Who were John & Rebecca Felton New Southerners 200

30 This poet from Macon wrote “The Marshes of Glynn” and is now Georgia’s Poet Laureate New Southerners 300

31 Who was Sidney Lanier New Southerners 300

32 This Georgia born author put stories of African folklore together as told by former slaves New Southerners 400

33 Who was Joel Chandler Harris New Southerners 400

34 This woman, affectionately known as Daisy, founded the Girl Scouts of America in Savannah, Georgia New Southerners 500

35 Who was Juliette Gordon Low New Southerners 500

36 DAILY DOUBLE Place A Wager

37 This amendment, ratified in 1920 gave women the right to vote. Progressive Movement 100

38 What is The 19th Progressive Movement 100

39 These were journalists who wrote about problems with American society during the early 20 th century. (Upton Sinclair was one of these) Progressive Movement 200

40 What is A Muckraker Progressive Movement 200

41 These were organized to gain better working conditions and pay for factory workers. Progressive Movement 300

42 What are Labor Unions Progressive Movements 300

43 This type of ballot is one that is printed by the government Progressive Movement 400

44 What is The Australian Ballot Progressive Movement 400

45 Tom Watson, a Georgian, introduced this bill to congress that allowed the free delivery of mail to rural areas. Progressive Movement 500

46 What is The Rural Free Delivery Bill Progressive Movement 500

47 This landmark court case established separate but equal as legal Civil Rights 100

48 What is Plessy V. Fergueson Civil Rights 100

49 This clause stated that a man was eligible to vote if his grandfather had voted in 1867 Civil Rights 200

50 What is the Grandfather Clause Civil Rights 200

51 This group was formed in 1909 by Oswald Villard that included educated black men who worked for the rights of African Americans Civil Rights 300

52 What is The NAACP Civil Rights 300

53 This manager of a pencil factory was wrongly convicted of murdering a young woman and was later lynched. Civil Rights 400

54 Who was Leo Frank Civil Rights 400

55 This tactic was used to redraw districts to disenfranchise black voters Civil Rights 500

56 What is Gerrymandering Civil Rights 500

57 Hodge Podge 100 This invention has been referred to as “the headache that created a fortune”, it was created in Atlanta.

58 What is the Coca Cola Hodge Podge 100

59 Hodge Podge 200 Alonzo Franklin Herndon was a barber that later purchased this company that is one of the largest black owned company in America.

60 Hodge Podge 200 What is a Atlanta Mutual Insurance Company

61 What is the significance of 11 pm on 11/11/1918. Hodge Podge 300

62 What is The end of WWI Hodge Podge 300

63 Hodge Podge 400 What is the difference between tenant farming and sharecropping

64 Hodge Podge 400 A tenant farmer usually owned their tools, horses, etc. and made more money.

65 Hodge Podge 500 What does suffrage mean?

66 What is the Right to Vote Hodge Podge 500

67 The Final Jeopardy Category is Temperance Movement Please record your wager

68 This 6 foot tall woman was known for entering saloons wielding a hatchet that she used to break bottles of liquor.

69 Who was Carrie Nation

70 Thank You for Playing

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