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BLOOD “The River of Life”.

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1 BLOOD “The River of Life”

2 Components of Blood include
The formed elements - living cells are suspended in the nonliving fluid matrix called plasma.

3 P. 295 in your text.

4 Formed Elements include…
Erythrocytes –RBCs - Transport oxygen and help transport carbon dioxide Leukocytes – WBCs – Defense and immunity Thrombocytes – Platlets – Blood clotting

5 P. 299 in your text.

6 Platlets Activated Platlets

7 Blood Types

8 A and B blood types are both Dominant traits.
A and B genes show co-dominance expression. O is recessive to A and B. RH positive blood types are Dominant to negative. Blood types are multiple allelic trait because it takes multiple genes to produce a blood type.


10 Who can receive ….

11 Agglutination

12 Sickle Cell Anemia The result of a point mutation in the DNA of the affected individual. Caused by a recessive gene.

13 Rh- Mothers with RH+ babies
The mother begins Producing Anit + Antibodies during the 1st Pregnancy and if she becomes pregnant with a 2nd RH+ baby her Antibodies will cross the Placenta and attack the Baby’s blood causing a condition called hemolytic disease of the New born.

14 Hema - WHAT? Hematocrit Hematopoiesis Hemostasis Hemorrhage

15 Blood Composition Questions P. 294 & 295
What percent of whole blood is composed of plasma? What is the function of water in blood? What is the function of electrolytes? List 6 electrolytes. What is the function of albumin? What are the functions of fibrinogen and globulins?

16 List the substances transported by blood.
What % of blood is made of the formed elements? What is hemoglobin? What is hematocrit?

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