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Welcome Parents!! Mrs. Crawford 8 th Grade Literature.

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1 Welcome Parents!! Mrs. Crawford 8 th Grade Literature

2 Class Information 4 Email is the best way to reach me. 4 My Plan is between 1:40-2:30 4 The class website is updated regularly and is available to use as a tool for class. 4 –Homework and Assignments –Handouts/Notes –Link to Crawford’s Classroom Blog

3 Class Information continued… 4 It is the student’s responsibility to obtain make-up or missing assignments when an absence occurs. It is the student’s responsibility to get make up work turned in by handbook policy guidelines. I provide several resources to help them be successful. –Agenda Board –Make-Up hanging files with handouts and assignments –Website –ME!!

4 Class Information Continued…  Late Work Policy: All homework assignments are due the next day unless otherwise specified. If a student does not have his/her assignment at the beginning of class on the day it is due, the assignment will be considered late. o 1 day late = “Grade Earned” minus 20 points o 2 or more days past due date = will receive half credit

5 Class Information Continued… 4 We will read, interpret, and analyze novels, short stories, poetry and a play. In Literature, our main focus is reading analysis and comprehension along with identifying literary elements and figurative language. 4 Variety of methods used to meet individual student needs and challenge all students: Hands- on activities, use of technology (responders), teacher led reading, visual and auditory aid, group work, individual work, tests and quizzes, and projects 4 Our first novel will be The Outsiders.

6 AR Monthly Novels 4 Students must read at least ONE book per month and take an AR test for each book, with the following exceptions: No AR test required for August, December, or May 4 The test score students earn on their AR test will be a test score that is recorded in the grade book for the month. REQUIRED

7 Monthly Novels and AR Goals 4 A student may read as many books and take as many tests per month as he/she wishes given the book is an appropriate reading level. The highest test score will be recorded.  Point goal levels will be set appropriately for each individual student. Goals are for extra credit only and are tallied at the end of each nine weeks. 50 extra credit points possible each nine weeks - OPTIONAL

8 4 Students will have the option of reading a non-AR book.  A student may select a book and have me approve it for his/her book of the month. An assignment will be given in lieu of a test. However the score of the assignment will be the test score recorded in the grade book. See the syllabus for further explanation. CAUTION 4 Monthly novel requirements/tests are due by the last Friday of each month (AR test or individual assignment). TEST GRADE!!!

9 4 Every Friday is “Novel Day”. 4 Students will be allowed to go to the library every Friday to recheck books or checkout a new book. 4 Students will be allowed to take AR tests on the classroom computer or in the library on Novel Days. 4 Students will be allowed to take AR tests on the classroom computer any day after the daily assignment is complete.

10 Pre-AP Only 4 All Pre-AP students are REQUIRED to meet a minimum AR point goal of 25 points per nine weeks. (Test Grade) 4 Each additional 5 points earned will be rewarded 5 bonus points. (max of 50 bonus points p/nine weeks) 4 Example: If a student earns 32 points in a nine week period, the student has met the requirement and will receive 5 bonus points. 4 Any additional point value of 1-4 will not be recognized until the 5 th point is earned. 4 STAR tests will determine the reasonable goal for each student.

11 Pre-AP Only 4 Given the nature of Pre-AP expectations, the student will be required to complete analysis based writing assignments in conjunction with text from class. These writing assignments will be graded for content and structure.

12 THANK YOU FOR COMING!!! FYI-I am leading an EF Tour-June 2013 to Rome, Paris, London. Let me know if you are interested! If you have any questions, please email me. Rome Paris London

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