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Lived in what is not today Southwestern Iran.

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1 Lived in what is not today Southwestern Iran.
People of Persia Lived in what is not today Southwestern Iran.

2 Cyrus the Great Managed to unite the Persians into a powerful kingdom, larger than any yet seen in the world.

3 Land Conquered by Persians
Northern Mesopotamia Asia Minor Syria Canaan Egypt Western India Thra ce

4 Connecting Persia Made mile or roads from Asia Minor to Susa (the Persian Capital)

5 Persian Government Ruler Darius
Divided the empire into 20 provinces called Satrapies. Each province ruled by a SATRAP (protector of the kingdom) SATRAP acted as a tax colector, judge, chief of police, and head recruiter for the Persian Army.

6 Soldiers in Persia Paid to be year round soldiers.
10,000 of them who guarded the king. Called immortals because when a member died, he was immediately replaced.

7 Persian Religion Zoroastrianism Believed in one God (monotheism)
Taught humans had freedom to choose right from wrong.

8 Battle of Marathon 20,000 Persian soldiers landed on the plain of marathon very close to Athens Athenians only had 10,000 soldiers. Athenians stood on the hill looking at the valley of Persians soldiers.

9 Persian Commanders mistake
Boarded the horsemen and Calvary first, the strongest part of the Persian army The Athenian’s attacked when the foot soldiers were in the water waiting to get in the boat. They were easily defeated.

10 Legend of Pheidippides
Runner that raced from Marathon to Athens to announce victory. It was nearly 25 miles. He collapsed and his only word was victory. Marathon races were named after this bc they are just over 26 miles.

11 Xerxes Darius’s son Launched new invasion Sent 180,000 troops
Thousands of war ships

12 King Leonidas and Themistocles
Leonidas (Spartan Leader) Themistocles (Athens Leader) Joined forces Blocked the Persians at Thermopylae Traitor gave a mountain route and Persians attacked from behind. Greeks lost at Thermopylae

13 Greek Fleet of Ships Faster, smaller, easier to steer.
Attacked the persians at the strait of Salamis. Destroyed almost the entire Persian fleet

14 Persians burn Athens Made all Greeks unite
Greeks made the Persians retreat to Asia Minor

15 Fall of the Persian Empire
New Rulers raised taxes Kings spent riches on luxuries for royal court Cause anger and rebellion 6 of the 9 rulers after Darius were murdered. ALEXANDER THE GREAT invaded the empire, and ruled over all the Persian Empire.

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