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Pulleys in Everyday Life

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1 Pulleys in Everyday Life
Let’s look at some places we use pulleys

2 CONSTRUCTION A crane uses a single pulley Uses gears to help
move the crane around

3 MECHANIC Uses pulley to lift heavy items out of cars

4 CAR ENGINE This is a serpentine belt that moves around inside an engine to help a car move; it moves on pulleys

5 LOADING DOCKS Machines similar to cranes help lift and lower large shipping containers onto and off of ships

6 WELL In many places where there is no water, they use a well
Pulley is at the top and used to lift and lower water bucket

7 GYM Weight machines have visible pulleys to help lift and lower the weights Other machines like a treadmill or stationary bike also use pulleys to allow the parts to move

8 CLOTHESLINE Many people choose to hang their laundry to dry instead of using a dryer Pulley system allows them to hang clothes on the line, and pull the rope along to get empty rope or collect the dry clothes

9 TOW TRUCK Uses a pulley on the hitch to lift cars
Also needs gears and a motor to lift

10 CURTAINS Uses pulleys to open and close

11 ROCK CLIMBING Uses pulleys to help lift themselves up steep rock faces

12 WINDOW WASHER Uses pulleys to move up and down the sides of building to wash windows Painters also use these when painting areas out of ladder reach

13 MOVIE PROJECTOR This is an old one, but similar ones are still used in movie theatres Film passes over two large pulleys as light passes through the film to display the images that move together to make a movie

14 DRAWBRIDGES Pulleys used to move cables, working with gears and a motor, to lift a bridge

15 FLAGPOLE Uses pulleys to lift and lower flags

16 ELEVATORS Pulleys used to allows metal cable to move elevator up
and down with the help of a counterweight and a motor

17 SAILS Boats with sails need pulleys to lift the sails and to move them around

18 FISHING Fishermen who fish commercially use large
nets that are brought in using a pulley

19 Pulleys are used in many ways all around us!
Without them, some tasks would be much more difficult or could not happen at all! Pulleys allows lifting, lowering, and some movement to be made easier Pulleys must be strong and not produce too much friction for the cables passing over them Pulleys can be fixed (attached to something) or not Combining pulleys requires less force (more pulleys = less work)

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