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Oklahoma Archery in the Schools Program An extension of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP)

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1 Oklahoma Archery in the Schools Program An extension of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP)

2 Building Skills for Life Archery is a lifelong sport, enjoyed by people from “8 to 80”. Archery can be practiced by students with disabilities on the same field as regular students. Archery is a sport that everyone can achieve a high level of success, not just the most athletic of students.

3 Safety, Safety, Safety Archery is the 2 nd most safe sport practiced in schools, behind ping-pong. The safety procedures are consistent and proven throughout the nation. The range commands are a set of universal whistle blasts. Every student receives safety training, and procedures are rigorously followed.

4 Oklahoma Schools Over 350 schools in Oklahoma currently utilize the Archery in the Schools Program. In the Comanche after school program, there are 20 students in each group, for a total of 60 students, with over 100 students in grades 4-6 th trying out for the team last year. Schools with archery teams utilize an after-school Olympic archery program as sanctioned by the International Archery Federation (FITA). Most schools report that attendance is higher and student self-discipline is greatly improved on archery days.

5 In-school Program Designed for 4th-12th graders, the curriculum covers archery history, safety, techniques, equipment, mental concentration and self- improvement. To compete in an after-school program, each archer must complete a two week, in-school unit on archery. The in-school program can be done during student’s P.E. time. Safety and range procedures, bow terminology, and proper shooting techniques are taught and practiced before students pick up a bow.

6 The Big Question How Much??? The kit to get started is $ This includes 12 bows, 5 dozen arrows, a 30 ft. backstop, 12 armguards, 5 wheeled “FITA” targets, a repair kit, and a bow rack. There are grants available for $ or $ depending on availability. The targets can be completely rebuilt for $ The program can be sustained completely through fundraising. Maintenance and repair of equipment can be done by students, Mr. Malcom, and supportive parents.

7 The Payoffs This program will reach students who may not otherwise participate in any other extra- curricular program, or those who only play one sport/ activity. By participating in OASP, Empire is guaranteed a Fishing in the Schools and a Bowhunting in the Schools kit as well as the program materials, valued at over $ Archery tournaments are another way to get Empire supporters involved with the school.

8 Testimonials “The OAIS program allows our special needs students to participate on an even playing field with their peers.” - Carla Buck, Physical Education Teacher, Mustang Public Schools “Teaching Archery to Elementary & Middle School students has added diversity and excitement to P.E. class! It has brought our students, parents, teachers & community together & the excitement is contagious! ” - Misti Mitchell-Bain, Comanche Public School Physical Education Director/Teacher “While teaching the OAIS course curriculum I noticed that student attendance was near 100 percent and the students’ self discipline was greatly improved.” -Colby Cagle, Teacher, Bethel Public Schools

9 More Information

10 Survey of NASP Participants Survey Participation 1,734 respondents with 1,236 completing the survey 54% female respondents 39 states and 1 province responded Students Continue to Report “Liking NASP®” 89% of NASP® Students like the program (94% in 2004 and 80% in 2009) They like NASP because of “Access for All” and Socializing with Friends 56% report buying archery equipment after NASP® 44% have School Archery Clubs 75% Have Not visited their local Archery Club 97% Who visit their local club say they WILL return 40% compete in tournaments After NASP® 95% shoot for fun 60% shoot often or very often 67% say they will continue to shoot archery after school lives 16% don’t know if they will continue shooting Hunting and Licenses -- First National Info about this subject 18% say they buy hunting licenses 73% because family and friends hunt 27% say they buy because of NASP® 45% have greater interest in archery after NASP® 41% talk more about hunting with friends and family 54% have greater interest in other shooting sports after NASP®

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