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1 Passport to Your Future Parent Informational Session.

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1 1 Passport to Your Future Parent Informational Session

2 2 Updates for 2013-14 Resources Admission criteria Types of high schools Online application procedures Selective enrollment International baccalaureate (including MYP for all) Magnet programs Charter/contract schools College/career academies Catholic/private schools Financial aid options Skills for success Ms. Khorana’s contact information

3 3 You did receive a eligibility report this fall containing: 7 th grade final grades 7 th grade ISAT stanines and percentiles A list of schools and programs to which your student is eligible to apply Directions and a pin # for the online application system

4 Beginning September 23 rd, you can now schedule the selective enrollment exam, IB information sessions and magnet auditions using the online application site. If you schedule your selective enrollment exam for October or November, you will receive your results prior to the application deadline (within 3 weeks of test date). Application due date is December 13, 2013 Notification letters will be mailed February 21, 2014 CPS high school online searchable guide: Open house dates:>Show calendar (lower right side of home page under events) 4

5 5 Office of Access and Enrollment 773-553-2060 Choose Your Future Mrs. Khorana’s webpage Also available from the Bell website. Click on “Counselor Resources”

6 6 Grades in core curricular subjects (7 th grade) Reading Math Science Social studies ISAT (7 th grade) Reading and math stanines and percentiles Attendance and behavior (does not apply to selective enrollment, magnet, military, CTE, or IB)

7 Go to Pin number will be included in eligibility letter Once receive pin number, you are able to complete applications online You can also schedule your selective enrollment exam, IB information sessions and magnet auditions You will only see scheduling dates if your child is eligible to test or attend IB information session Print your confirmation for your records Deadline to schedule on-line varies by program. You Tube video to demonstrate process at>hs info>video presentation 7

8 If your student’s application requires a supporting document, you may still apply online. Send support document to OAE, 125 S. Clark, 10 th Floor, Chicago, IL 60603 OR Provide to Mrs. Khorana for sending via district mail Supporting documents include: Out of district 7 th grade transcripts Out of district standardized test scores. After system is updated, the student will be eligible for programs. 8

9 9 Selective Enrollment is decided based on a point scale system. You can score up to 900 pts. 300 points for 7 th grade final grades 300 points for 7 th grade ISAT scores 300 points for selective enrollment exam Need a stanine score equal to or higher than 5 on both Reading and Math ISAT to apply Note: for special education students or English Language Learners (ELL), combined Reading and Math stanine must equal 10

10 10 Grades Points calculated for reading, math, science, and social studies. A=75, B=50, C=25 for a maximum of 300 pts. Test Scores based on your percentile rankings from the reading comprehension and total math sections of your 7 th grade ISAT tests for a maximum of 300 pts. Selective Enrollment Test 300 points possible Point calculator pe=d&termREC_ID=&pREC_ID=200840 OR pe=d&termREC_ID=&pREC_ID=200840>selective enrollment high schools>Point Calculation Tool

11 11 Selective Enrollment High Schools Military Academies Brooks Jones King Lane Tech Lindblom North Side Payton South Shore Westinghouse Whitney Young Chicago Military Carver Military Phoenix Military Carver Military Rickover Naval Air Force

12 12 First Round Two ranking lists generated based on students’ point totals– pure rank order and tier plus rank order. First 30% of seats at each school given to top ranked students on pure rank order list Remaining 70% of seats at each school given to top ranking students at each of the four tiers (split evenly) Acceptance at only one school Tier map available at>news>What is a tier?>Determine your tier. Must use primary address to apply.

13 13 SchoolStudents Accepted Avg. Score – Rank Only Avg. Score Tier 1 Avg. Score Tier 2 Avg. Score Tier 3 Avg. Score Tier 4 Brooks327821.07709.90738.82767.25750.65 Jones370887.81786.23830.97855.48871.67 Lane1100869.22754.56799.02826.49841.77 Payton221899.27841.51871.36886.31895.32 Westinghouse520802.19718.60744.52743.48733.85 King433748.61675.31675.50678.70673.51 Northside260899.15834.48865.70888.69894.40 Young360892.73833.16859.37872.17881.87 Lindblom350798.84694.37737.87733.48716.30

14 14 If you did not get accepted into a Selective Enrollment school, there is the Principal Discretion process. (only up to an additional 5% of students chosen) Numbers differ every year. Freshman Class of 2013-2014 Seats Awarded Coming Soon!! Freshman Class of 2012-13 Seats Awarded SchoolSeats Brooks10 Jones10 Lane60 Northside14 SchoolSeats Lindblom11 Westinghouse6 Payton13 Young26 King11

15 15  Application same as the selective enrollment (refer to slide 11 for school names)  Requirements: ◦ Combined stanine in Reading and Math 10 or above ◦ Must attend one information session (in lieu of interview from previous years). At this session, students will be asked to:  Fill out a motivation and perseverance questionnaire  Answer two essay questions  Sign a statement of commitment

16 16 International baccalaureate (IB) One application for all IB schools. Apply up to 6 schools. Must attend an information session for each school in which you are interested. Each school sets its own cut score to determine eligibility for its information session. For example, Lincoln Park is 840 and Amundsen is 500. 2.5 minimum GPA requirement Must have a stanine of 5 in Reading and 5 in Math (total of 10 for students with IEP’s and 504’s) Point totals available when you schedule online or using the IB rubric available at

17 17 IB Point System 900 points possible 450 points possible for 7 th grade ISAT percentiles in Reading Comprehension and Math 450 points possible for 7 th grade grades 50 additional points available for living in the attendance are of the school to which you apply. Points awarded after attending the information session. Top scoring students are granted admission May receive multiple offers.

18 Amundsen Back of the Yards* Bogan* Bronzeville Academy* Clemente* Curie Farragut* Hubbard Hyde Park* Juarez Kelly Kennedy* Lincoln Park* Morgan Park Ogden International* Prosser Schurz* Senn* South Shore Intntl Steinmetz Taft* Washington *Indicates MYP for all for neighborhood students 18

19 19 Magnet schools and programs Examples – STEM, science, fine arts, etc. One application – can apply up to eight programs No Magnet Testing Individual requirements for admission Can apply online For most magnet programs, students are selected through computerized lottery IF they meet requirements for the program. There IS sibling preference. Two exceptions Senn Arts – audition and/or portfolio Von Steuben Scholars – grades, test scores (7 stanine in reading, math and science), essay, and teacher recommendations.

20 City-wide Magnet High Schools and Programs RTC Medical Preparatory High School (new) Disney II Magnet High School (new) Fine arts and technology Chicago High School for the Agricultural Sciences Clark STEM Magnet HS Curie Metropolitan Fine and performing arts Senn Fine and performing arts program 20

21 Harlan Pre-Engineering Program Von Steuben Scholars – special requirements, visit Science Special Programs that are not Magnets Lincoln Park – Double honors and fine and performing arts (separate paper app),

22 22 Examples Noble Street Charters ChiArts CICS Northtown Admissions ◦ Must obtain applications through school website OR from the school’s admissions office ◦ Each school has a separate deadline ◦ Many choose students through a lottery system  For information on Charter Schools visit

23 23 Special academies located in neighborhood high schools focusing on specific skills. Separate college/career academy application Agricultural EducationDigital Media Architectural DesignEducation – Early Childhood Automotive TechnologyEducation – Teaching Broadcast TechnologyHealth – Allied Health Business ConstructionHealth – Medical Asst. CosmetologyHealth – Medical Careers Culinary and HospitalityInformation Technology DesignIT – Cisco Networking Law and Public SafetyIT – Database Programming LogisticsPre-engineering

24 24 Austin Business & Entrepreneurship Austin Polytechnical Crane Curie Dunbar Fenger Harlan Harper Juarez Julian Manley Marshall Mather Richards Roosevelt Schurz South Shore Sullivan Wells

25 25 Applications specific to each school For more info, see: Entrance Exam: Arrive on time with $25, pencil and calculator Can only test at one school The school you test at is the only school to which you can apply for academic financial aide Important to shadow ahead of time to find out which one is your top choice. Contact schools of interest directly

26 26 Area independent schools: Francis Parker Latin Lab School Illinois Math & Science Academy (starts in 10 th grade) Each school has own application process Must take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). For more info, see: Register online & pay fee Can test at any location

27 27 Daniel Murphy Scholarship Low income/minority LINK Unlimited African American Only High Sight Low income High Jump http://www.highjumpchicago. org/index.html http://www.highjumpchicago. org/index.html Low income

28 28 Organization Time Management Active Listening Note Taking Studying Test Taking

29 29 GRADES TEST TAKING Complete all work, classwork, homework, and projects ON TIME and AS REQUESTED Participate Do your personal best Communicate with your teachers Practice test taking skills Use flash cards/other study tricks Take practice tests Relax Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night Eat breakfast every day

30 30 Mrs. Elizabeth Khorana 773-534-5152 Mrs. Stacey Daley 773-534-5152

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