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World War II.

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1 World War II

2 LEADERS Germany – Hitler Italy – Mussolini Japan – Tojo
England – Winston Churchill (Prime Minister) Russia – Stalin U.S.A. – F.D.R.

3 A new type of warfare Blitzkrieg Lightning War Paratroopers
Carpet bombing


5 New weapons Panzer Tanks

6 New Weapons Sherman tank Tiger Tank

7 New Weapons Aircraft Carriers Bombers



10 New Weapons Bazooka Panzerfaust

11 Arms Race Jet Engine Missiles Atomic bomb

12 Back to the War Germany invades Denmark and Norway
Germany invades France France falls in 12 days Germany now tries to capture England.

13 Battle of Britain What makes England different then all of the other European countries? England is an Island Germany has to first gain air superiority over England

14 Battle of Britain England is bombed for 60 days straight.
First battle fought only using planes England is able to hang on because of: RADAR (new) Signal system

15 America What is America doing? Remaining neutral BUT Lend/Lease Act
Also America's Navy is protecting transatlantic shipments of supplies.

16 Back to Japan - 1940 Japan attacks Indochina
United States begins a steel and oil embargo This forces Japan to take over even more areas in the Pacific in order to get metal resources.

17 Russia 1940 - 1941 Germany surprise attacks Russia Germany
makes it almost to Moscow

18 October 1941 Japan capture Indochina
America stops supplying oil to China America provided China with 80% of their oil. Japan now has no oil, no metal and stuck in a war with China and Russia.

19 December 7, 1941 7:55 am Japan launches surprise attack on Pearl Harbor Two waves of attacks



22 Pearl Harbor 9 Ships sunk 21 ships severely damaged 2,350 dead
1,178 injured U.S.S. Arizona!

23 U.S.S. Arizona


25 Conspiracy Theory The entire Japanese naval fleet was out to sea
Japanese claim they sent a message to the White House warning of the Attack (President claims no knowledge of message) Submarine spotted and sunk outside of Pearl Harbor – Why no alert.

26 Conspiracy Theory Where was the U.S.S. Hornet?
How come the majority of U.S. troops were on shore leave? Wait there is more…

27 Conspiracy Theory America could break Japanese coded messages.
Japanese message not decoded and sent to Pearl Harbor till 10:00 am.

28 Dec. 8, 1941 “ A date Which will live in infamy”
“The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian Islands has caused severe damage to American naval and military forces. I regret to tell you that very many American lives have been lost. In addition American ships have been reported torpedoed on the high seas between San Francisco and Honolulu. Yesterday the Japanese Government also launched an attack against Malaya. Last night Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong. Last night Japanese forces attacked Guam. Last night Japanese forces attacked the Philippine Islands. Last night the Japanese attacked Wake Island. And this morning the Japanese attacked Midway Island.”

29 JAPAN Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
“Should hostilities once break out between Japan and the United States, it is not enough that we take Guam and the Philippines, nor even Hawaii and San Francisco. To make victory certain, we would have to march into Washington and dictate the terms of peace in the White House. I wonder if our politicians.. [who speak so lightly of a Japanese-American war].. have confidence as to the final outcome and are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices.”

30 Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." What he really said was: “A military man can scarcely pride himself on having 'smitten a sleeping enemy'; it is more a matter of shame, simply, for the one smitten. I would rather you made your appraisal after seeing what the enemy does, since it is certain that, angered and outraged, he will soon launch a determined counterattack."

31 Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
"Gentlemen, we have just kicked a rabid dog." "I can run wild for six months … after that, I have no expectation of success.” Ask me a question about this quote… NOW!!

32 America Responds Congress declares war on Japan and all its allies.
Doolittle Raid

33 Battle of Coral Sea May 8, 1942 America losses one aircraft carrier
Japanese victory, but American tactical victory First battle fought only with planes.

34 Battle of Midway Islands
June 4, 1942 4 Japanese Aircraft carriers vs. 3 American aircraft Carriers American Carriers Hornet, Enterprise, and Yorktown

35 Battle of Midway

36 Battle of Midway America Wins
Sink or heavily damage all 4 Japanese Aircraft carriers America only losses 1 Aircraft carrier – U.S.S. Yorktown Turning point of the war in the Pacific

37 American Generals Omar Bradley George S. Patton George Marshall

38 Dwight D. Eisenhower* Douglass MacArthur


40 Operation Overlord

41 Operation Overlord All out attack on the beaches of Normandy, France.
Attack carried out by joint U.S., Canadian and British forces. Attack to be carried out on 5 different beaches along the coast. SWORD, GOLD, JUNO, UTAH and OMAHA

42 Operation Overlord The Allies had to break the “Atlantic Wall”
Germany built a wall up and down the Atlantic coast.

43 Operation Overlord The “Atlantic Wall” consisted of:
Defenses on the beach Barbed wire Massive gun towers Steep slopes

44 Operation Overlord D-Day = Day of Attack June 6, 1944

45 D-DAY America Attacks Omaha and Utah. Omaha BIG MESS NO tanks
NO trenches NO Airborne assault team

46 D-DAY 5,000 American soldiers are killed on Omaha beach.
Most of these soldiers were killed within the first 2 hours of battle. The plan works and Germany takes its first major loss. Turning point of the war!

47 Battle of the Bulge Germany counter attacks
It takes the allied forces 6 weeks to repulse the attack. Now the Allies and the Soviets are closing in on Germany from both sides

48 Island Hopping America has to go Island to Island, clearing out Japanese forces. This process took a long time - Why? Japanese soldiers would not surrender.

49 Island Hopping America takes back: Saipan Philippines Guam
Solomon Island Iwo Jima Okinawa


51 Back to Germany Russia and America are in a race to see who can get to Berlin, Germany first. Yalta conference FDR is re-elected (4th time) and then dies on April 12,1945.

52 End of Germany Hitler kills himself on April 30th.
Germany surrenders on May 7th. Day known as V-E Day.

53 The atomic bomb Problems with Island hopping: Takes to long
Too many soldiers are killed. America is running out of money to keep fighting the war The Manhattan project Secret program to create the first Atomic bomb FDR died, Harry s. Truman becomes president.

54 Two bombs created Little boy Fat man

55 A-Bomb America warns Japan to surrender or else a new weapon of massive power will be used. Japan does not surrender.

56 Hiroshima On August 6, 1945 The B-29 bomber, called the Enola Gay, drops the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. 70,000 people killed Total killed by bomb 140,000

57 Hiroshima

58 Aftermath Japan does except terms of surrender still.
Second bomb dropped two days later on Nagasaki.

59 Nagasaki August, 9, 1945 40,000 killed 75,000 total killed

60 Nagasaki

61 Japan surrenders August 15,1945 Japan surrenders. The war is over.
Sept 2, 1945 – formal surrender held on the U.S.S. Missouri. Known as V-J Day.

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