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8th Grade Orientation Night Hello From PBL High School!

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1 8th Grade Orientation Night Hello From PBL High School!

2 Link Crew Freshman Advisory Focus on: –Develop a sense of belonging within the school –Academic progress –Attendance –Making positive choices –Planning their future

3 Extra Curricular Activities Band, Flags, Jazz Band Chorus, Show Choir, Madrigals FBLA FFA FCCLA Math Team Speech Team NHS Student Council Visions FCA Community Service Club Scholastic Bowl

4 Sports Boys –Baseball –Basketball –Cheerleading –Cross Country –Football –Golf –Sports Mgmt. –Track –Wrestling Girls –Basketball –Cheerleading –Cross Country –Golf –Softball –Sports Mgmt. –Track –Volleyball –Wrestling

5 Sports Eligibility You must be passing 5 academic classes to be eligible to play –This is checked weekly To play a sport in the next semester you must have passed 5 academic classes from the previous semester per the IHSA requirement –This continues throughout high school

6 Promotion to the Next Grade No one looks at your grades at the end of the year and decides whether you will be promoted or “held back” You gain sophomore, junior, and senior status by passing classes and earning credits

7 How You Earn Credits Passing the semester is ½ credit Exceptions: –Drivers Ed, Library Intern, and Flags are ¼ credit per semester Remember you must have a passing grade at the end of the semester to earn any credit in a class

8 Earning Credits 5 credits to be a sophomore 10 credits to be a junior 15 credits to be a senior 22 credits to graduate

9 Graduation Requirements English4 units Math3 units (must include Alg & Geom) Science2 units Government½ unit U.S. History1 unit Other Social Studies½ unit Health½ unit Drivers Ed¼ unit Consumer Ed½ unit PEAs required Fine Arts, Career Tech., or Foreign Language 1 unit 22 CREDITS REQUIRED TO GRADUATE

10 Minimum Entrance Requirements for 4-year Colleges 4 years of English 3 years of Math 3 years of Science 3 years of Social Studies 2 years of Fine Arts or Foreign Language

11 Entrance Requirements to 2-year Colleges Core academic classes recommended It is highly recommended that students still take as many of the required courses for a 4-year college as possible A student who attends Parkland and wishes to transfer to a 4-year college will have to eventually have the courses needed for a 4-year school or their equivalent, either in high school or at the 2-year institution

12 Required Courses & Guidelines English Pre-AP 102 –B or better in 8 th grade English English 101

13 Required Courses & Guidelines Formal Geometry –A or B in Algebra & 85 th percentile on math achievement test Algebra I

14 Required Courses & Guidelines Math Paths –Formal Geometry / Algebra II / PreCalculus –Algebra I / Geometry / Algebra II

15 Required Courses & Guidelines Biology or Physical Science –Biology (A in 8 th grade Science & 80 th percentile on achievement test or “Exceeds” on the 7 th grade ISAT) Health/Physical Education 3 electives –Spanish (C or better in English)

16 Electives Spanish I World History Intro. To Family & Consumer Science Intro. To Business Keyboarding/ Computers Driver’s Ed (if eligible) Tech. Concepts I (shop)* Tech. Concepts II (shop)* Intro. To Agriculture Band Flags* Chorus Visions *Semester course

17 Course Load A normal load is 5 or 6 classes plus PE Research course options –If requests are fulfilled, you may not change your schedule –You may NOT drop a class just because you don’t like it or are failing it –You’re stuck! So remember to choose carefully You may have only 1 study hall

18 Driver’s Ed Eligibility Pass 8 classes over the previous two semesters –Freshman year, we will have to look at 8 th grade grades –Sophomore year, we will have to look at all your freshman grades Your birth date will determine when you can take driver’s ed

19 All courses and short course descriptions can be found at: Scroll down to “High School” on the left and go to “Guidance” link and then “Course Handbook"

20 Making High School Count

21 GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Pat BurnsMrs. Kristin OyerGuidance Counselor 379-4331

22 Administrators Trent Eshleman Principal Jeff Graham Assistant Principal


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