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Protein Biosynthesis Transcription and Translation.

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1 Protein Biosynthesis Transcription and Translation

2 How does DNA create? Blue eyes Big ears Hair color Personality Abilities

3 Protein Biosynthesis: Bio = life, Synthesis = making Proteins are built using a genetic “blueprint”- DNA!!!! All living things make proteins

4 Protein Synthesis Two Major Steps: 1) transcription 2) translation. Happens with the help of RNA

5 DNA mRNA tRNA protein (in nucleus) (in ribosome) “Blueprint” Trait 1.Transcription: DNA- mRNA 2.Translation: mRNA- tRNA-protein Transcription/Translation

6 DNA RNA Double stranded Has G,C, T and A Found only in the nucleus *Single stranded *Has G, C, U and A *Travels around cell New “Rule”: G=C, A=U (T)

7 You try… DNA- G C T A T C G A T mRNA- tRNA _____________________________________ DNA-T A T G T A C G T mRNA- tRNA C G A U A G C U A A U A C A U G C A G C U A U C G A U U A U G U A C G U

8 Vocabulary to know! 1. DNA 2. Nucleus 3. mRNA 4. Transcription 5. Translation 6. tRNA 7. Ribosome


10 Animation Transcription and Translation

11 Label the cell with the following parts and where the processes happed. NucleusTranscriptionDNAtRNA RibosomeTranslationmRNA Write a paragraph for transcription and one for translation: Include the following- where it happens, what is happening, and why it is happening.

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