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Unit 4. DEF= (adj., part.) associated, connected SYN = attached, related, joined ANT = dissociated, unconnected Members of a family are all AFFILIATED.

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1 Unit 4

2 DEF= (adj., part.) associated, connected SYN = attached, related, joined ANT = dissociated, unconnected Members of a family are all AFFILIATED with one another.

3 DEF = (v.) to find out SYN = discover, determine, establish WORD CONNECTION: To make sure you’re CERTAIN about something, is to ASCERTAIN. When you need to ASCERTAIN information, you can “Google” the topic.

4 DEF = (n.) an accomplishment, the act of achieving SYN = achievement, fulfillment ANT = failure, defeat, frustration WORD CONNECTION: OBTAIN = to get ATTAIN = to achieve Michael Phelps achieved the ATTAINMENT of a lifetime when he won 8 gold medals during the 2008 Olympics.

5 DEF = (v.) to give or pass on as an inheritance SYN = transmit, bestow, hand down WORD CONNECTION: People beQUeath their antiQUes. This antique diamond ring has been BEQUEATHED from generation to generation.

6 DEF = (adj.) forceful, convincing; relevant, to the point SYN = persuasive, compelling ANT = weak, unconvincing, ineffective, irrelevant WORD CONNECTION: COgent = COnvincing Pepsi tries to create COGENT advertisements in order to convince people to buy their products. 12345

7 DEF = (v.) to move toward one point, approach nearer together SYN = meet, unite, intersect, merge ANT = diverge, separate These football players are about to CONVERGE into a tackle because they’re both running toward the ball!

8 DEF = (v.) to scatter, spread far and wide SYN = break up, dispel ANT = collect, congregate, assemble, muster In this science experiment, scientists shot plastic “rockets” into the air to see how far and wide they would DISPERSE.

9 DEF = (v.) to regard highly; (n.) a highly favorable opinion or judgment SYN = (v.) respect, honor, admire, revere ANT = (v.) disdain, scorn; (n.) contempt WORD CONNECTION: Think of SELF-ESTEEM. If you have high self-ESTEEM, you like yourself and respect yourself.

10 DEF = (v.) to erase, obliterate, destroy SYN = delete, efface, annihilate ANT = insert, mark, imprint, impress Rhyme CONNECTION: EXPUNGE with a SPONGE Think about wiping a mess away with a sponge.

11 DEF = (adj.) having limits; lasting only for a limited time SYN = bounded, measurable ANT = unlimited, immeasurable, everlasting, eternal WORD CONNECTION: FINITE = FINAL There’s a FINAL end to something FINITE. THE END A movie is FINITE. It only lasts for a limited time.

12 Completing the Sentences: 1. Once the juvenile delinquent turns 18, the courts will ______ his record and wipe away any trace of his past crimes. 2. When the public discovered that the charity was corrupt, all corporations that were once _____ with the charity dropped their sponsorships. 3. The school does not have unlimited resources; every club and team has a ____ budget for each school year.

13 Antonyms: 1. Through compromise, hopefully Democrats and Republicans can begin separating toward a unified policy for national security. 2. As he stood on the graduation platform holding his diploma, the proud sense of failure was overwhelming. 3. After weeks of thorough research and late-night study sessions, Susan gave an unconvincing argument and won the debate.

14 Synonyms: 1. In the game Clue, each player must be very analytical to try and determine who the “bad guy” is. 2. After the fireworks the group of spectators broke up and headed home, which caused a terrible traffic jam. 3. Although my mother and father are not perfect, I respect them for all they do to help my siblings and I.

15 DEF = (adj.) not able to be wounded or hurt; shielded against attack SYN = impregnable, impervious, immune ANT = exposed, unprotected, defenseless WORD CONNECTION: INvulnerable = NOT VULNERABLE

16 DEF = (adj.) spiteful, showing ill will SYN = malicious, wicked, sinister, malignant ANT = kind, benevolent, compassionate Her name is Maleficence – I wonder why?!?! In The Wizard of Oz, the wicked witch of the west is MALEVOLENT toward Dorothy.

17 DEF = (adj.) cool and confident, unconcerned SYN = composed, unruffled, indifferent, blasé ANT= perturbed, agitated, disconcerted, abashed A NONCHALANT person always seems Cool, Calm, and Collected.

18 DEF = (adj.) knowing everything; having unlimited awareness or understanding SYN = wise, all-knowing ANT = ignorant, unknowing Prefix CONNECTION: OMNI = ALL In LOTR the OMNSCIENT eye of Sauron was able to see everything that was happening.

19 DEF = (n.) a remedy for all-ills; cure-all; an answer to all problems SYN = universal cure, easy solution Staples wants you to think that their store is a PANACEA for all your “office supply problems”.

20 DEF = (adj.) exact, careful, attending thoroughly to details; having high moral standards, principled SYN = painstaking, meticulous, conscientious ANT = careless, negligent, remiss, dishonest Mother Teresa was such a kind and scrupulous person that she devoted her life to helping others.

21 DEF = (v.) to move about stealthily; to lie in hiding SYN = lurk, slink, prowl Sound –alike CONNECTION: SKUNKS often SKULK (HIDE) under porches. This fish is SKULKING under the sand at the bottom of the ocean so he can sneak up on his prey.

22 DEF = (adj.) proud and contemptuous; showing scorn because of a feeling of superiority SYN = snobbish, patronizing, overbearing ANT = humble, meek, deferential, servile WORD CONNECTION: SUPERcilious people think they are more SUPER than everyone else. In the movie Mean Girls, the “plastics” were SUPERCILIOUS because they thought they were better than everyone else.

23 DEF = (adj.) strange, mysterious, weird, beyond explanation SYN = eerie, inexplicable, spooky Legends say that on All Hallows Eve many UNCANNY events can occur!

24 DEF = (adj.) easily excused, pardonable SYN = excusable, forgivable ANT = inexcusable, unforgivable, unpardonable If you commit a VENIAL crime, it might be easy to get off easy with community service instead of jail time.

25 Completing the Sentences: 1. Unfortunately, there is no ____ for wiping away credit card debt. You just have to buckle down and stop spending! 2. Everyone knows Madame Zula’s “crystal ball” is a scam; she isn’t really ___________. 3. After watching a horror movie, it is easy to starting imagining scary monsters _____ in every dark corner. 4. After spending the night in the haunted Marshall House, the ghost hunters brought back video footage of ghostly activity that was ____________. 5. On summer vacation, many typically stressed out students have a different, more ___________________ attitude.

26 Completing the Sentences: 1. Although the flu shot might help prevent illness, it does not make you _____. 2. Even though I think getting a speeding ticket is a rather _______offense, my parents were VERY angry about it. 3. When Evan gave the $10 of extra change back to the cashier instead of keeping it, he showed his _______character. 4. The opposing team’s dirty moves and fouling was truly _______; our players were getting hurt! 5. George’s boss had a ______attitude that clearly showed he thought he was better than everyone else.

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