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Unit 12 Vocabulary Level E. abjure DEF = (v.) to renounce, repudiate under oath; to avoid, to shun SYN = forswear, retract, recant, abstain from ANT =

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1 Unit 12 Vocabulary Level E

2 abjure DEF = (v.) to renounce, repudiate under oath; to avoid, to shun SYN = forswear, retract, recant, abstain from ANT = affirm, avow, aver, profess If you tell someone to, “Talk to the hand!” you’re telling him to, “Go away!” You are ABJURING him.

3 acrid DEF = (adj.) harsh in taste or color; sharp in manner or temper SYN = irritating, stinging, bitter, caustic ANT = gentle, soothing, mild Word Connection: Think = “It can be hard to get RID of an acRID smell.” The scent of a skunk can be very ACRID. Rotten fish can have an ACRID smell.

4 august DEF = (adj.) majestic, inspiring admiration and respect SYN = stately, dignified, exalted, venerable ANT = humble, base, mean, lowly, abject The lion is the AUGUST and NOBLE “King of the Jungle” Caesar Augustus was an AUGUST and ADMIRABLE Roman Emperor. The Bald Eagle is so AUGUST that it was chosen to represent our DIGNIFIED country.

5 callous DEF = (adj.) emotionally hardened; unfeeling SYN = insensitive, unsympathetic, thick-skinned ANT = sensitive, compassionate, tenderhearted A person can get CALLOUSES in his hand from doing hard work. A CALLOUS is THICK, HARD SKIN that LOSES FEELING. This emoticon is CALLOUS because it does not feel anything.

6 clandestine DEF = (adj.) secret, concealed; underhanded SYN = covert, furtive, surreptitious, stealthy ANT = open, overt, undisguised, aboveboard A SECRET agent goes on CLANDESTINE operations to SECRET DESTINations. Ninjas are well known for their STEALTHY abilities to complete CLANDESTINE operations.

7 compunction DEF = (n.) remorse, regret SYN = scruple, qualm, misgiving, contrition ANT = shamelessness, insouciance, nonchalance Even when breaking a vase is an accident, you could still feel COMPUNCTION if it was your fault.

8 conflagration DEF = (n.) a large destructive fire SYN = holocaust, wildfire ANT = deluge, flood Word Connection: Think = conFLAgration and FLAme Forest CONFLAGRATIONS are very destructive.

9 elated DEF = (adj., part.) in high spirits, jubilant; extremely pleased SYN = overjoyed, ecstatic, tickled pink ANT = depressed, crestfallen, despondent, blue Word Connection: Think = INFLATED A balloon inflated with helium Floats high up to the ceiling. ELATED = high spirits/happy

10 indelible DEF = (adj.) not able to be erased or removed; memorable SYN = lasting, permanent, unforgettable ANT = erasable, impermanent, ephemeral A Sharpie is a PERMANENT, INDELIBLE marker. The Lincoln Memorial is a monument that was created because Lincoln had an INDELIBLE, LASTING impact on the United States of America.

11 indulgent DEF = (adj.) yielding to the wishes or demands of others SYN = lenient, permissive, tolerant, liberal ANT = strict, severe, inflexible, hard-nosed INDULGENT parents give their children whatever they want - even if it’s not good for them. Some INDULGENT people will “bend over backwards” to do anything they can for other people.

12 compunctionelatedabjure clandestineacridindulgent 1. People caught in house fires face two dangers: being burnt by flames and inhaling the ______ smoke. 2. I was so _______ after winning 1 st place in the 100 meter dash that I couldn’t stop smiling all the way home. 3. As part of the divorce settlement, either Pamela or Steven will have to ______ their claim on their home. 4. Because it was clear that the murderer had planned his crime, the jury had no ______ about sentencing him to death. 5. The ______ world of the CIA and FBI has more secrets than any ordinary citizens could ever guess!

13 indelibleindulgentconflagration callousaugustcompunction 1. The funeral procession honoring the police officer who had been killed in the line of duty was a noble and _____ affair. 2. The first book of poems I ever read, A Light in the Attic, made a(n) _______ impression on me. When I grew up, I became a poet! 3. When parents are too ______, their children grow up believing that everyone in the world will give in to their wishes. 4. I’ve never understood how someone could be so _____ that they could watch a person get bullied and do nothing to help him. 5. Firefighters battled day and night to put out the _______ that destroyed thousands of acres of the forest preserve.

14 inveterate DEF = (adj.) firmly established, long-standing; habitual SYN = persisting, chronic, dyed-in-the-wool ANT = sporadic, intermittent, occasional Word Connection: An old WWII VETERAN is an inVETERate member of the army. The American flag is an INVETERATE symbol of our LONG-STANDING country.

15 irrelevant DEF = (adj.) not to the point, not applicable or pertinent SYN = inapplicable, immaterial, beside the point ANT = pertinent, material, apropos, germane Word Connection: IRRegular = IRRelevant One of these things doesn’t belong here…the chicken!! All of these arrows are NOT TO THE POINT.

16 nocturnal DEF = (adj.) of or occurring in the night; under cover of darkness SYN = nighttime ANT = daytime, diurnal Owls are NOCTURNAL. They hunt and eat at NIGHT. Vampires are supposedly only able to go out at NIGHT. They are NOCTURNAL monsters.

17 platitude DEF = (n.) a commonplace, stale, or trite remark SYN = cliché, truism, bromide ANT = epigram, quip, witticism, bon mot Hallmark cards are full of common PLATITUDES such as “I’m sorry for your loss” and “Happy Birthday!”. Fortune cookies always contain PLATITUDES that could apply to anyone.

18 quell DEF = (v.) to subdue, put down forcibly SYN = suppress, pacify, squelch, quash, crush ANT = incite, provoke, arouse Steven Segal is QUELLING his enemy.

19 quiescent DEF = (adj.) inactive; at rest SYN = still, inert, motionless, dormant, tranquil ANT = active, thriving, lively, bustling, volatile Word Connection: QUIET = QUIEscent

20 ruminate DEF = (v.) to meditate, think about at length; to chew the cud SYN = ponder, reflect, mull over, muse

21 tacit DEF = (adj.) unspoken, silent; implied, inferred SYN = unexpressed, unvoiced, understood ANT = explicit, express, specific Mimes convey all their TACIT messages through movement and facial expressions. They NEVER SPEAK.

22 tangible DEF = (adj.) capable of being touched; real, concrete SYN = perceptible, actual, evident, palpable ANT = immaterial, imperceptible, insubstantial When CONCRETE hardens, you can stand on it. It is TANGIBLE. This apple is TANGIBLE. It is capable of being HELD in one’s hand (or TOUCHED).

23 trenchant DEF = (adj.) incisive, keen; forceful, effective; cutting, caustic, clear; distinct, clear-cut SYN = penetrating, cutting, telling, acute ANT = dull, bland, insipid, vapid, imperceptive Word Connection: You can CUT a TRENCH into the ground. Dr. House has a CUTTINGLY sarcastic wit. He has a TRENCHANT wit.

24 irrelevanttacitruminate tangiblequelltrenchant 1. Although he didn’t say anything, Mike rolled his eyes to send a ______ sign that he was unhappy with his parent’s decision. 2. Unfortunately, too many people focus on collecting ______ items in life, but those will rarely make a person truly happy. 3. As Sandi approached her senior year of high school, she began to _______ about which college would be the best fit for her. 4. As the tornado sirens screamed in the distance, Hank and Pat tried to _____ their fears and stay calm. 5. It’s great that you love turkey sandwiches, but as we’re having a conversation about math right now, I would say that fact is completely ________!

25 trenchantquiescentplatitude nocturnalinveteratetacit 1. Although it was a bit mean, Simon Cowell’s ______ criticism of the singer was keen and clear-cut. 2. Sometimes it seems like political candidates speeches are filled with _______ ; we’ve heard all the vague promises before! 3. Everyone worried when the long _______ volcano suddenly began emitting smoke and loud rumbles. 4. Anyone with a(n) _______ habit knows that it can be very difficult to break. 5. Just before going to sleep, we set traps to stop the ______ raids of raccoons into our garbage cans.

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