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Unit 10 Vocabulary Level E. acquiesce DEF = (v.) to accept without protest; to agree or submit SYN = comply with, consent, yield ANT = resist, protest.

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Presentation on theme: "Unit 10 Vocabulary Level E. acquiesce DEF = (v.) to accept without protest; to agree or submit SYN = comply with, consent, yield ANT = resist, protest."— Presentation transcript:

1 Unit 10 Vocabulary Level E

2 acquiesce DEF = (v.) to accept without protest; to agree or submit SYN = comply with, consent, yield ANT = resist, protest

3 allure DEF = (v.) to entice, tempt; to be attractive to; (n.) a strong attraction; the power to attract, charm SYN = (v.) beguile, tantalize; (n.) temptation ANT = (v.) repel, turn off; (n.) repellent WORD CONNECTION: Think of a fishing LURE. It’s used to ALLURE fish to the fishing pole. ALLURE magazine markets to women who want to be attractive.

4 askew DEF = (adj., adv.) twisted to one side, crooked; disapprovingly SYN = awry, lopsided ANT = straight, symmetrical The architecture of this building purposefully makes it look ASKEW. This baby is looking askew at you!! He disapproves!

5 blithe DEF = (adj.) cheerful, lighthearted; casual, unconcerned SYN = carefree, indifferent ANT = glum, morose, depressed WORD CONNECTION: BLithe = BLissful

6 contentious DEF = (adj.) quarrelsome, inclined to argue SYN = argumentative, combative ANT = agreeable, amiable WORD CONNECTION: Think of TENSE feelings between people who don’t get along. CONTENTIOUS

7 covet DEF = (v.) to desire something belonging to another SYN = crave, yearn for ANT = disdain, scorn If you were driving an old car, you might COVET this Porsche. You would wish you had the Porsche instead.

8 crestfallen DEF = (adj.) discouraged, dejected, downcast SYN = despondent, disconsolate ANT = elated, cheerful WORD CONNECTION: Think – “I’ve “fallen down” into a “depressed” mood. I’m CRESTFALLEN

9 disheveled DEF = (adj.) rumpled, mussed; hanging in disorder SYN = untidy, disarranged ANT = tidy, neat, orderly Disheveled Desk Disheveled clothes

10 exponentX DEF = (n.) one who advocates, speaks for, explains, or interprets; (in math) the power to which a number, symbol, or expression is to be raised. SYN = defender, interpreter ANT = critic, adversary, detractor 2 As president of the US, Obama SPEAKS FOR our nation. He also ADVOCATES policies he thinks will help our country. He is an EXPONENT for the United States.

11 garrulous DEF = (adj.) given to much talking, tediously chatty SYN = talkative, long-winded ANT = mum, reserved Hello! I’m wearing a blue dress. Don’t you think my dress is pretty? I have blue hair ribbons, too. Isn’t this exciting? What’s your name? My name is….blah blah blah… Someone who will NEVER stop talking is GARRULOUS!!

12 garrulousblitheallure covetcrestfallenexponent 1. I hurried into a different aisle when I saw my __________ neighbor in the grocery store. If she saw me, we’d be stuck talking forever! 2. It was hard to be happy that I’d at least qualified for the state tournament because I was ____ that I hadn’t won. 3. If you spend all your time ______ what other people have, you’ll never be truly happy with your own life. 4. On the first day of summer vacation, both students and teachers have a _____ look on their faces. 5. The _______ of fresh white snow and pulled me out of my bed to go sledding on the snow day.

13 disheveledexponentcontentious acquiesceaskewblithe 1. From his ____ appearance, it was clear that Roger had overslept and gotten dressed in a big hurry! 2. Ever since I accidentally sat on my glasses, they’ve been resting slightly _____ on my nose. 3. The ______ argument between Paul and his ex-wife at the school board meeting was a hot topic of gossip for weeks. 4. When it was clear they had been defeated, the soldiers ______ to avoid being killed by their opponents. 5. Ever since Fred’s retirement from oil drilling, he’s become a great ____ of environmental protection. Maybe he saw the error of his ways!

14 insuperable DEF = (adj.) incapable of being overcome SYN = invincible, insurmountable ANT = conquerable WORD CONNECTION: inSUPERable = SUPERMAN For most enemies, SUPERMAN is to INSUPERABLE.

15 lamentable DEF = (adj.) to be regretted or pitied SYN = deplorable, regrettable, distressing ANT = praiseworthy, commendable Having no money is a LAMENTABLE position to be in. I bet he’s REGRETTING his crime now that he’s in this LAMENTABLE position.

16 misnomer DEF = (n.) an unsuitable or misleading name SYN = misnaming WORD CONNECTION: Think = misNAMEr = misnomer If his nickname was “Shorty”, that would be a serious MISNOMER!

17 profess DEF = (v.) to affirm openly; to state belief in; to claim, pretend SYN = declare, assert, proclaim ANT = disclaim, disavow Every day school children in the U.S. PROFESS that they are loyal Americans.

18 respite DEF = (n.) a period of rest or relief SYN = intermission, breather A VACATION is a RESPITE from everyday life.

19 REtribution DEF = (n.) a repayment; a deserved punishment SYN = recompense, just desserts WORD CONNECTION: Think = REvenge

20 sinuous DEF = (adj.) winding, having many curves; lithe and flexible SYN = twisting, serpentine, supple ANT = direct, straight, unbending A WINDING road is SINUOUS.

21 sonorous DEF = (adj.) full, deep, or rich in sound; impressive in style SYN = resonant, resounding ANT = harsh, grating WORD CONNECTION: Think =“son” = song or sonata TUBAS have a deep SONOROUS tone.

22 vanguard DEF = (n.) the foremost part of an army; the leading position in any field SYN = forefront, cutting edge, trailblazer ANT = rear guard, stragglers WORD CONNECTION: The “guard” goes in front of the one he’s protecting.

23 wastrel DEF = (n.) a wasteful person, spendthrift; a good- for-nothing SYN = loafer, idler ANT = tightwad, miser WORD CONNECTION: Think = Someone who WASTES money and materials is a wastrel. A person who “WASTES time” is a wastrel.

24 wastrelsinuousinsuperable professlamentablesonorous 1. Anyone who spends hours, days, and weeks just hanging around is a(n) ______ with the most precious thing we have – time. 2. When our boat capsized in the lake, we realized my uncle wasn’t the expert boatman he had ______ to be. 3. Ideally, a ballerina should have a compact torso and long _______ limbs. 4. It is impressive to think that settlers in the Old West survived while facing nearly _________ hardships. 5. Many employees were laid off due to the company’s __________ financial situation.

25 vanguardsonorousretribution respitemisnomerwastrel 1. The astronaut’s willingness to lead the way into the new frontiers of space clearly put him in the _____ of space exploration. 2. During the wedding processional, the _______ melody of a string quartet ushered in the bridesmaids. 3. Although it seems that sometimes the wicked people of the world prosper, I truly believe that somehow there will be __________. 4. When you consider how scripted some of the shows are, it seems that the label of “Reality TV” is a serious _____. 5. After my sister and I had been practicing our trumpets for 2 hours, my mother came in a begged for a _____ for her ears.

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