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Different cells perform various functions.

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1 Different cells perform various functions.
Notes E 1.3 Different cells perform various functions.

2 Organisms can be classified by their cell types.
Most organisms are unicellular 3 domains of organisms: Archaea: prokaryotes, live in extreme environments Bacteria: prokaryotes, share some similarities with Archaea, but live in most environments Eukarya: Eukaryotes, include multicellular organisms (plants, animals, fungi, and some protists)

3 Domains Domains, kingdoms, and other classifications remain in flux and debated within the scientific community. Some scientists recognize 5 kindoms instead of 6. Some refer to domains rather than ingdoms.

4 Cells in multicellular organisms specialize.
All mc organisms begin as a single fertilized egg cell. As cells divide, they specialize to perform specific jobs. The more specialization there is, the more complex the organism is.

5 A multicellular organism is a community of cells.
Organisms have different levels of organization : Similar cells group together to form tissues. Tissues act together to form organs. Organs and tissues act together to form organ systems.

6 Scientists use models to study cells.
Scientists use models to make complicated structures or processes easier to understand. Some examples of models: Mathematical or chemical equations Diagrams Process models Physical models

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