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Animal Farm chapters 1-3 Review

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1 Animal Farm chapters 1-3 Review
Re-read pages What do you, as the reader, think is suspicious about the pigs behavior? How are the pigs breaking the commandments of Animalism? How do the other animals react to the suspicious things the pigs have done? What do we the readers know that the animals don’t seem to know?

2 1/9 Thurs Bellringer What happens at the Battle of Cowshed? What military decoration was created? Who receives this “medal”?

3 Dramatic irony is established in ch. 2
Dramatic irony is established in ch. 2. (Write the definition of dramatic irony on the same piece of paper.) Dramatic irony=the reader has greater knowledge than the narrator or characters themselves

4 Animal Farm ch. 1-3 Review dramatic irony
4. From whose perspective is the story of Animal Farm told? How would you describe this perspective (think about what the narrator knows)? How does this perspective create dramatic irony? Think about your answers to questions 1-3 from yesterday. What claim is Orwell making by using dramatic irony to satirize totalitarian governments and abuse of power?

5 Animal Farm Chapter 4 Review
What is ironic about the “Animal Hero, Second Class” medal (p. 60)? Hint: horse-brass=horse harness decoration

6 1/10 Fri Bellringer Refer to your Animal Farm webquest and notes about allegory in Animal Farm to answer the question. How did Stalin (Communist totalitarian dictator) control and “deal with” those that questioned his beliefs and actions?

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