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Reasons for Increased Immigration

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1 Reasons for Increased Immigration
SOL 3b 9/17/2006

2 Why did immigration increase?
Hope for better opportunities Jobs Homes

3 Why did immigration increase?
Desire for religious freedom

4 Why did immigration increase?
Opportunity to escape from oppressive governments oppressive – difficult to bear; unreasonably harsh

5 Why did immigration increase?
Quest for adventure

6 Discrimination Against Who?

7 Chinese Worked for lower wages; took jobs away from whites
Different language and customs Answer: Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) - Chinese workers were not allowed to enter the country (US).

8 Irish Protestant Americans vs. Catholic Irish
Worked long hours for low wages Factories Building canals & railroads Servants in homes

9 Why Cities Grew and Developed

10 Why did cities develop after the Civil War?
Specialized industry A city may be well known for what it produces What industry does Newport News specialize in?

11 Specialized industries and their cities
Pittsburgh Steel industry

12 Specialized industries and their cities
Chicago Meat Packing Chicago

13 Immigration Immigration to America from other countries
Large numbers from Eastern and Southern Europe

14 Rural to Urban Areas Movement of Americans from rural (country) to urban areas (cities) in search of JOBS!

15 Increased Interaction and Conflict
Result of population change, growth of cities, and new inventions. Produced problems in urban areas (discrimination, tenements & ghettos, political corruption

16 Problem 1: Ghettos & Tenements caused by rapid industrialization
Problem 1: Ghettos & Tenements caused by rapid industrialization and urbanization.

17 What is a tenement? A building in which several families rent rooms or apartments, often with little sanitation or safety. Ghetto vs. Tenement? Tenement is building….Ghetto is the neighborhood

18 Solving the Overcrowding Problem (Answer)
settlement houses community centers organized in late 1800s to offer services to the poor. Hull House founded by Jane Addams

19 Problem 2. Political Corruption
Political machines Gained power by attending to needs of new immigrants (jobs, housing)

20 Letter Home Write a letter to your family in the country telling them all about the wonderful things that living in the city has to offer. Also include the problems (bad things) found in the city. Use your notes and textbook pg for more information. Must be 1 complete page top to bottom and do not skip lines. Due by end of class today!!

21 City Poster Create a poster advertising the benefits of life in the city. You need to explain the problems as well of cities growing. (Disclaimer) Should include factors/reasons that attracted movement to cities including rise of specialized industries and job opportunities. Must include pictures (drawn). Use 5 colors other than pencil.

22 Problems Protest Poster
Imagine you are attending a rally event about the problems caused by immigration or the growth of cities. You need to create a poster to bring with you to express your viewpoint. Include the following elements in your poster: Symbol/Picture that represents your view Slogan Problems & Answers (Use your notes) Use of at least 5 colors

23 Racial Segregation and Jim Crow

24 Racial Segregation Segregation – the separation or isolation of a race, class, or group. Continued after Reconstruction Mostly directed against African Americans but also included other groups. (ex. Indians) American Indians were not considered citizens until 1924.

25 Jim Crow Laws Made acceptable a system of legal segregation.
Discriminate against African Americans. Made discrimination practices legal in many communities and states. Unequal opportunities in housing, work, education, and government

26 Plessy vs. Ferguson Supreme Court upheld segregation laws.
Segregation was legal as long as African Americans had access to public places equal to those of whites. “Separate but equal”

27 African American Leaders
Booker T. Washington Believed equality through vocational education. More valuable member of community = equality Accepted social segregation.

28 W.E.B. DuBois Full political, civil, and social rights for African Americans. Protest unequal treatment in American society. Right to vote was way to end racial inequality. NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)

29 Washington vs. DuBois Read the handout about Washington and DuBois.
Highlight differences in beliefs with one color and the similarities with another. Draw a Venn Diagram with differences on outside and similarities in middle. Write a letter to either Washington or DuBois explaining why you agree with their position

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