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The Dynasties of China Steve Balaski Kathy Boran Renee Crow Sendjaja Tjajadi.

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1 The Dynasties of China Steve Balaski Kathy Boran Renee Crow Sendjaja Tjajadi

2 Overview Time span of the dynasties –21 st century B.C. thru –1911 A.D. –Almost 4000 years Over 30 different dynasties We will present 13 of the most important one.

3 Xia Dynasty (21 st until 16 th B.C.) First prehistoric dynasty Excavations made at Anyang, Henan in 1928 Evolutionary stage between: –Late Neolithic culture Hunter gatherers Stone tools –Chinese civilization Agricultural communities Silk and pottery

4 Shang Dynasty (17st until 11 th B.C.) Cradle of Chinese civilization –Based on agriculture –Developed a writing system –High level of civilization: bronze workmanship Ruled by kings –Cities were centers of glittering court life –Court rituals honoring ancestors –Slaves buried alive in royal tombs

5 Zhou Dynasty 10 th until 2 nd century B.C. Capital at Hao (near Xi’an) in Wei Valley Ruled much of China north of Yangtze river Extended Shang culture Early rule: Feudal –Decentralized; control based on family ties Later: City States –Central control over local governments –Impersonal political and economic institutions –Culture: philosophy, poetry and prose

6 Qin (221 until 207 B.C.) Achievements: –Standardized language & Writing –Standardized currency –Standardized measurements –Public Works Great Wall Roads & Irrigation canals Leader: Shi Huangdi

7 Western Han (206 B.C.- 9 A.D.) Eastern Han (25-225 A.D.) Achievements: –Silk Road Better Tools—Iron –Agriculture »Crop Rotation –Education –Paper and Porcelain

8 Xin (9 - 24 A.D.) Brief Interlude One Family Member had too much power Introduced Imperial Seal

9 Three Kingdoms (220-280 A.D.) Western & Eastern Jin (265-315 A.D.) Southern & Northern (420-588 A.D.)

10 Sui Dynasty (581-617) Reunified China in 589 High Taxes and Compulsory Labor Completion of the Grand Canal (connect Yellow and Yangtze/ Beijing to Hangzhou) Campaign against Korea in the early 7 th century A lot of revolts and assassinations

11 Tang Dynasty (618-907) High point of Chinese civilization (comparable to Han Dynasty) Golden age of literature and art India and Middle-East relations stimulated creativityIndia and Middle-East relations stimulated creativity Buddhism (from India) was widely promoted (Confucius era)Buddhism (from India) was widely promoted (Confucius era) Block printing was inventedBlock printing was invented

12 Tang Dynasty (618-907) Cont’d Better government system Civil service examination and other competitive entrance procedures (why?)Civil service examination and other competitive entrance procedures (why?) Independent from aristocracy and warlords (why? How?)Independent from aristocracy and warlords (why? How?) “Scholar-officials” (who? duty and privileges?)“Scholar-officials” (who? duty and privileges?) Fragmentation of China (5 north dynasties, 10 south kingdoms) Economic, politic, societal reasons + Arab warsEconomic, politic, societal reasons + Arab wars North invadersNorth invaders

13 Song Dynasty (960-1279) 2 Phases: Northern (960-1127) and Southern Song (1127-1279) Centralized bureaucracy (more power on emperor) (regional governors  centrally appointed officials) City developments (admin., trade, industry, maritime commerce) Mercantile class Printing and education spreadPrinting and education spread Private trade grewPrivate trade grew Market network grewMarket network grew The Neo Confucius Philosophy (by Zhu Xi)  inhibited pre modern societal development

14 Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) Mongolian Rule Kublai KhanKublai Khan Established the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368Established the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368 Moves Capital to BejingMoves Capital to Bejing Marco Polo visits BejingMarco Polo visits Bejing Drama and novels are developed

15 Ming Dynasty (1368 -1644) Construction of the Forbidden City Completion of the Great Wall Ocean voyages as far as Africa by Zheng He

16 Ch’ing Dynasty (1644 – 1911) Expansion and unification Opium Wars Boxer Rebellion

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