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THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN 2013 Showdown in the Legislative Branch: Republicans vs. Democrats or Democrats and Moderate Republicans vs. Conservative and Tea.

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1 THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN 2013 Showdown in the Legislative Branch: Republicans vs. Democrats or Democrats and Moderate Republicans vs. Conservative and Tea Party Republicans

2 FEDERAL BUDGET PROCESS FY 2013 was reviewed in class yesterday-it’s important to understand for Friday’s Build Strategy and the 10-28 test. Anything in this Power point today is eligible to be a part of the two activities above.

3 POLITICS IS EVERYTHING! The Republican led House and the Democratic led Senate cannot agree to a FY 2013 Budget. The House 234-201 Republican and the Senate is 55- 45 Democrat. 144 members of the House are Conservative Republicans (49 Tea Party Members) who want to defund Obama Care. The Speaker of the House, in an effort to keep his job, has sided with Conservative Republicans.

4 MORE POLITICS The Speaker refuses to hold an up or down vote on the Budget, because he knew it will pass. A poll came out yesterday stating that the political breakdown of the country was as follows: – 28 % Hard Core Conservative (Tea Party Types) – 51 % Moderate (Not Hard Core either way) – 21% Hard Core Liberals (MSNBC types)

5 Confused about the back-and-forth between the House and Senate over the budget shutdown that threatens the entire American economy? Allow us to explain, using the Legos on our desk. Let's say, for the sake of explanation, that this is the funding for the federal budget. (Clean Budget) L e t' s s a y, f o r t h e s a k e o f e x p l a n a ti o n, t h a t t h is is t h e f u n d i n g f o r t h e f e d e r a l b u d g e t.

6 It's not that clean and orderly, of course. And the budget at issue in Congress right now has big holes from where the Sequestration led to across the board cuts It' s no t th at cl ea n an d or de rl y, of co ur se. A nd th e bu dg et at iss ue in C on gr es s ri gh t no w ha s bi g ho le s fr o m w he re th e se qu es tr at io n le d to ac ro ss - th e- bo ar d cu ts. se qu es tr at io n

7 BUDGET IS A NUMBER OF PIECES All Budgets are composed of a number of parts: – National Defense 20% – Social Security 20% – Medicaid 20% – Medicare 20% – Other 20% – Obama Care ?

8 PIECES OF BUDGET IN LEGOS Like any budget,it's composed ofa number ofpieces.Like any budget,it's composed ofa number ofpieces.

9 A lot of it, for example, goes to defense. (National Defense was 20 % of the 2012 Federal Budget) A l o t o f it, f o r e x a m p l e, g o e s t o d e f e n s e. ( N o t t o s c a l e, si n c e d e f e n s e w a s o n e - fi ft h o f t h e b u d g e t i n 2 0 1 1.) o n e - fi ft h

10 And some of it goes to the Affordable Care Act, or Obama care, which itself has a number of pieces. Th at 's it at ri gh t. Th at 's O ba m ac ar e.

11 DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE BUDGET And then there are all sorts of other things that are included: parks and health and veteran's services and nutrition, for example.nutrition National Guard National Parks WIC-Food Stamps Washington DC FEMA Head Start Veterans Services

12 SEQUESTRATION CAME OUT OF THE LAST AGREEMENT So th e fu nd in g pr op os al un de r di sc us si on lo ok s m or e lik e th is, wi th all th os e lit tl e pi ec es ad de d in an d sti ll th os e ho le s fr o m se qu es tr at io n.

13 On September 30, the budget was set to expire. So Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, advocated for passing a resolution continuing the ugly budget (WITH SEQUESTRATION). On Sept emb er 30, the budg et was set to expir e. So Sena te Maj ority Lead er Harr y Reid, a Dem ocra t, advo cate d for passi ng a resol utio n conti nuin g the ugly budg et we'v e been wor king with all year. This is the so- calle d "clea n CR," a resol utio n with out ame ndm ents.

14 At first, House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican, seemed to go along with that. His second-in-command even wrote a statement praising the passage of the sequestered budget in September.wrote a statement

15 But then Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas got involved. He'd spent the summer touring the country with the Heritage Foundation, arguing that a shutdown was preferable to providing any money for Obama care.

16 Cruz convinced his conservative allies in the Senate and House that this made sense. So, with not much time left before the budget ran out, Boehner proposed continuing the budget as it was, minus the Obama care part. It passed the Republican House. Cruz conv ince d his cons erva tive allie s in the Sena te and Hous e that this mad e sens e. So, with not muc h time left befo re the budg et ran out, Boeh ner prop osed conti nuin g the budg et as it was, minu s the Oba mac are part. It pass ed the Repu blica n Hous e.

17 Cruz (and everyone else, really) knew the idea wouldn't pass Reid's Democratic Senate. So after being pressured to do so, he gave a 21-hour speech that essentially just burned the clock.and everyone elsebeing pressured Cr uz (a nd ev er yo ne el se, re all y) kn e w th e id ea w ou ld n' t pa ss R ei d' s D e m oc ra tic Se na te. So af te r be in g pr es su re d to do so, he ga ve a 21 - ho ur sp ee ch th at es se nt ial ly ju st bu rn ed th e cl oc k.a nd ev er yo ne el se be in g pr es su re d

18 And sure enough, Reid and the Democratic Senate said, "No. Pass the whole thing." And sureenough,Reid and theDemocraticSenatesaid,"No.Passthewholething." And sureenough,Reid and theDemocraticSenatesaid,"No.Passthewholething."

19 Boehner tried again. This time, he proposed delaying part of Obamacare, repealing a tax on some medical devices, and taking out a mandate that employers cover contraception.

20 Reid and the Democrats had the same response. No. Pass the whole thing. Reid and theDemocratshad thesameresponse.No.Passthewholething.Reid and theDemocratshad thesameresponse.No.Passthewholething.

21 That same day, September 30, Boehner tried again. How about delaying the individual mandate to buy health insurance? Th at sa m e da y, Se pt e m be r 30, B oe hn er tri ed ag ai n. H o w ab ou t de la yi ng th e in di vi du al m an da te an d re vo ki ng th e su bs id y th e go ve rn m en t gi ve s st af fe rs to bu y he al th in su ra nc e? re vo ki ng th e su bs id y

22 No, the Democrats replied. Pass the whole thing. No,the Democrats replied.Pass the whole thing.No,the Democrats replied.Pass the whole thing.

23 Shortly after midnight on October 1, Boehner tried one last idea. Same as the last proposal, but including a conference between the two chambers to work out a longer-term plan.

24 No. The whole thing. No. The whole thing.No. The whole thing.

25 By then, the government had shut down. So the Republicans turned to another great idea from Ted Cruz: Why not pass bills funding parts of the government? parts By th en, th e go ve rn m en t ha d sh ut do w n. So th e R ep ub lic an s tu rn ed to an ot he r gr ea t id ea fr o m Te d Cr uz : W hy no t pa ss bil ls fu nd in g pa rt s of th e go ve rn m en t? pa rt s

26 This seemed smart politically: make the Senate say no to things people loved. Like, at first, money for the Head Start, the Park Service, and money for the Washington DC. And then theyadded more:benefitsforveteransand moneyfortheNationalGuard.And then theyadded more:benefitsforveteransand moneyfortheNationalGuard.

27 ... Money for FEMA and for nutritional programs....Money for FEMA and for nutritionalprograms....Money for FEMA and for nutritionalprograms.

28 But the response from the Democrats has been the same: No. The whole thing. After all, they argue, anything else is simply the Republicans holding some aspect of the government hostage to demands they can't pass in Congress.argue But the resp onse from the Dem ocra ts has been the sam e: No. The whol e thin g. Afte r all, they argu e, anyt hing else is simp ly the Repu blica ns holdi ng som e aspe ct of the gove rnm ent host age to dem ands they can't pass in Cong ress. argu e

29 So here we are. The Democrats want a vote to pass the full budget; Boehner won't let it happen. The shutdown is 2 1/2 week old. The end.won't let it happen So he re w e ar e. Th e D e m oc ra ts w an t a vo te to pa ss th e fu ll bu dg et ; B oe hn er w on 't le t it ha pp en. w on 't le t it ha pp en Th e sh ut do w n is on e w ee k ol d. Th e en d.

30 THE VOTE To pass a budget, you need 218 votes (Simple Majority). Most experts say that if the speaker allowed the Budgets that passed the Senate to come to a vote, it would easily pass with 201 Democrats voting for and at least 15 more Republicans joining in. Is this fair what the Speaker is doing?

31 A DEAL WAS REACHED Deal made last night – House voted 285-144 to reopen the government- 87 Republicans joined Democrats in the vote – Senate voted 81-18 In the Deal – The Government will be funded to January 15, 2014 – Obama care will remain in tact – The Sequester will remain in tact

32 HOMEWORK Homework – Complete a Summary of the provided article on my website labeled “Government Shutdown”. – Find an Article that best represents your point of view. If you were a member of Congress? – You would push for another shutdown, and this is why…. – No, you would be against another shutdown, and this is why….

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