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Welcome, Parents and Students, to Mrs. Metheny’s 3 rd Grade Class 1.

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1 Welcome, Parents and Students, to Mrs. Metheny’s 3 rd Grade Class 1

2 2 Spelling - Non-traditional spelling tests will be given each Thursday. Students will have weekly word study lessons on the spelling words in class and do practice work on these words in their reading response journals. The tests on these words will be using the words within the context of text. For example, students may be asked to make sentences with some of the words; or Mrs. Metheny may dictate sentences for the students to write correctly. In both cases, a grade may be taken for spelling and for grammar. I expect to see a lot of progress as students become more mindful that spelling is not something to learn simply for a test but to apply in their day to day writing. Grammar- We will be doing a weekly daily oral language sheet which will review grammar rules and reading skills. The D.O.L. will have two sentences to be corrected each day, Monday through Thursday. It will also have skills such as alphabetizing, homophones, synonyms, antonyms, syllables, etc. We will also have mini lessons on grammar daily. Students will often be required to apply the lesson in their writing.

3 Bi-Weekly Reading Log -  Students will be required to read 60 minutes at home each week. Students will be assigned a reading log which will be due at the end of two weeks. Logs will be due on a Friday, and new logs will be sent home on Monday.  Parents are encouraged to read with their children during this time. Your child may also read silently or you may read with or aloud to your child. Please always ask your child questions about the text.  In order for a child to grow as a reader, he must read regularly. It is also important that he find a genre, author, or series that he really likes. For instance, a child may really enjoy mysteries or Beverly Cleary books. Once the child is hooked on that type of book, he will read everyone he can get his hands on to read. Math Homework- Math homework assignments will be listed in the daily assignment book. On the first day of each week, students will receive a daily math review. On Thursday they will bring the DMR home to study for Friday's test. Friday's test may also include review questions of the concepts taught in investigations. 3

4  Students may be assigned special projects during the school year. Students will always be given plenty of time (2-3 weeks) for these assignments. Most of these projects will be introduced in class and completed at home. 4

5 I believe students who are actively engaged in the learning process will not have opportunities to misbehave. Class Rules  Follow directions.  Enter the room quietly.  Respect yourself and others.  Raise your hand before talking.  Keep your area neat and clean.  Finally, don't do anything to keep the teacher from teaching and you and others from learning. 5

6  1 st offense – warning  2 nd offense – Student will not be allowed to get weekly reward from treasure box.  3 rd offense – 10 minute deduction of recess time  4 th offense -silent lunch/snack  5 th offense-a student letter to his/her parents written during recess.  Severe clause – student immediately sent to office for fighting, disrespect, profanity, or any other serious offense 6

7 7 Parent Volunteers Needed!  Emergency Phone Tree: 1-2  Literacy Volunteers: 2 hopefully to help with reading block  Celebrations: 1 per party  Copy and File: 1-2  Fall Festival: 2-3  Crafts: 2-3

8  Early morning care is provided by the school at a cost. Please see the office for details. Thanks!  Students who arrive from 7:10-7:30 should report to the lunchroom where they may eat breakfast.  Students who arrive after 7:30 should report to their classrooms.  Students must be in their classrooms by 8:00 a.m. to avoid being counted tardy.  Parents must walk students into the office when they arrive after 8:00 am.  It is most beneficial for students to arrive by 7:45 if possible and be in their desks working when the bell rings at 8:00. 8

9  Early buses will load at 2:35  Car riders will dismiss at 2:45  Late buses will load from 2:50-3:15  All parents who drive through the car rider line must have the blue car rider tag in their front window on the driver’s side.  Student check-out is not permitted once dismissal has begun in the afternoons (after 2:30).  All transportation changes must be made in writing. Please send a note in the morning. This note must be approved by the office. 9

10  Riding the bus is a privilege.  Failure to abide by bus rules can result in suspension or expulsion from the bus. Suspension from one bus means suspension from all buses.  Please make sure your child always has a plan of action for what he is supposed to do after he gets off the bus each afternoon. 10

11  The Metheny Tower will be sent home each Monday. Please read it carefully as it will give you test dates, special announcements, fieldtrip information, etc.  Weekly progress folders will be sent home each Tuesday with graded papers. Please sign and return all test papers on Wednesday.  Parent conferences – I would love to meet with each parent at least one time during the school year for a private conference.  Email – please send emails. This is often the quickest way to reach me, however, please understand that I will only be able to respond to emails at the end of the school day. If you have an urgent message concerning your child, then please contact the office. My email is  Report cards and grading rubrics will be sent home each nine weeks according to the SCBOE school calendar.  Severe weather – always check the local radio and television stations for weather updates. We also will have a calling tree for our classroom in case of early dismissal. (Please indicate the procedure to follow on sheet in back.) 11

12  Student lunches are $2.00 per day. Students may purchase slushes or ice cream for an extra charge. Please talk to your child in advance about whether or not they are allowed to purchase extra items. Please make sure your child has a positive lunch balance at all times. This may be checked on line.  Parents may eat lunch with their child for $5 per day.  Parents should sign in at the office and wait for our class class in the hallway outside the lunchroom. Please join us for lunch! Our lunch time is 10:30 daily. You are always welcome! 12

13  Students may bring a nutritious afternoon snack and drink each day. Due to our early lunch time, students will definitely need a snack EVERY day.  Please supply items such as plastic spoons for your child as needed for their snacks.  Students may not share snacks with other classmates.  Parents who wish to celebrate their child’s birthday may send in nutritious snacks to share with the class. 13

14 Please read the student handbook carefully to learn about all of our school rules and policies. We are subscribing to a weely publication on current events called Scholastic News and ordering a cursive handwriting workbook. The fee for these is $9.00. Also, third grade classes will have their own t-shirts. The price for these is $6.00. Please pay for both as soon as possible. 14

15  If your child has a health-related issue and it is noted on the salmon-colored health card, you MUST meet the nurse. She will need to complete a health care plan for your child. 15

16 Let’s have a GREAT 3 rd grade year at MLES! 16

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