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Computer 7 My Electronic Portfolio Roxanne Shabani.

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1 Computer 7 My Electronic Portfolio Roxanne Shabani

2 Excel Spreadsheet I really learned a lot when we tested our group air planes. We went out into the hallway to find out how far the farthest air plane could fly. Each group flew their air planes in the hall, and their recorder recorded the distance for their group planes. Also the groups named their planes. Many planes had weird names, but that doesn’t matter because what matters is the distance of the plane. We came back to the classroom to record our data on the computer. Microsoft Excel is what we used to type in our records!

3 My Excel Spreadsheet

4 Access Database  As we started to make the address book in Microsoft Access, it was difficult.  We made up fake names, fake addresses, fake e- mail addresses, fake states that the people lived in, fake birthdays, and even fake zip codes.  I had a total of about 13 people. It was fun, and it was hard at other times.  It was hard because you could not make the mistake of putting the same fake name, fake address, fake e-mail address, a fake state that the person lived at, fake birthday, and even a fake zip code.

5 My Access Database Address Book Last Name First Name AddressCity Stat e Zip Phone Number Birthd ay Email Any Pets AdamsPaul14039 Cool Man Lane MiamiFL1403 9 111-11116/26/89coolman123@aol.comYes AndersonJessica4655 Valley DallyHooverAL3523 5 675-679- 6864 3/8/22fisterwald78@aol.comYes BrownChristie7823 Happy LandTownsvill e NV7895 8 345-567- 2940 4/8/70qtbugg2354@bearwood.c om No CromerBrittany4437 Sester RoadKansas City KS3754 4 686-965- 6783 7/8/64maplze@wood.comNo JeningsJeannie891 Riverchase DriveSunny Dale AK3812 8 384-78493/7/89Summers345@aol.comNo JenkinsCaroline2890 Pennsylvania Road HopkinsCA6723 2 237-67867/7/ m Yes MileyAshley7887 Terrace MaplePierceWA8979 9 264-76657/9/ m Yes PacksHenry5344 Huckle BerryChickensSC9868 7 234-98765/30/64Burgerking@aol.comYes PeckRoxanne6756 Cross Creek Lane HooverAL3524 2 408-819212/5/99chickgirl66@aol.comYes SacksAnna3881 Meled StreetBirmingha m AL7823 4 122-33466/9/01fashiongirl@compuserve. com No SmithLaura3566 Shandy PalaceDallasTX7656 7 786-98434/5/ m No Strawber ry Liz3664 Colonial Ground TenderSC9467 8 365-678310/30/8 3 princess59@waters.comYes TylerBob678 Teaper SeaperTuscaloo sa AL6784 7 783-35472/4/56smartblonde@aol.comNo

6 Tables in Word  The calendar was not hard at all.  Spacing each row was a little complicating.  I got all my pictures from clip art, and Jessica did also.  We both picked a picture that included something about Valentines Day.  The month was February, so we picked something along those lines for a picture!  Next, we typed in the header and footer !  I learned many things!

7 February SundayMondayTuesday WednesdayThursdayFriday Saturday 12 3456789 10111213141516 17181920212223 242526272812 February Calendar

8 My Animation  The animation was not hard at all because you can basically draw if you wanted to.  I went over to Microsoft Word to pick a figure that I could animate for this class.  I had picked a few such as: a flower, moon phases, and also the piggy bank with the coin falling in it.  Instead of always going to Microsoft Word, I used a little of my creativity to draw a little of what I would like to animate.  Sometimes I had to make doubles, but that is what would make it the best looking animation.  It was fun, and cute!!

9 My Flower Animation

10 PowerPoint Portfolio Project Throughout the beginning of this class until know, it has been fun! Having to help out your friends can be exciting. All the assignments that we have been assigned, have been totally cool. The best out of all the assignments that we have been told to do, was the animation. I think that when you have total control of your creativity, something wild will come up!!

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