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Computer 7 My Electronic Portfolio Heather Weller.

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2 Computer 7 My Electronic Portfolio Heather Weller

3 Excel Spreadsheet We made a spreadsheet by comparing plane 1 and plane 2. I made a bar graph showing how far our two planes went. Our group was named The Jet Flyers. Our paper planes didn’t go very far.

4 The Jet Flyers Spreadsheet Graph

5 Access Database We created an Address Book in Microsoft Access. This is a book of made up address. I used Names, addresses, phone numbers, ext. I made this to show that I can use Microsoft access.

6 My Address Book Last Name First Name AddressCity Stat e Zip Code Phone Number Birthd ay Any Pets BaileyJack637 County Rd.NorthportAL /8/75N/AYes BohinHannah567 ABC Dr. 65th E. com Yes CarryMicheal980 Carmel St. NSan Fransisco CA /29/0 0 N/ANo ChalfontMarian294 Lynne Haven Dr. TuscaloosaAL /29/8 8 HelsonNathan728 Collens MessinaHenery678 Riverchase Rd. ReevesHeather456 WalkerMaria424 Quail Run WellerLinsey344 Valderdale St. Wigingto n Roger738 Spring Hill Dr. Oklahoma City WilsonJames680 Summerville Rd. com Yes ZingerMargo782 Plant Rd.Plant CityFL /30/8 4 m Yes

7 Tables in Word We made a Calendar in Microsoft Word. I learned how to make all of the squares even, put in pictures or clip art, and lots of other fun stuff on a calendar. This Calendar was the month of February which only has 28 days. I put decorations that represent the month of February. I also used the colors of February.

8 February SundayMondayTuesday Wednesday ThursdayFridaySaturday My Calendar

9 Animation I made an animation in Paint. What I did was I made a picture and then changed it a little by a little and then it makes it move. I used many different colors to make it interesting.

10 My Animation

11 PowerPoint Portfolio Project This is my PowerPoint Portfolio Project. I made this to include all of the things I made and learned in Computer Class 7 this year. I have included all of my projects and assignments in the front pages. This includes all of my projects this year 2002.

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