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My PowerPoint Electronic Portfolio By Ambra Kithy.

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1 My PowerPoint Electronic Portfolio By Ambra Kithy

2 Excel Spreadsheets My group had to make paper planes and fly them to record their Distance. We also had to put them under databases and graph them as Bar graphs. As a matter of fact our group had the best plane that flew great distances.


4 Access Database This was one of my favorites, because we had to make up Names, addresses, email addresses, and date of birth for the Person. We also had to make up a zip code.

5 My Access Database Address Book Last nameFirst NameAddressCityStateZip CodeBirthdayEmailTelephoneAny Pets BrendraBarbara2324 Red RoadNewYorkNW253488/9/89robin@.com675-8765Yes CarterSally000 Lily Park DriveHooverAL352162/4/88lashondra@.com985-4028No HarrisonZenon2343 Oak WoodPelhamAL564327/5/88Ashley@.com764-9006No JohnsonsLyndsie52 Brookln RoadHooverAL232139/7/87lyndsie@.com543-6757Yes KithyEve12 Pine Wood DriveHooverAL352162/10/89Eve@.com403-4531No LiffridgeRosy4325 Green villageHooverAL987668/8/75tasha@.com543-8765No RichmondDennis5343 ReservePelhamAL765437/6/67Dav@.com654-7892Yes ShabanLily437 Lake ShorePelhamAL123455/25/88aisha@.com976-8004Yes TaylorHaley298 Village driveHooverAL346753/6/86haley@.com473-890Yes WaigwaKellie207 Hart WoodHooverTN352163/23/81Waigwaaunt.com568-3210Yes WheelerRaymond2001 Colonial GrandVegasTX456784/7/89raymond.com456-8765Yes WilliamsTamasha2424 Avenue RoadHooverAL606543/6/89tamasha@.com324-9765No

6 Tables in Word We went to the spread sheet part and we had to identify all The names for different sections of the spread sheet. For Example, the rows, an active cell, a range, a column, and Many others. We also had a test on it.I also learned some Words that I did not know. Overall it was interesting.

7 February SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday 12 3456789 10111213141516 17181920212223 242526272812

8 Animation In my animation, I designed a stickman which also had it doing some motions. I also changed the colors, and added some surrounding features with bright colors and also dark colors. I could also go to Microsoft Word and get some of the pictures from clipart, then insert them in the paint section.

9 Computer 7 My Electronic portfolio Ambra Kithy My Stickman Animation

10 PowerPoint This is where I did all my presentations and my descriptions about all the topics. In writing the description, you had to tell about what you did and how you learned to do it. In the taking a picture from one place to another, you had to go back to where you did it and then transfer it to your PowerPoint then show it to your portfolio.

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