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Ch Renewable Energy Today

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1 Ch. 18.1 Renewable Energy Today

2 A. Renewable Energy Energy from sources that are constantly being formed. Life on Earth has always been powered by renewable energy – the sun!

3 A. Renewable Energy Other forms of renewable energy: wind, biomass, moving water, Earth’s heat.

4 B. Solar Energy Passive solar heating – uses the sun’s energy to heat something directly (i.e. sunlight coming through windows).

5 B. Solar Energy How? Homes positioned according to the yearly movement of the sun benefit most from passive solar energy.

6 B. Solar Energy Active solar energy – Sun’s energy is gathered by collectors and used to heat water or to heat a building.

7 B. Solar Energy Photovoltaic Cells – solar cells, often placed on roofs, that convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Also used in calculators and to power the space station.

8 C. Wind Energy Wind farms – large arrays of wind turbines, such as in California. Turbines spin, and this mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.

9 C. Wind Energy The windiest spots on Earth could generate more than 10x the energy used worldwide.

10 C. Wind Energy Some farmers place 1 or 2 windmills on their land and then sell the electricity it produces to the power company!

11 D. Biomass Power from organic (living) things, such as plant material and manure. Methane – gas produced from decomposing organic wastes. Can be burned to generate heat.

12 D. Biomass Alcohol – liquid fuels derived from biomass.
Ex. Ethanol – produced from corn and currently used as an alternative to gasoline in the Midwest.

13 E. Hydroelectricity Hydroelectric Dams – accounts for 20% of the world’s energy, making power affordable and renewable.

14 E. Hydroelectricity Benefits: Inexpensive to operate No air pollution

15 E. Hydroelectricity Disadvantages:
Creates a reservoir, flooding the land, and possibly displacing people from their homes Can disturb ecosystems downstream

16 E. Hydroelectricity Micro-hydropower: Used in developing countries
Floating turbines used in small streams

17 F. Geothermal Energy Power from the Earth’s heat – used to heat water and form steam, which turns a turbine, thereby producing electricity.

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