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Ch. 16 IDs.

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1 Ch. 16 IDs

2 1.) Spoils System When – Act in which elected politicians give government jobs to friends and supporters Significance – Causes corruption and incompetence at different government levels and will eventually split the Republican Party

3 2.) Stalwarts and Half-breeds
What – Stalwarts are Republicans who are in favor of the spoils system while Half-breeds wanted reform Significance – This divisions will eventually cause the assassination of James Garfield

4 3.) Garfield/Guiteau What – Charles Guiteau, a disgruntled Stalwart, shoots and kills President Garfield When – 1881 Significance – Will turn everyone against the spoils system and lead to the Pendleton Civil Service Act

5 4.) Pendleton Civil Service Act
What – Legislation that makes people take an aptitude test in order to qualify for a number of government jobs Significance – Brings an end to the corruption and ineptitude of the spoils system

6 5.) Wabash v. Illinois What – Supreme Court ruling that states that the federal government has the right to regulate interstate trade When – 1886 Significance – 1.) Leads to the creation of the ICC 2.) Inadvertently ends laissez faire economics

7 6.) Interstate Commerce Commission
What – Government agency created to regulate interstate trade Significance – 1.) One of the first independent government agencies 2.) Government takes a more active role in regulating the economy

8 7.) Sherman Antitrust Act
What- Legislation that made trusts illegal When – 1890 Significance – Sets precedent (Most politicians were too afraid to use it until T. Roosevelt)

9 8.) The Grange What – One of the oldest farming organizations in the US When – 1867 Significance – Will cause farmers to start coming together and forming cooperatives/working together

10 9.) Farmers’ Alliance What – Large farmer’s exchange When – 1877
Where – Begins in Texas Significance – Failures of the alliance will cause farmers to get more political/form the Populist Party

11 10.) Panic of 1873 What – Economic recession caused by railroad failures and the removal of silver from circulation Significance – Leads to the formation of the Populist Party

12 11.) Panic of 1893 What – Economic depression caused by failure of multiple railroad companies Significance – Greatest depression in US to its time

13 12.) Populist Party What – Political party consisting mostly of farmers from the Midwest and parts of the South Significance – Will become very successful in the late 1800s and will introduce a number of reforms that will be passed by later generations

14 13.) “Front Porch Campaign”
What – William McKinley’s campaign for presidency When – 1896 Significance – Popular method used in the late 1800s, gives the candidate the image of the “local man” working for everybody

15 14.) De Facto Segregation What – Segregation by choice
Significance – De facto is seen everywhere and proves to be more difficult to defeat than segregation by law

16 15.) Jim Crow Laws What – Segregation laws Where – South
Significance – Will lead to the treatment of AA as second-class citizens

17 16.) Grandfather Clause What – Law that states that if your grandfather could vote, then you could vote Significance – Loophole that still kept blacks from voting, while allowing poor whites

18 17.) Plessy v. Ferguson What – Court ruling that said segregation was legal When – 1896 Significance – Creates the “separate but equal” doctrine

19 18.) Booker T. Washington Who – African American leader Significance –
1.) Creates the Tuskegee Institute 2.) Promoted economic success over immediate political equality (gradualism)

20 19.) Atlanta Compromise What – Speech made by Booker T. Washington
When – 1895 Significance – Washington introduces his gradualist beliefs

21 20.) W.E.B. DuBois Who – African American leader Significance –
1.) Will help create and lead the NAACP 2.) Will formulate the effort to grant AA full political equality immediately

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