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Internal. Pilot’s License Aviatrix Atlanta, TX 1893-1926 Bessie Coleman Practiced Medicine 50 yrs Pioneer Physician Birthplace: Unknown Rebecca J. Cole.

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2 Internal. Pilot’s License Aviatrix Atlanta, TX Bessie Coleman Practiced Medicine 50 yrs Pioneer Physician Birthplace: Unknown Rebecca J. Cole 1981 Pre of CSU Fullerton Biologist & Educator Chicago, IL Jewel Plummer Cobb 1992-NASA Mission First Female Astronaut Decatur, AL Mae C. Jemison 4 yrs in battle for no pay Civil War Nurse Georgia, Susie King Taylor Worked as a nurse 40 yrs First Graduate Nurse Boston, Mass Mary Eliza Mahoney Dean of surgery NY Med Cancer Researcher New York, NY Jane C. Wright Public Service Award Sickle-Cell Researcher Birmingham, AL Clarice D. Reid African American Women Scientists and Healers

3 DETAILS ISSUE Organization of Labor Unions in the United States  New Business Leaders controlled the working conditions, workday, and pay  Unions were against using children or prisoners for labor  Unions favored “equal pay for equal work” for men and women.  Unions wanted laws protecting the safety and health of all workers Why? Working conditions varied from business to business, most were unhealthy or dangerous Labor Unions are trouble makers disturbing the harmony of working conditions between owners & laborers WHO?  At first the government was against unions using its powers to support management against workers  When labor strikes got out of hand courts issued injunctions (an order preventing some activities, such as strikes) this was used for years  Now Gov. controls Laws protecting rights of workers & power of unions What this group wants others to believe about this issue By 1900, U.S. became a great industrial power. The new business leaders controlled work hours & pay 1866-National Labor Union: demanded the eight-hour workday. More unions organized & focused on different issues Workers felt they had to do something to improve their working conditions so they organized unions Union Members U. S. Gov. versus Early Unions

4 Tactics used in industry to achieve change Is about … Tactics that labor and management use against each other THING Tactics management can use against labor Hire strikebreakers - replacement workers known as scabs Lockout-close the doors & keep workers until they agree Injunctions- getting the courts to order workers back to work Open shop-workers can work without joining the union Tactics labor can use against management Closed shop- a business closed to nonunion workers Boycott-refusal to buy a product or service Picketing- a way informing the public about conditions Strike-refusal to work until demands are met Labor Relations Consultant Hired by employers wanting to maintain good relations Often serve as a link between workers & management Often work with human resources employees Long-term or short-term work depends on needs of co. © 2004 Edwin Ellis Important feature of thing



7 9

8 Compare /Contrast (Conclusions)

9 Americans decided that more problems were created by prohibition than the use of liquor. Therefore Congress passed the Twenty-First Amendment that repealed prohibition. People found ways to drink at places called speakeasies. It caused wide spread lawbreaking and led to organized crime. It divided the nation into “Wets” & “Drys” Citizens in violation of the law were to be arrested To outlaw the consumption, manufacturing, and sales of alcohol All Americans It was a nationwide ban on the manufacture, sale, and transportation of liquor in the United States That went into effect when the 18 th Amendment was ratified in What are specific parts of the policy? Who is affected by the policy? Why was this policy developed? What actions are required by the policy? How do others react to the policy? How does the policy impact our world? POLICY Prohibition

10 WHEN a policy fails to work THEN a new policy is needed When governments pass laws that create more problems than they solve, the law should be changed and repealed, if necessary So what? What is important to understand about this? 1 st reason … 2 nd reason … It eliminated many of the problems created by Prohibition. Legalized consumption of alcohol, and gave government the power to regulate sales and manufacturing of liquor Why is new policy might be better Example of a failing policy Goal is to … Features of the failing policy … People were arrested for attempting to make and sale alcohol -Increase of organized crime -People determined to drink were willing to break the law -speakeasies- places to drink Potentially better policy Goal is to … Features of the new policy … Government controls the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcohol BECAUSE … 21 th Amendment Repealed Prohibition 18 th Amendment Prohibition Ban on the manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcohol

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